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  1. This ain't 2010 anymore. We aren't looking any warm body available. Just because somebody puts in a few good matches in MLS doesn't mean he becomes part of the starting eleven or even part of final roster for World Cup qualifying in 2021. Just because you can watch him start to blossom doesn't mean he starts over somebody that is only watched by a couple of posters. Plus, history has shown emerging MLS players have tended to have flat performances in their first national team appearances. Besides getting more seasoning at the MLS level, they need more seasoning at the national team v
  2. Stats say Bustos was very good in CPL this year. Question is how much upside is there since he hasn't met it before? Buchanan has shown some flashes previously and now a couple of good showings. Hasn't shown yet he can do this consistently. But upside is deemed to be higher since he is at a new position and hasn't had a major step back yet.
  3. He was overpaid - made 175k in 2019. Though started at 36k in 2014 and only made >100k for 3 years.
  4. Shome got his degree this June - started at UoA and completed it at Concordia. Given his position and style, he probably can make a contribution for a 2-3 CPL clubs, I view him in the same vein as Béland-Goyette. Solid for CPL but not a impact player. So, unless he really wants to play in the Olympics and/or is Maradonna level passionate about the sport, he should look to find a real job.
  5. He won't be able to play in the friendly as he hasn't filed any switch paperwork yet - maybe window shopping.
  6. He's playing out of the back now. He's too raw playing there to be tossed into World Cup qualifying yet. Listening to him being interviewed shows he isn't yet comfortable with his new found glory. Tajon looks better in the back than as a striker but he's probably at the point where Laryea was 1-2 years ago. So, he's not ahead of Laryea, ZBG and other experienced fullbacks (can include Davies also).
  7. TV5 is funded by about 5 national governments. So, they do cater to the Canadian (Quebec) market. But from growing up in Quebec, my ears have always told me their football announcers aren't Quebecois - though today's announcer was harder to tell. Based on their twitter account, today's announcers were Manu Tissier & Didier Roustan and appear to be based in France. TV5 usually showed matches on Saturday at 11ET. But this year, they have been more flexible and mostly showing the showcase Sunday evening match which normally is dominated by PSG but this year has had LOSC more than u
  8. The importance of not playing friendlies hurting us on the pitch has been over done here. Mainly because the three nations in our group haven't played any either. And the first match is vs Bermuda which I view as a comfortable way to get back playing together. Of more import would be having our starters in good form at their clubs in Jan to March. Or just having Davies & David in decent form should be sufficient. Having a January poutine camp is of more benefit for Olympic qualifying and Gold Cup. Only marginal benefit for WC qualifying. The women not playing friendlies is a
  9. The 6-2 scoreline is misleading. Kasey Keller on ESPN FC said if the keepers were switched, it would have been 2-0 Panama with 7 minutes to go. And of the 3 US goals in the last 7, at least one involved keeper error - maybe two. It was the Panama keeper's first cap. xG was also 2.64 for the US and 1.18 for Panama. So 3-1 is more closer to the truer result.
  10. US 6-2 over Panama. I watched a bit of it. Not at all intense as past US/Panama Gold Cup matches I have seen but this was expected. Fairly wide open with only getting chippy late in the second. With 3 passes, Panama scored early on a free header allowed by Ream and Miazga. Then US dominated rest of the half with 3 goals. Reyna got his first US goal on a free kick near the box. Panama keeper made a bit of an error along with probably another in the second half but this was his first cap. US played with a striker this time as Gioacchini scored his first two US goals. But he missed a hat tri
  11. This has been the standard Wales post match analysis from the US supporters base ex no one is talking about Ayo. They tend to get infatuated with the potential of young players (as in all American pro sports), so they are loathe to be too critical of them. Any shortcomings now are on GGG + most of them hated his selection. They also despise most of the veteran players since they were the core that failed in 2017. That means all their hopes and dreams rests on this up and coming group. So only in the US would be the hype machine would start rolling as talk of winning in 2026 has emerg
  12. Wales & US played to a 0-0 friendly today in Swansea. Wales fielded players nearly all from the Championship as they have a Nations League match this weekend. US didn't have Pulisic and MLS (ex one). I just kept an eye on it as the 3 Euro playoff matches took precedence. The harshest evaluation I heard was from Lalas who gave the US a 6/10. Fotmob only rated Steffen higher than 7. NBC gave 8s to Dest, Brooks, McKennie & Musah. CBS main takeaway was that McKennie, Adams & Musah looked good in passing and understanding each other. The Mirror noted Bale was caught on camera in t
  13. Segota didn't play much in Mexico because yes, the indoor league did keep him till the playoffs ended and I believe his team made it to the finals. So, he missed most of the team's prep and friendlies. Waiters also emphasized fitness, so he didn't think Segota was in shape to play 90 in Mexico by playing the American version of indoor soccer. But after Segota came as in a sub and showed some ball skills in the second match, all the foreign journos asked Waiters why he didn't play before. Only in hindsight have I appreciated what Waiters achieved as I just started to follow football.
  14. You also to take into account that Adams isn't a regular starter with Leipzig while Eustaquio is. In 2020, Adams also has come off the bench depending on the match situation rather than being a first choice. Adams isn't a game changer. I'll wait to see how McKennie does at Juve but he is more in line or is better than Eustaquio. Reyna shouldn't be in this mix since he plays much further up the field and hasn't shown much tendency to help out defending.
  15. Davies heads the CIES Football Observatory list of the highest estimated transfer values for big-5 league players born in the 2000s: €180 M. 12 big-5 league footballers born in the 2000s with an estimated value greater than €50M are four Englishmen (Sancho, Greenwood, Saka, Foden), two Spaniards (Fati, Torres), two Brazilians (Goes, Vinícius), a Canadian (Davies), a Norwegian (Haland), a Swede (Kulusevski) and a Frenchman (Camavinga). David makes the top 20. https://football-observatory.com/IMG/sites/b5wp/2020/wp311/en/
  16. If the CSA could make money, had structural support from the confederation and football was passionately followed in Canada, they would have the will to play friendlies in November. UEFA & CONMEBOL are playing because they can make money off Nations League, Euro playoffs, WC qualifying and even friendlies. Their governments consider elite football important enough to give them covid exemptions. So it is worthwhile for national teams to spend on covid protocols. In Concacaf, only Mexico has the "will" to play. Maybe eventually the US. The friendlies between other Concacaf nations
  17. Pros are she knows the players especially the younger ones, Cdn landscape to get new players and system of play (if she is planning to keep it). Had experience with England senior team as they were taking great strides - maybe learned from Neville. Knows Concacaf but not that big of deal in women's side. Can get guidance from Herdman. Cons are first senior head gig. And not exactly impressive results as Canada youth coach - though how much determined by focus on development vs deploying tactics/players to win is uncertain. Don't know what her strengths are other than youth player develop
  18. Huitema article in BBC. The lines I liked were: She joined a boys' team aged 10, because playing for a local girls' team "wasn't competitive enough". "It was unheard of at the time. I remember everyone giving me weird looks when I showed up at training. I'd turn up to matches and I'd hear people say, 'Why's there a girl in a jersey?' The Canadian realised just how much potential she had a few years later. Aged 12, she travelled with her squad to a tournament in Seattle. In one game, she scored a consolation goal in a 7-1 defeat against a team called Surrey United - making such a
  19. If you want to keep up on headline news in one spot, twitter is considered the site/app for it. But you can use also apps like https://www.fotmob.com/. In the app, you can set favourites for leagues, clubs, nations and/or players and get notifications. I have favourited about 40 players in the men's pool to notify me when in starting lineup/goal scored/match rating. But there are many more metrics to choose from. For this Forge match, you would have gotten a notification if you had favourited Forge (I have favourited all CPL clubs), any of their players or Concacaf League.
  20. Good point KJ made about every match matters in European and world football leagues. Unmatched by North American leagues is the celebration of a goal especially when you're away supporter. And the lows are really low and again unmatched by North American leagues. In North American pro sports leagues, the validity of a match can be questioned. Too many games are meaningless. KJ views regular season of North American leagues as more of a pre-season. The actual sport is seen in the playoffs. But yet, people pays big bucks to see regular season games. So in MLS, a loss can be shrugged of
  21. For a Cdn website, sportsnet has the broadest coverage. https://www.sportsnet.ca/soccer/
  22. This is typical of American sports coverage - focus on the positive and ignore or gloss over the negatives. It comes from media rights holders not wanting to burn the leagues they cover and erode their ratings. Political coverage is similar since there is usually no push back against what politicians say as seen in UK & New Zealand. And the supporters are the same. Lots of gushing over young players even over hockey assists and with all touches videos. But some are finally learning since they have seen most of their hyped young players never pan out for most of this century. Ar
  23. With Atletico Madrid likely to sit deep since that is their DNA (probably not right tactically vs BM) , Davies is a better choice than Hernandez for tomorrow. And Hernandez can play on the weekend. Regardless, Davies has competition now which is good in the long run for him & Canada since he has lot of room to round out his game. But in the short run, it will mean not starting every match and minutes will depend on his form. He's been below average to marginally above average this season but not seeing flashes of brilliance yet.
  24. Coupland just stated that in an article: “I think it’s also about representing the stripes and representing Atlético Madrid,” Coupland said, signaling to the Atlético logo on his team jacket during an interview with the Sportspage over Zoom. “They have unique values and a unique way of thinking,” Coupland said. “Every time I step on the field, I’m very proud to say that I’m playing for Atlético Ottawa, a team affiliated with Atlético Madrid. That’s a really strong feeling for me.” “I’m 16, there’s youth teams until U19 (at Atlético Madrid). Having that opportunity to potentiall
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