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  1. David started and almost ended play sequence.
  2. Somebody heard you. Vancouver Whitecaps FC confirmed that midfielder Simon Colyn joined Italian Serie B club S.P.A.L. for a two-week trial with their youth teams this week. https://www.whitecapsfc.com/post/2020/09/25/vwfc-colyn-spal
  3. Fans in stands vary by region. Watched a bit of Nantes vs St Etienne this morning with fans in stands not really socially spaced out in the middle stands. Germany also has similar differences. No crowds at Munich match on Friday but the most crowded Euro stadium I have seen so far at Union Berlin match yesterday. See shots of crowd when Union scores at 1:45-2:10.
  4. Reyna should have been on your radar as of last year when he played in u17 qualifying vs Canada. And if you even glanced at any US national team related website, the standard but uniquely American soccer gushing for him has been in overdrive for a couple of years. So, we shouldn't just repeat US hype as they have a tendency to extrapolate a small sample of good showings to infinity. A classic example is Taylor Twellman feverishy stating in 2018 that agents told him there would be 20 Pulisic's in Europe by 2020. I'm okay to keep tabs on the US but it should be really be al
  5. There are times when it is difficult to watch a match of interest to Canadian football. But this one is on 3 platforms and 2 languages: OneSoccer, TV5 & Bein Sports Extra (free on certain smart tvs & roku).
  6. Not a high bar to surpass and only a few matches in but it was the best David has looked so far as an individual and linking up with others on LOSC. He has got decent levels on rating sites. Having Yilmaz as a partner helped out and David had more touches outside of the box and had a couple of chances to run at the back line. But I didn't like that he passed up on a shot inside the box in the second half.
  7. My work blocks DAZN but not OneSoccer (yet). But since probably WFH into next year, it doesn't matter for now.
  8. Sportsnet is going to be carrying 50 WSL matches for next 2 seasons + semis/finals of FA Cup. First match tomorrow with Villa vs Man City (Beckie). https://media.sportsnet.ca/2020/09/sportsnet-signs-two-year-broadcast-deal-with-barclays-fa-womens-super-league/ NBCSN & their Peacock streaming service also just signed a similar deal earlier in the week.
  9. TSN has put previous Nations League matches as a stream since it is basically transmitting the world feed or ESPN. But none listed so far on their streaming schedule. But ABC will be showing 2 matches on Saturday: ISL v ENG & POR vs CRO. So TSN at this point not showing even England is new level of disregard for the sport. Also not scheduled to show GER vs ESP tomorrow even though it can be picked up easily and likely free via ESPN2.
  10. Oct was aspirational. Nov if we get lucky. But always thought it would be March according to Vic.
  11. Europe has also fairly similar policies and more relaxed policies across countries about travel, quarantine days etc..Concacaf countries have a lot more varying policies and wide gap in capabilities. With US having the most relaxed policies about travel, bunch of stadiums that can be used, good weather sites and good access to testing/health needs, best place to play in a quasi-MLB type bubble that can be set up for every FIFA window. This will cost money and costs can only recouped through only tv/ad revenue. Concacaf will need to bite the bullet a bit.
  12. Since with Lyon - especially in the past 2 years - I have seen she is much more comfortable with the ball. She can get the ball off an attacker fairly easily without much physical contact. When she was in college, she used her physicality & speed nearly all the time to stop attacks. Offensively, she has started to contribute but this is an area to improve especially for Canada. Overall, she has become a much more composed player.
  13. They will be a good duo. DAZN had a feature last week during one of the women's UCL matches where Huitema's PSG teammates picked her as best dancer on the team. She lost most selfies taken title to someone else but got honourable mentions.
  14. Centurylink issue took down a lot of stuff this morning in North America & Europe. PSA: CenturyLink outage takes down Amazon, Hulu, Playstation Network, etc for many users https://9to5mac.com/2020/08/30/centurylink-outage/
  15. The announcement by Sharman on One Nation was pretty cryptic. No other details offered. OneSoccer schedule shows replay at 20:00 EDT for those who don't want to get up early.
  16. RSL situation looks like a Dan Synder type situation - a dysfunctional organization. Lots of stories about sexism, sexual harassment, racism and verbal abuse from the owner and some other execs. Athletic has a report saying owner things casually like when are we gonna lynch this guy when introduced to Kellyn Acosta and of course the n word many times. https://theathletic.com/2027796/2020/08/27/ RSL owner also furloughed staff while RSL players stepped up to pay them. So it looks like not playing last night has unearthed the bad character and conduct of hopefully an ex owner.
  17. If a policy by FIFA or by our government or CSA governance hampers our talent pool, then it should be up for discussion. You do realize you're on a forum supporting national teams representing a political entity called Canada. These national teams fall under the CSA which is funded in part by the federal government. Top tier national teams like the women's senior team get Own the Podium funding from the federal government. The so-called National Stadium where these national teams regularly play was funded initially by governments.
  18. Match between Y9 & PFC was highest rated program of the day for FS2.
  19. Rock star makes his first big mistake
  20. Aruba played their Nations League matches in Curacao. Their home stadium looks to have lights but maybe not good enough for tv. So it means they can play in Curacao again if they can't control covid.
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