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  1. Mexico down 2-0 to Argentina midway through the 1st half, live on onesoccer Edit - now 3-0 still in the first half. Argentina is sticking it to their old coach! 2nd Edit - 4-0 still in the first half. Araujo, the same dude that got stripped by David of the ball leading to our goal against them is having another woeful night.
  2. True, but the US wasn't necessarily at full strength either. In other news Honduras is losing right now to Chile at half-time
  3. Our next opponents, the US, drew 1-1 with Uruguay tonight.
  4. Wonder if Herdman will try Atiba at CB again against the US with the glut of midfielders we have and possibly Estaquio to add to the mix.
  5. Actually I didn't mind him for the most part, other than the bit I mentioned (and the unintentionally hilarious "Cyle Larin played left back" slip of the tongue). It's sometimes interesting to get a "neutral" perspective. The fact that we are talking about his commentary so much perhaps indicates how interesting to watch that game was. 82% possession when we were a goal up and a man down......yikes!
  6. Yeah, but given that we had one less attacker on the field because we, not the opposition, had the man sent off I thought it was a silly comment that wasn't taking the (admittedly unusual and bizarre) game situation into account. In the second half kept complaining that we only had one man in the box when we were crossing the ball in......what was he expecting us to do, go for broke by throwing everyone forward into the box in a desperate attempt get a two goal lead?
  7. We rested more starters so the line-up wasn't as good, we were playing with 10 men for about 40 minutes, we played on a bumpy pitch and in 29 degree humidity. And perhaps most of all Cuba bunkered the entire game, even when they were down a man. Two clear PK's weren't given which should have been. It wasn't a great performance, they managed the game well when down to 10 men which was perhaps the most pleasing part. But I'll take this professional performance victory over the losses that Panama & El Salvador just received.
  8. I quite enjoyed the unintentionally hilarious suggestion from Tony Meola that Canada needs to learn from this experience in the future the next time we go down to 10 men and the team that we are beating at the time decides to bunker with a man up and a goal down in the game........that is of course a common occurrence that teams face all the time.
  9. I suspect he is just in the doghouse, although it might be a good sign for him that he is coming out of it that they took him on the trip
  10. I predicted a crowd between 10 and 12k so I wasn’t surprised. I am not sure what the Canadian National hockey team would draw in Toronto if they were up against a Leaf game while playing against, say, the Austrian national hockey team in the equivalent of a glorified friendly but we will probably never know as such a ridiculous situation will probably never happen. The games being on one soccer will not do much for increasing the team’s profile. The US games need to be on proper tv IMO.
  11. He should not see the field again this season unless there is an emergency due to tons of injuries. To come on as a sub and pick up two completely unnecessary yellows in a game your team is leading 5-0 and after your last appearance gift wrapped goals to the opposition deserves a “play only in an emergency” type extended benching. I would rather see Liam Fraser tried at the back again than Zavaleta used there again.,
  12. I'm not sure what was more telling, that Zavaleta managed to get sent off with two yellows in about 20 minutes in a game TFC were leading 5-0 at the time, or that when he went straight off the field to the TFC dressing room, Chapman & Mavinga (both not dressed for the game but watching it from just outside the dressing) could be seen completely ignoring him and not offering any words of consolation.
  13. We're in a weird time in our national team history in that we seem to either thrash the **** out of teams or lose close matches. Cuba offered little in the way of adversity or attacking threat tonight and I would be surprised if the neutral site game mid-week is all that much different. It's good that we can pound the weaker teams but we need to win some adversity-matches.
  14. I came home from the game & watched my PVR of the TFC game - bizarrely TSN didn't even give updates on the score during its broadcast. This despite them having done so much pre-game coverage on their website
  15. I can't say that I liked KJ's answer to your question about the lack of friendlies, given that (a) it was meant for Herdman, but asked of the players since Herdman wasn't on the stage anymore (b) seemed to be missing the point, as he seemed to be talking about promoters and Americans and Mexicans rolling their eyes (if they are who cares?) than the issue at hand which was the detrimental effect of not playing matches together.
  16. It's a bit odd though, has he any kind of coaching license? Maybe this explains why that podcast they were doing weekly suddenly just stopped after they interviewed Herdman post Gold Cup.
  17. It would be good news for Victoria's travel budget at least. Now we need another team closer to Halifax.
  18. With Cavallini out, I'm glad that Tesho is there. Between Larin, David & Tesho we are well spoken for up top.
  19. Well he did something....he missed a tap in into an empty net. And yet the goat horns have to go to Westberg for only coming away with 1 point from this game, though it bumps them back into a playoff spot with 2 games in hand over Montreal
  20. Altidore not dressed for the game in NE. Either injured or injury-prevention (cause of the turf) but not good to have him missing in another key game. Maybe Mullins will do something against his old team.
  21. Laryea on his call up (to no-one's surprise, he'll be playing right back): https://www.torontofc.ca/post/2019/08/29/training-sound-richie-laryea-august-292019-0?autoplay=true
  22. It just makes a ludicrous qualifying system seem even more ludicrous.
  23. Okello was called for the Gold Cup in part because TFC wanted to keep Fraser and Chapman since they would be losing a bunch of their midfielders, especially Bradley. Bradley wasn't called by the US for their friendlies during the same window (nor Altidore or Gonzalez for that matter) as TFC have two matches during the upcoming window. So since Bradley will be there, there is no "we need Fraser to stay to replace Bradley" excuse so he is called to Canada instead and Okello is not. I don't think this has anything to do with Jamie Peters. I hope Fraser gets a chance to play for Canada, particularly at home against Cuba. With no Atiba or Arfield it becomes more of a possibility.
  24. https://www.tsn.ca/tfc-s-laryea-cavalry-fc-s-carducci-called-up-for-canada-games-against-cuba-1.1357032
  25. Thanks - I think I missed entirely that game being played, in part because it was a mid-week game and in part because both clubs are somewhat non-factors as far as TFC are concerned (ie. unlikely to catch NYC & unlikely to be caught by Columbus). I see that he came on for Romario Williams.....
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