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  1. Haha
    Cheeta reacted to Floortom in Cyle Larin   
    Great finish by Larin
    did the announcer refer to Atiba as Benjamin Button?! ūüėā
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    Cheeta reacted to toontownman in CPL General   
    I am sure there are lots of variables. Could be wages in comparison to what they will give to the team, where coaches see their potential. Maybe Valour coaches didn't see Campbell as a good long term fit or the other way around. Maybe they have better prospects and targets. 
    One thing is for sure there is no doubt just being a professional Canadian footballer doesn't guarantee you a CPL spot, nor should it.
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    Cheeta reacted to jordan in Gold Cup 2021   
    Not sure where this belongs but here we are 
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    Cheeta got a reaction from toontownman in Valour FC Season Thread 2021   
    New to me.  For those who don't get to the CPL site very often.
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    Cheeta reacted to Obinna in David Wotherspoon   
    Herdman can sell all the metaphorical used cars he wants, so long as he gets us to the World Cup. 
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    Cheeta reacted to Ftduck in CPL General   
    Agreed. I desperately wished the CPL would rub off on the CFL.  I've never understood why the CFL tries to look like a "big" league on television.  It's not the NFL and never will be. Imagine a CFL with 12 teams. Some teams with a 30 0000 seat stadium and others with a 5000 seat stadium. Would that be economically impossible? I'm done with supporting leagues that I cant afford to physically attend on a regular basis. If that means I'm not watching the best of the best so be it. Man I miss live sports.
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    Cheeta reacted to Obinna in Jacob Shaffelburg   
    I want to point out how ridiculous it is to suggest Marky Delgado is nothing more than just hustle. That's kinda like saying Sam Piette is nothing more than just hustle. Delgado is not my favorite, but that seems like an unnecessary dig that isn't even very accurate, even though I get it because Delgado has a great "motor".
    By the way, is describing a white player as having a great motor the equivalent of describing a black player as being "powerful"? Someone let me know...
    Anyways, as far as Schaffleburg goes, I liked what I saw from him. Worked his tail off and players with that combination of effort and pace will always have some utility. I get what Shway is saying, that he doesn't have that 1v1 skill, but he can still beat players with his pace, so maybe wingback is in his future, who knows. I agree somewhat he has other good attributes that suggest he really does have a future at winger/forward.
    The only take I kinda disagree with here is that he should be in the CPL. Why? He just very clearly had a good game in Champions League, and I know injuries have depleted Toronto, but he did get the start over players like Nelson and Rutty, players with much higher ceilings in my opinion, so my gut tells me Armas is going to give Jacob a chance here, and as long as that's the case any talk of CPL is just silly. If he ends up at that level eventually, then fine, but as long as he's getting MLS chances and doing well it's hard to imagine that CPL would somehow be better for him.
  8. Haha
    Cheeta got a reaction from BearcatSA in 2021 Concacaf Champions League   
    Yup.  That's the one.  My bad.
    For some reason my default Ugly American is always Dempsey (who I quite liked actually).  Don't know why?  Oh, wait.  Thought about if for a second.
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    Cheeta reacted to BearcatSA in 2021 Concacaf Champions League   
    You mean this ugly challenge by Bocanegra in "that" match?
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    Cheeta reacted to JamboAl in Atiba Hutchinson   
    PVR’d the match and watched it last night.  Atiba was all over the pitch; sometimes just behind the strikers and sometimes as a bit of a right back.  It’s ridiculous how good he is at 38 playing every game in a packed schedule.  The key thing I noticed was his ball retention; I wish he was just 1% as much appreciated by Canadian sports fans as fans of the clubs he has played for.
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    Cheeta reacted to CanadianSoccerFan in Atiba Hutchinson   
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    Cheeta reacted to Floortom in Jonathan David   
    some positive news here. Galtier saying David is healing much faster than anticipated and he’s walking around well. He definitely won’t play the next two matches but it sounds like he should return before end of season. 
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    Cheeta reacted to SoccMan in OneSoccer   
    Ya I think that was a Dale Mitchell free kick if I recall correctly and yes I thought it was in by the way the net was shaking after that shot. Great memories, Tony Waiters set them up so that they didn’t get embarrassed, however, it was interesting to hear Gery Gray on a podcast just recently say that he believed that Waiters should have let them play a little less defensively, believing that goals would have been scored for Canada in that World Cup. I think Gray believed that the players were there for a goal or two to be scored if Waiters would have let them express themselves a bit more . However, can’t really blame Waiters for playing that style considering the opposition they faced. Just getting them there to that World Cup was quite an achievement and still is the only coach that has taken a Canadian men’s national team to a World Cup.
  14. Confused
    Cheeta got a reaction from Gian-Luca in 2021 Concacaf Champions League   
    That's a gooder.  And so what?
    Reminds me of Dempsey on The Guz at that one Gold Cup.  CONCACRAP will respect the refs judgment and has already forgotten about it.   Move on.
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    Cheeta got a reaction from Dominic94 in The Importance of Alphonso Davies   
    Just wondering who is this Davis fellow?
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    Cheeta reacted to SoccMan in OneSoccer   
    So that stadium where TFC is playing tonight in Leon, the last time Canada’s men were in the World Cup in 1986 and the the first and only time , Canada played France in their first game of the 1986 World Cup losing 1-0 to France .
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    Cheeta reacted to spinrack in 2021 Concacaf Champions League   
    That was the very definition of GOLAZO
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    Cheeta reacted to PopePouri in The Importance of Alphonso Davies   
    It must be amazing to get the shirt from a true great.
    I'm so happy for Neymar.
  19. Sad
    Cheeta reacted to narduch in OneSoccer   
    Seriously Rogers doesn't even offer it as part of their basic package anymore.
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    Cheeta reacted to m-g-williams in CPL General   
    I won't profess to being an expert on gridiron but from what I understand, non-NFL professional football hasn't exactly had stellar results in the US. Seeing the XFL go bankrupt twice in the last 20 years (though the latest time was admittedly a result of the pandemic) and with the CFL American expansion debacle in the 90s, I can't say that I'm convinced the latest iteration of the XFL will fare much better. I get that the CFL may be in a bind financially and struggling with its fanbase, but hitching their wagon to the latest NFL challenger doesn't strike me as a good idea. 

    I came across an interesting doc last night on Netflix on how cricket essentially re-invented itself through the advent of one-day internationals and T20 matches when they started to lose relevance in the 70s and 80s. I understand even less about cricket than I do about gridiron, but I have to say, it was impressive to see how English cricket officials took a very hard look in the mirror to see what could be changed to better adapt to changing demographics and audience preferences. I'd hope the CFL would take a similar approach and find ways to attract a new generation of Canadian fans rather than trust a not-entirely-convincing opportunity south of the border. 
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    Cheeta reacted to MtlMario in CPL General   
    Well now you know one.ūüėé
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    Cheeta reacted to Ruffian in OneSoccer   
    MLS is behind a paywall right now on TSN.
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    Cheeta got a reaction from johnyb in CPL General   
    Exact opposite out here.  It's three down craddle to grave.  Unless things have changed in the last decade (kids are all grown up) it was three down at all minor levels.  
    NFL very popular out here as well.   Don't know anyone who's strictly a CFL fan.
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    Cheeta got a reaction from johnyb in CPL General   
    I'll play.  General thoughts.
    On the one hand....we've been hearing the CFL business model hasen't worked in Ontario for what now?  40 years?  Say this or say that, it's still here and the TV numbers in Ontario are still strong.  Guess the dinosaurs must be hanging in there.
    On the other hand....If the NFL ever grows CLF sized balls and expands into Toronto, and they won't because whoever would do that is going to have to pay every last cent to build a $500,000,000 dollar stadium to do so, that would finally kill the CFL in that city.  And while a lot of Toronto won't care about that, nor would any of the other CFL markets.  Not ideal of course, but they'll move on because they'll have to. 
    But XFL?  LOL.  OK.  Enjoy! 
    From the outside I have a hard time not visualising the GTA as anything but an underdeveloped professional soccer opportunity.  MLS, CPL or something in-between.  But that's from the outside.  I don't now what the peoples in various parts of that metro area will acccept as professional and at what price.   
    But of course I'm also gob-smacked that in 2021 there isn't at least one more NHL team in Toronto so shows what I know about anything. 
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    Cheeta got a reaction from The Real Marc in CPL General   
    Exact opposite out here.  It's three down craddle to grave.  Unless things have changed in the last decade (kids are all grown up) it was three down at all minor levels.  
    NFL very popular out here as well.   Don't know anyone who's strictly a CFL fan.
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