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  1. A bit surprising to hear it from a MLS broadcaster but KJ basically tears apart MLS regular season - compares it to FI qualifying. He starts around 1:50.
  2. Stylewise, I actually like Larin over Cav. And I think Larin's upside is greater but that doesn't mean anything if he doesn't deliver it on the pitch. But another thing Cav brings that has rarely been seen on Canadian national teams is intensity. Often, on paper, we are more talented than most Concacaf teams ex Mexico/USA. But we regularly lose to them because their players play the qualifers as if it is life or death. As Herdman said last week, when he asked the players why Canada often gets beaten, the response is they wanted it more. Playing meekly is a more apt description of Canadian
  3. When TFC started out, they went after the hardcore base rather than than the casuals that MLS 1.0 was based on. They were a bad team but still were one of better attendances in MLS. They're spending big money because that is the business model of MLSE. And they believe they'll get their ROI from upselling the hard core base and expanding it in the long run (but will need help from the overall growth of the sport and MLS being more viewed as a top 5 league). MLSE also has a number of teams in its stable, so some TFC gains are cannibalizing sales from other MLSE teams. The hard core TF
  4. Stating it is "ridiculous" is actually ridiculous. History shows Cav overtook Larin on club form a couple of years ago. Cav has always outperformed Larin at the national team level. Larin has only closed the gap this year at the club level but he hasn't surpassed Cav. If you think he has, it isn't to any significant degree. Larin now has to show he can close the gap at the national team. He has it show it in training to Herdman or as sub to the rest of us. He can't no longer be missing the net on breakaways or missing tap ins for Canada. Cav is also a better sub in many si
  5. Looks like they became homeless a couple of times when rent was behind a month or so. Landlord locked doors - which today isn't allowed but was it allowed 10-15 years ago in Ontario? No relatives to stay with, so lived in car & shelter. Ayo was on provinical team. Couple of his club teammates got selected for u15 Canada camps. So Brampton youth coach steered Ayo to the US - nice to look out for Ayo but sounds like a story from the past century when youth coaches were a stumbling block to the national team program.
  6. Also Impact - Bologna. But nothing yet for Canadian players.
  7. Cav has also produced for the national team. Not at outstanding levels but there is something to look at. While Larin, even when he is good form in the MLS, has underperformed to being non-existent for the national team. So I would need to see Larin at least at 75% of David's Belgium club level to move him ahead of Cav if Larin doesn't deliver much coming on as a sub for Canada. David still gets the start ahead of both if playing with one striker and want to get all our top mids on the pitch.
  8. You have to also take into account that we had Nations League & Gold Cup, so no need to play friendlies for 2019. The issue for November is if CSA has the money and capabilities to organize testing since no help is seen from Concacaf. And if player relations are going to sour if someone gets covid, which means missing club action and maybe not accepting invite next year. Sounders Peru player got covid and due to quarantine rules is likely to miss rest of MLS regular season.
  9. Dest has been a big talker and quite quotable. Given he hasn't really lived in the US and doesn't appear to have done his homework on American soccer, even some American supporters think he needs to step back a bit. Good to be confident but some of his statements shows he is a young guy who isn't aware of his blind spots.
  10. https://mobile.twitter.com/FootyTalksLive/status/1314646032047841280 'Does he feel that he wants to put his body on the line for a country? To take a country to another level. To take it somewhere a country has never been before.' @coachherdman
  11. Next year's Gold Cup is diminished in importance because we have qualifying before it and after it. So, no way are we going to run down our top players over the summer, deprive them of a summer vacation and possibly set back them in training for their club season while also jeopardizing our chances of qualifying. US & Mexico are also sending their B teams. Beyond that, other Gold Cups are important to Canada. But holding it every two years, inviting guest countries, skewing the draws to max out revenue means it is the least valued Confed tourney. It also has not much traction in
  12. Ratings are down not just because of little to no fans in the stadium/arena. It's probably a factor between 5-10. Ex NFL, they are playing outside of their calendar window. Some leagues/teams played matches outside of the local team markets. US election season usually means a dip in US sports viewing. Less getting together to watch which usually means the casual viewer isn't watching. Lots of different sports all at the same time. Some leagues had more games on tv which drops avg audience watching. More games on tv on weekday afternoons and commuting hours also drops avg viewing audience
  13. Just like Davies is more of winger for Canada, David is more of a 9 for Canada. Already tied for 8th in top scorers list. Plus, as usual for the internet, use a small sample size of Lille matches to predict something to infinity.
  14. I never was. He showed flashes of his potential in MLS but never the complete package and never consistently. He never played regularly which is a sign he wasn't training well, not favoured by the manager and not talented enough to overcome these negatives. Then his attitude soured on me with the way he got a move to Barca. But Barca saw something which gave me the most hope ever for him. He also chose Canada which gave me hope he was maturing. But again, he didn't deliver too much at Barca. He came back and haven't seen anything that he has changed on or off the pitch.
  15. That was first thought, it would be called a foul by any central american ref in Concacaf and any qualifying match played south of the US with a full stadium.
  16. also reinforces stereotype that Canadian players are only good at running
  17. Forbes valuations are like valuing stocks, can be overvalued at times and valuation metrics aren't fully transparent. Plus, Forbes valuations appears to be skewed to non-pitch metrics like expansion fees, stadium contracts, new tv deal, merchandise sales and share of SUM. If we're trying to compare the quality on the pitch, these aren't all useful.
  18. Only way Akinola could force his way would be to become a regular TFC starter for the rest of this season and playoffs. And I would like to see him double his current goal total. Working against him is no senior team training and playing experience, no connection with potential starters ex Osorio & no WC qualifying experience. History has shown newbie Canadian senior national team players tend to have stage fright. If he commits, I would use the Gold Cup to see if is he up to playing at the senior international level.
  19. I listened to a Dutch journalist being interviewed on ESPN FC last week where he said people there are a bit puzzled on Dest ending up with Barca. But happy they got so much money for a sub. Dest's strength is on the attack but he said not good enough as a defender and tactically to be at Barca levels at this point.
  20. Sounds like he is the regista that no Canadian national team has ever had.
  21. WC qualifying & GC are mandatory player releases. Olympics is discretionary. From a marketing perspective, GC ranks third amongst the three. Olympics is second for marketing but third as a competition. So Davies & David would be in Olympics pre-covid if they/their clubs said yes. But given WC qualifying is now happening just before and just after the Olympics, Davies & David shouldn't be in the Olympics. They should be in pre-season training to make sure they're ready for their seasons and peaking for qualifying.
  22. Good podcast. Learned his brother was already into Dutch football and trying to learn the Dutch language at age six. Trained barefeet to copy how Brasilian kids played the sport. So, he had a plan to fulfill his dream and actually achieved it. Also JDG & Dichio recounts that you need to do more than just playing for a youth club to become a pro. Need to have an internal drive like Davies & David, don't coddle the kids, train on your own & watch matches rather just highlights to learn how the best play your position.
  23. Not for the Euro guys who would have just played a compressed season due to covid & Euros. Their summer will be gone playing in 2 windows. If they take vacation time. it will force them to miss some or all of their pre-season training. It's fine for the MLS/CPL guys since they would be playing anyway. But to maintain good club relations, a bit prickly to take away player for basically 2 months. If qualified for Olympics, then Gold Cup squad will be at B- team.
  24. The Richie evolution. He first just ran down the wings. Then he crossed the ball into the box to whoever could get onto it. Then he started looking to make passes to specific players and making different types of passes. And now he's taking on players in tight spaces inside the box - a skill not usually seen in Canadian football circles. It looks like a lock for the next 2 World Cup cycles. We have one of the best fullbacks in Concacaf - though he might not play there. Looks like we may have the 2 best now.
  25. At one time CBC was planning to launch a sports network covering Olympic sports and amateur sports. But it got derailed along the way along in what has been so far a lost century for the network. But with the advent of streaming, they do cover a lot of Olympic related sports beyond what they show over the air. Pre covid, they would be showing 3+ events every weekend. In October, considering the covid cancellations, you can still stream mountain bike racing, swimming, horse racing & half marathon championships. So CPL fits in this bucket: rights are available & cheap, Olympic
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