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  1. It's a bit lower than seen in recent years for TFC. Whitecaps ratings have fallen off in recent years, so more in line. But two Cdn teams together have typically pulled over 150k for English tv. Not in prime time in Vancouver but given more people working from home, somewhat less of an headwind. I think Caps being a listless team with lots of management issues is probably main reason why people didn't watch in their region.
  2. MLS in primetime involving 2 largest markets. In theory CBC has bigger reach but given their weak ratings for almost everything, it is doubtful. Track after CPL got 39k. News at 6 got 45k.
  3. Despite TSN dropping football rights almost every year, this video shows they understand the sport and occaison unlike most other Canadian media. And this was narrated by a guy who I have never seen cover football except for the CFL.
  4. There has been more disappointments than seeing noteworthy players. Campbell, Ongaro, Aleman, Bokai & Abzi come to mind right away. Farsi & Dunn have looked good. There has been more internationals that have looked good compared to nearly all of them falling flat last year.
  5. You're fighting against trends. 65% of US subscribe to cable. 69% subscribe to streaming. In the US, Champions League has gone 75/25 live streaming with CBS All Access. Was mostly streaming under Turner. Bundesliga has gone to probably 70/30 streaming with ESPN+ just like Serie A. A chunk of EPL will now be on NBC Peacock. NBA US tv ratings have declined since 2011 but still gets good engagement because the under 40 age group keeps track online with highlights, gifs, memes and so. In Canada, WTA has gone to DAZN. TSN did pick up about 8 events to show this year. NFL Sunday Ticket went to
  6. Lille has been a counter attacking team but their opponents have been catching on, so the view was Lille needed to adapt this year. Plus Oshimen is better in the air than David, so they need to play on the ground more. But Lille didn't do much of anything offensively today except run down the wings before fizzling out. I can't think of any time spent passing/dribbling in the box. I think once David is more fit and comfortable, he needs to return to moving around laterally more and also go get the ball deep when the service is weak.
  7. For those who don't have DAZN, it looks like it will be on Canada twitter:
  8. NBA TV has shown Euro Champions league type action but not promoted at all on the network. KHL is on DAZN. There is some competition for NBA & NFL within the US via the NCAA. March Madness certainly pushes the NBA to the backburner for 1 month. And there is a segment of college football fans who are only casual NFL fans. Footy fans also are conditioned to watch differing leagues and differing competition. There are some snobs but less so than with the major North American pro sports. These fans are supremely confident they're watching the best league in their sport. Therefore, th
  9. DAZN is showing that it will carry the semis and final.
  10. Larson said 5 CPL clubs passed on Farsi - didn't offer him a tryout when his agent called. Valour, Y9, PFC were the 3 I remember.
  11. Since the 2-1 Mexico win over Bermuda win has been noted a number of times but the context has been left out. A month earlier Mexico beat Bermuda 5-1 in Nations League in Bermuda. Only 3 Mexican players from this win played in the 2-1 win since they had already clinched first. So, it was basically at least a Bish Mexican team. Mexico still had 76% possession and 26 shots with 8 on goal. Match reports said most exciting part of the second half of the second match was an orange cat on the pitch.
  12. Group C & F are the toughest for the seeded teams as per non-Canadians on the interweb.
  13. Yes they do need to cover Davies more and they follow the ESPN model of using their highlights show as a promo first and news worthiness second. But this time it was second story on TSN Sportscentre that night if you consider all the Cdn team hockey highlights as one. So shown before American hockey team highlights. Social media helps as one of the anchors intro'ed segment by saying I saw Davies trending on twitter, so he must have done something. Reflects she didn't even watch a snippet of the match and maybe didn't even know it was on. It was also co highlight of the night w
  14. Trying to separate politics from sport is living in fantasy land. It's always been there but people were not aware or the inclusion of it was considered acceptable to their worldview. In terms of CPL, the PEI government gave them $1 million+ , required government health protocols and matches are being played in a tax payer funded university pitch. All of the clubs represent cities/regions which are political entities and many of them play in home stadiums built by governments and thereby funded by taxpayers. Players live in the community at least during the season and many of them fa
  15. I think this is the full version you're looking for..
  16. Best tifo in CPL so far. Fight for the Region. https://www.instagram.com/tv/CD6HHDegBMX/?utm_source=ig_web_button_share_sheet
  17. Not widely available to US viewers - probably worse than TSN2 reach in Canada but Fox Sports 2 or FS2 is carrying CPL matches. Today's Y9/ATO, Wednesday HFX/Forge and Y9/Valour next Saturday so far listed. https://www.ontvtonight.com/guide/listings/channel/690446261/fox-sports-2.html?dt=2020-08-18 For today's matches, I thought the ads were more readable than Thursday night. Could be due to day matches but they also made the bottom ads more bigger than on Thursday. But some of them were moving too fast. Feed was same as OneSoccer ex for when Andi Petrillo was on. And ex no
  18. When other footballers are tweeting about a Canadian....
  19. One boost for HFX is no travel lag in the Island Games. PFC also but to a lesser extent. But Hart can't use it as a crutch anymore. He needs to show improvement such as moving to being a middle tier team.
  20. usually it is a full pitch view from the end line
  21. Another option for OneSoccer is to follow what DAZN has done for certain events like Andreesecu in finals or Champions League final - put up a stream for free on twitter or youtube. I believe MLS puts up a free TUDN spanish/english stream on twitter weekly or when it isn't carried by espn/fox. But having some matches on CBC & CHCH helps to recoup some of OS costs as it is going to be a while before subscriber fees offset costs. I don't think a single streaming service in North America makes money - even Netflix has had negative free cash flow for the past decade or so. It's likey
  22. A closer look into how David will fit in with Lille's style of play and players. Looks like David isn't as effective as Osimhen in the air but has more creativity and vision. Lille might need to play the ball on the ground more. https://www.sportsnet.ca/soccer/analyzing-canadian-forward-jonathan-david-will-fit-lille/
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