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  1. from a capacity or venue cost perspective the Big o is better; but Montreal doesn't have the population base and the same level of interest to assume that it would fill up the extra seats. no wonder the venue cost is lower and ChampionsWorld tried TDot as its first Canadian city
  2. Yes, it would have nice to have a closer score; but I wouldn't read too much into it. Japan is in full prep mode for the Games (tied US 1-1 a month ago), Team Canada not fully acclimatized yet and mostly u19s playing. The full senior squad also just beat Japan in the Wordl Cup last year.
  3. Forum: red card Real: Justin Kurias Toronto, Greece, 1988 Toronto, Poland, 1988 Toronto, Scotland, 1992 Toronto, Hong Kong, 1992 Toronto, Jamaica, 1992 Toronto, Mexico, 1993 Toronto, Germany, 1994 Toronto, Holland, 1994 Toronto, Denmark, 1995 Toronto, Portugal, 1995 Toronto, Turkey, 1995 Toronto, Jamaica, 1995 Toronto, T&T, 1995 Toronto, Costa Rica, 1996 Toronto, Iran, 1997 Toronto, Macedonia, 1998 Toronto, Guatemala, 1999 Toronto, Jamaica, 1999 Toronto, T&T, 2000 The 92 Scotland game was also the day my father died. And I still rem
  4. Why is it seems like when the player isn't playing on the national team (men's or women's), they become all of sudden soccer gods? When Kiss was on the team, she had flashes of creativity but rarely enough to warrant blubbering over about her decision not to play anymore. Just as I saw flashes of creativity, there was as many times where she was easily bundled off the ball and didn't seem to give 100% effort. I believe Veronique Miranda from the u19 team has shown the most mid field generalship of any Canadian female player + her corner kicks during the u19 qualifying were consisten
  5. I certainly agree with the letter writer's sentiment - but in talking with Greek fans and Italians etc.., part (for some all of their cheering) is due to their renewed pride of their homeland and little to do with the actual sport of soccer - let alone their views on Canadian soccer. Soccer just happens to provide a world stage. The Portguese hockey team not only doesn't provide them with homeland pride - but in terms of hockey - Canada is the way to go. So,if they have a dismissive or ignorant attitude of Canadian soccer, it is not because they don't have pride in Canada - but they're ju
  6. I'm in if Canada is in. If not, I am thinking about going to the semis or the final.
  7. I have been watching Canadian national team soccer since 84. And this display from a style along with getting a result perspective was one of the best - if not the best - showing by a national side. I saw Canadian players willing to go one-vis-one, decent interplay between the midfield and strikers, speed with the ball to blow past defenders, nicely placed corners, constantly keeping up the pressure through the defenders purposefully putting the ball back into the box etc... Granted all 3 goals were off set plays - though well executed - and no goals came from the run of play. Pro
  8. Nic little typo on the CSA site and the voyageurs home page It seems like the canadian team didn't achieve a semi-final BERTH but appear to be in some sort child birthing contest Canada Defeats Panama 7-0 For Semi-final "Birth"
  9. Even though I watched the game on tv, I still didn't see half the game. Whether it was the rain, fog, long distance camera shots and/or falling light (without any park lights), Rogers production was unwatchable. Except for a few close ups, I barely saw the ball in the 2nd half. Saying that, G-Man's commentary aptly applies to the 1st half. Even Bridge admitted it during the half time interview. But after Germany scored the goal early in the 2nd half, Canada improved their play. This view was also echoed by the anlayst. They played more of the ball to the feet; but, poor finishing prev
  10. It appears Rogers 10 is showing the ottawa game tonight at 8. At least in Mississauga area. Or wishfully thinking , for entertainment purposes, they are going to show the montreal match.
  11. Hume is dreaming here unless it was Brazil instead of Belize.
  12. In games like these, results are what matters. The game is against lowly opposition but the games matter. The motto is "just win baby". In friendilies, we can quibble about style. Pellerud gets the results unlike any Canadain manager - men's or women's. Obviously, it would be nice if Canada played stylishly and won; but style doesn't emerge overnight. Otherwise, it is called a fad. Give it some time. Let the national team players actually grow into adulthood. Let the culture of the game actually permeate through all the levels of the game. it's called patience. Suggesting
  13. Good to hear for soccer. But fan590 & SN are both owned by Rogers. So, it can be also be back scratching.
  14. If the women's teams games were not shown, it would have been a maor disgrace. Considering the ratings for the games in the last 2 years, it is a no-brainer decision to show the qualifying games. Why it took a week prior to the qualifying to announce the tv schedule is a puzzle? Sportsnet should be viewing the women's games as one of their major rights properties; and thereby, affording it the promos and buildup at least on the level of their NBA & EPL games. Another troubling issue is why the Voyageurs board was not up in arms that the games were not being televised, while th
  15. I echo EastCoaster comments. It is our business why a player doesn't want to play for Canada? The same standards we apply to questioning why a men's player doesn't play for Canada need to be set here. If you (Elaine) or Kristina want to keep it personal, then you're opening a wide open door to rampant speculation. In this vein, from a soccer perspective, it is bonehead move by Kristina. If it was made due to personal reasons - unrelated to soccer, it should be said. I'm glad you can pass along this type of info to us - since the Canadian media won't; but, what bothers me about
  16. You might not be picky but most fans are. the jersey design represent the face of the nation. It is an absolutely disgrace that adidas & nike have taken a cookie cutter approach. Canadian jerseys can be easily mistaken for China, Turkey, Poland et al. It appears these companies have put all their energies into the quaility of fabric but forgot about the artistic side.
  17. I bought rugby stuff off worldrugbyshop.com - sister site of worldsoccershop. And their service was more than acceptable.
  18. sportsnet sucks because they lack foresight from a business perspective. The only reason they showed the u19 women's is becasue they got it free but they didn't put in thier top tier announcers till the semis. So, basically, they considered it filler programming. In the end, they just got luckly but took the credit for the high ratings. After this lesson, you would think they would be primed to go all out for the Women's World Cup. But again, at the last moment, they only made the decision to show the quarters and semis live. Again, took credit for the ratings. Not showing the
  19. I am disappointed that our lads were cheering on the States vs the Argies. US, Mexico are our enemies, the beter they do, the less likely we will be in these tournamnets. These are probably our best crop of u20s but they still got lots of learning to do as football fans.
  20. Dear Viewers, On Friday, December 12 Rogers Sportsnet will be broadcasting the Canada / Spain quarterfinal match at the 2003 FIFA World Youth Championship from Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates. Here is the breakdown for our 4 regions: SPORTSNET EAST - Live at 9:00am Eastern SPORTSNET ONTARIO - Live at 9:00am Eastern SPORTSNET WEST - Tape delayed until 8:00am Mountain SPORTSNET PACIFIC - Tape delayed until 8:00am Pacific Sincerely, Jennifer Martin Sportsnet Audience Relations
  21. After keeping an eye on livescore for the 1st half, I had to leave for a meeting. I come back, flip to livescore and then let out a whoop that Canada had beaten Burkina Faso 1-0. And this is the greatest day in men's Canadian football. And my co-workers in my office all think I am nuts. Thank god for this board and the net.
  22. I wouldn't get too over confident because we're playing an African country that most people haven't heard of. In these u20, u17 World Cups, the Africans usually show up very well. Pedigree isn't as important. And this tournament's results show it: Austrailia beat Brazil, England is out, Germany is on the bubble etc..
  23. try www.fan590.com they have a world sports show on Saturday afternoon from 4-6 pm ET
  24. As these ratings pile up in favour of soccer, hopefully SN gets the message to treat the game seriously. The need to improve production standards, attempt to get a better analyst (for women's game), get a sideline reporter who actually knows something about the game, and most importantly -- show the games live and show more Canadian games!!! By the way, I think Global is way too optimistic about the NFL ratings. Bills are of interest in Ontario but not to the rest of Canada especially when they're playing the lowly Bengals. Head to head, the USA/Germany game outdid the NFL gam
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