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  1. As per tweet above, Peter's first Sportsnet CPL article is up. He likes to use analytics, so first CPL article with lots of it. Highlights one player to watch per team. https://www.sportsnet.ca/soccer/canadian-premier-leagues-island-games-everything-need-know/
  2. OneSoccer discussion about qualifying with James Sharman in a new studio set up.
  3. One other new thing is that they got the rights to Gold Cup 21 & 23. TSN previously had them but they continue to reduce their football footprint. http://news.onesoccer.ca/article/one-soccer-subscription-leagues
  4. According to CBC Sports tv & streaming schedule for August, only 2 CPL matches will be shown. Both on Aug 15th. So frequency of CBC broadcasts looks similar to last year. https://www.cbc.ca/sports/broadcast
  5. Format reminds me of World Cup 82. Classic match occurred between Brasil & Italia in 2nd stage. Though, I believe WC carried over first round points. It's also similar to Cricket World Cup. Benefits of this format are that it minimizes chances a one-off result knocks out a worthy champion if knock out stage is utilized. And second round should give better quality matches.
  6. If people don't know, CEBL coverage is being done by Mediapro. After watching all the leagues coming back, basketball is the least impacted by no crowds. They play music or have announcers talking half the time anyway. NBA coverage looks like playing NBA 2K. Hockey is next since you'll only notice the fans when the puck is in the defensive zones. Plus Canadian hockey crowds tend to be reactive and are quiet most of the time. Sounds of the game are also much more pronounced. Playing in big stadiums like baseball and soccer makes it more obvious things aren't normal. Even though
  7. Only things Concacaf TSN had left pre-covid is Champions League and Gold Cup. TSN holds rights to the actual World Cup. OneSoccer has all ages men/women for Concacaf qualifying & Nations League matches outside of Canada. And previous to that, they got the rights to broadcast Canada home matches.
  8. Mexico back to playing friendlies in October. Time for Canada to keep up and get ahead of blocked Americans.
  9. Fleming has finally decided to go pro. No club disclosed but same agent as Buchanan. https://www.theglobeandmail.com/sports/soccer/article-canadian-midfielder-jessie-fleming-ready-to-turn-pro/
  10. He scored a nice goal last year but didn't do much after that. They brought in Mullins and played hm ahead of him. Maybe he has improved since then but sample size is too small to say for now. 2 goals were also just tap ins.
  11. He took one really really interesting shot as a sub. That's not a decent game. That's a decent moment.
  12. Most of the travel savings will be eaten by costs of testing, cleaning and 24/7 housing and meals. Meal costs will be higher than usual because you can't serve meals as a buffet or serve all teams at once.
  13. TV5 also has a match of the week on Saturday at 11ET. Should see Lille once in a while. And for those who have recent gen LG or Samsung smart tvs or Roku, bein sports extra is available for free. They usually show some ligue 1 ex PSG matches live along with Turkish league, la liga 2 and tier2/3 la liga matches.
  14. or espn2 stream https://ustvgo.tv/espn2/
  15. TSN highlights 3 choices: Wilkinson, Priestman & Laura Harvey. https://www.tsn.ca/soccer/video/three-coaching-candidates-for-canada-s-women-s-national-team~1979237
  16. CSA said manager should be announced in August. One potential option is Bev Priestman coming back. There is now also a bunch of club football managers to look at. Maybe one of the Champions League managers - assuming CSA can and will pay more than women's club football.
  17. NWSL tournament starting this weekend. Orlando Pride pulls out because a number of players and staff test positive. Apparently some went out and about around Orlando including night clubs. Some matches will be on CBS. Rest on CBS All Access.
  18. Fox won't have rights anymore as of next season. Most of the matches will be on ESPN+ with about 4 matches on ESPN. More maybe if covid screws up US sports in the fall. Bundesliga wasn't entirely happy with Fox's coverage after initially being excited. Plus FS1/2 don't have much of a reach. So no surprise with the restart, Fox's coverage is just carrying the world feed like Sportsnet. Only difference is that they carry the feed with the enhanced crowd noise while SN is au natural. But with nothing else on, Fox ratings have been the highest since 2015. But ratings for la liga matche
  19. In the age of Covid, the US Fed, Bank of Canada and other central banks are also buying almost any corporate bond within their reach. So there is no shortage of demand for debt from the most crappiest of companes. And any corporate bond rating should be viewed skeptically since one of the 3 major rating agencies are being paid by the issuer for the rating.
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