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  1. 4 hours ago, CanadaFan123 said:



    Without the draft it turns into a bidding war for top young talent out of the NCAA and the MLS would never go for that.

    I agree with this. They don't want to the teams competing on wages. 

    But attempting to control draft player wages via Generation Adidas has created unintended consequences. The higher GA player wages don't count against the cap for a few years but this creates a cap time bomb later. So, if the GA player lives up to expectations, his wage increase after the GA label expires makes the player often overvalued given the cap hit. If he underperforms, he also becomes overvalued even without a raise. He is then often dumped as no other MLS team won't like the cap hit either - likely the Shome situation.

    This year's draft is also a hodge podge. Most haven't played a college soccer season. A number have already played in the USL. 

    And again, a draft isn't required to get young players into MLS as no draft means open season on signing any NCAA player. Most new MLS players now come through the academies or bought from other leagues. This is in contrast to the NHL where the majority of the players playing in the NHL still come via the draft. But having 7 rounds (x31 teams) means the percentages don't look good.




  2. 6 hours ago, CanadaFan123 said:

    I wouldn't say so necessarily. They're up there for sure but in the past 2 years (just listing guys who have become week in week out players, there's plenty more depth players).  

    2019/2020: Amaya, Dotson, Sejdic, Jones, Gasper, Shinyashiki, Dike, Kessler

    Bolded USMNT call ups. They also called up Mueller and Blackmon who were drafted in 2018. So there's still plenty of value to be had through the draft. Certainly though, Canadians are hitting right now.

    The MLS draft is past its prime. It's looking to retire but given Garber's NFL background, he doesn't want to let go.

    But coaches like from the champions have moved on. “There probably won’t be a draft at some point because you’re seeing more and more people are passing in the second and third rounds,” Porter said. “Maybe you get something first round. Not to say there aren’t good players though. You can find them.”

    When Porter coached his first year in the league in 2013, three of the 19 first-round picks didn’t play in their rookie year. Just half of the 24 first-round picks in 2019 made a single MLS appearance.

    With the amount of money teams are putting into rosters, into their youth academies, and with fewer players spending four years in college, there seems to be an expiration date on the draft at some point.

    So, yes. there are still some players who make it like the 4 recent Canadians. But they could have easily been signed as free agents. Better for them as there is a better chance of picking the team they prefer. 

    It's also a sad scene of seeing these players putting the scarves, all smiling and carefree. Some of them may know but many don't realize their football future now actually lies in the USL. 

  3. The covid vaccines so far from western firms or China aren't as effective for no or mild symptom covid. It's 80/90%+ effective for severe covid but only around 50% for less severe covid. Will have to see how effective J&J vaccine will be.

    So, many US states will continue to allow people in stadiums but having 50%+ full in the summer for the Gold Cup would seem risky still. Though, mostly an issue for Mexico & US matches only.

  4. On 1/8/2021 at 9:12 PM, Dominic94 said:

    there’s so much so wrong with this.

    He didn’t fail ? He started as a sub and became a starter ? And played 3 games at RB because NE needed him there.


    corbeanu’s wolves don’t have the depth that Liverpool does, and wolves isn’t 2 years removed from winning the Champions league. Also Corbeanu a year ago was behind Millar at the same age don’t kid yourself. 

    as for Millar he’s actually very good offensively, it doesn’t take 10 viewings to see. Also, how many times can it be said that the guy is at Liverpool, it’s a top 5 club in the world.... it’s rare for kids to crack these lineups at 22 let alone 18. Is Liam going to be world class probably not, but that doesn’t mean he won’t make the team. To be fair FDJ didn’t move to Barca till he was what 24 ??

    If Buchanan was tearing it up playing up front, Arena wouldn't have moved him back. He didn't show enough to play a lot in 2019. And likewise underwhelmed in the bubble. Maybe started to train better as he gained playing time in the fall but wasn't delivering the expected end product. His career trajectory was looking more to be a MLS sub/part-time starter. It appears now he can be a difference maker with more space going forward playing from the back. So now looking like another Laryea. Usually when you get sent back, you don't come back playing too often further up the pitch again.

    For Millar, analytics show he needs to be a more expansive offensive player or show enough to be allowed to play a freer role. Hugging the touchline and just crossing has limited his xG/assists, touches in the box, successful dribbling and shots taken at Kilmarnock. But he has diversified his play this season. So, now he needs to show he can carry it over when playing beyond the u23 age group.

    All three are works in progress. Corbeanu is the most raw but appears to have more parts to be a total package. But given his age, maybe not enough time for a part or two be found wanting. Buchanan & Millar have shown to be explosive at times but not yet shown to be total packages. 

  5. Herdman is the first corporate exec quaility manager for Canada. He's done many company speaking engagements including for the one I work for about 5 years ago. He makes a very good impression as I still have non-soccer types at work who can still fondly recall seeing Herdman speak. So no surprise he did well presenting to Arsenal.

    Herdman is also the first to fully incorporate psychology into the prep of the men's team. Given his forward thinking, I hope he is also incorporating full analytics assessment of the players.

    Some on this forum have tended to poo poo these aspects of Herdman. But this is football's future.

    Prime example is F.C. Midtjylland where James plays. The club knows how much its players have run and what they have done in the gym and what they have eaten and where they shoot from and how well they have slept. It is attempting to know even the most intimate parts of their minds: how they think, how they feel, how they learn.

    However, the quality and collection of data is still poor. Most of it is event data, but most of football happens without the ball. Artificial intelligence will help to improve that considerable blind spot.

    The team psychologist has individual player sessions that get deeply, intensely personal. He encourages the players who meet in his office every few weeks to share their innermost thoughts with him, and with their teammates. They talk not only about their professional worries, but their domestic ones. Sometimes, there are tears.

    The club is currently running one study to identify which traits are shared by players who have thrived there in the past. At the same time, they are working with educational consultants to work out how players absorb information, how they think, how they learn. 



  6. I wouldn't say Buchanan is further along in development than Corbeanu and its unclear vs Millar.

    Buchanan failed playing forward positions in MLS. So, he got pushed back to the back line where he has shown more promise. So, he's in redevelopment mode. Sample size is too small to say whether he can do this consistently and sample size is non existent in terms of senior national team level.

    Millar has played more quality matches but skillset so far shown has been narrow. Corbeanu is the youngest but has produced same or better results than Buchanan/Millar and made the bench at a much higher level than either of them.

  7. Sportsnet's Peter Galindo looked at various men and women Euro players to see if their national team stock had risen.

    Galindo belives the stock of Eustaquio & Larin are up the most. Can't say Hutch's stock is up but for those who had crossed him off, it was too early. 

    Players who have made some strides but need to step up or tidy up various parts of their game include James, Ongaro, Millar, Kennedy, Okello & Elva.

    Players who are looking promising are Corbeanu & Halbouni. Hoilett has basically maintained his form. 


  8. Which Canadians improved their national team stock. Sportsnet article covers both men and women but women tidbits are of more interest given the paucity of coverage and discussion for them.

    Fleming: handed a huge opportunity in the 3-0 victory over Benfica in the Champions League on Dec. 15. She completed 34 of 38 passes, two dribbles, five interceptions and six recoveries.

    Evelyne Viens: on fire would be an understatement. The 23-year-old striker is averaging nearly a goal per 90 minutes with mid-table Paris this season. Viens is averaging 0.96 goals per 90 minutes while registering 0.76 expected goals (xG) per 90. 

    Jordyn Huitema: finished 2020 with a pair of goals in the Champions League round of 32 against Polish side Gornik Leczna to help Paris Saint-Germain reach the last 16. Huitema has excelled in a complete forward role, having registered 0.69 xG and 0.23 expected assists (xA) per 90 in all competitions this season. 

    Alex Lamontagne: started off the season with four goals in Rodez's 5-2 win over Thonon Evian in September, but there's no footage of her campaign thus far so it's difficult to determine how she's performing in the French second division.

    Sura Yekka: meanwhile, has been deployed in four different positions with Duisberg this season. She seems to be best utilized as a right-back at the Bundesliga level. Only two players have been involved in more defensive duels per 90 than Yekka (12.08) and she's among the league leaders in interceptions. 



  9. I thought the Impact name was pure vanilla and had nothing really to do with Montreal.

    It also had really no connection to football as it was your typical North American sports team name that corporate marketing departments tend to come up with.

    So, the rename appears to be a reset to world football standards. It is also an acknowledgement by marketing types that it isn't about appealing to kids and soccer moms first that was the prevailing thinking in the 80s and 90s. 

    The club's nickname can still be Impact but now it is up to the fans to decide. I think it will be around for a bit but eventually will be replaced/fade away as the next generation of supporters come onboard.


  10. There are too many matches to play in 2021. So, Davies & David aren't going to play in the Gold Cup or the Olympics. Both will be coming off from compressed league schedules and playing Champions League/Europa matches. They'll be needed for WC qualifiers and will need down time to recover in between national team duties and club season.

    Lille and David will also not want him to miss another pre-season training period that will set him behind the starting line again. 

    From a broader national team perspective, no FIFA points gained from playing in the Olympics while there are plenty of points on the line for the Gold Cup & qualifiers. Canada women get the Own the Podium funding because of being top ranked and winning medals - low probability of senior men being top 10 ranked or Olympic team winning a medal in 2021. 

    Only thing in favour of Olympics is it gets much more mainstream attention in Canada than the Gold Cup or WC qualifiers. But if you don't get out of the group stage, the team will be quickly forgotten. Usually for another 4 years like any other Canada summer Olympic sports team but fortunately, football's WC transcends the Olympics. But we need to qualify. 




  11. On 12/12/2020 at 8:42 PM, narduch said:

    There deal might be with BeIn?

    Looking at bein schedule this week, I see their evening programming is basically from Onesoccer. They're showing Onesoccer Today and then a couple of CPL matches.

    So, maybe Lille matches for some low cost/free required cancon programming for bein? 

  12. 2 hours ago, top cheese said:

    I would imagine that if Canada makes the olympics the csa and fifa would want them in that tourney

    FIFA doesn't care. WC is their money maker. Canada isn't hosting.

    With qualifiers in June and in the fall, does Herdman really want to them playing in all these matches. This also means D&D aren't playing in the Gold Cup.

    With Euro pre-season training starting in July, do their clubs want them to have no vacation time, miss the season start in August and not really be part of the club till September.

  13. Americans and their media get way too excited about potential. It is a carryover from basketball & football where 14-15 yr olds were on SI covers, ESPN shows high school basketball & football games & Netflix has shows about high school QB prospects

    Saying that, on paper, they have the most talented group in their history today. But assuming this continues into the future where they overtake Mexico is way too early to say. It could be just a golden generation especially given the US is a non-soccer nation and has a mostly dysfunctional development structure.

    It also takes a while for a golden generation to come together at the national team level with Belgium being a recent example. So, it remains to be seen if this youngish group of American players can deliver in this WC cycle.

    The US was also known post 94 WC to outperform at the national team level while underperforming individually at the club level. That has changed in the past decade.

    At times, it is easier to have a few good players like Davies/David at the national team while the rest just need to avoid making mistakes. But the US is weakest in the forward area - a position that can make a difference when the team is having an off day. Back line is also prone to making mistakes defending but look good going forward.

    Trying to field your best 11 when you're spoiled for choices also means having above average team management which the US hasn't had in the previous cycle. Trying to field a cohesive 11 is also harder with players coming from different leagues. Mexico doesn't face this issue and are also inherently more on the same style wavelength as a football nation.




  14. 9 hours ago, Greatest Cockney Rip Off said:

    Britishness like being called York?

    The crown since they have deemed the Royals at the core of Canada's history - this was the view pre 1970 but not anymore and certainly never was the case for francophones and indigenous.

    The shield was inspired by the Queen's York Rangers which 90% of Canadians would need to google about.

    Overall vibe & look of crest and jersey is also more English league style while before it was Canadian Mill to Gen X focused. 

  15. 16 minutes ago, Obinna said:

    And/or maybe the Lou Marsh really isn't that important in his world. 

    He brought it up in the first half - saying Davies is on the short list of 3 (which was also wrong unless he was referring to speculation). So, if you're going down that path, a tier 1 analyst would have checked for updated info. 

    McKenna normally doesn't provide much background info but that is the norm for European football analyst. It's usually the announcer who does it. But there was awkward silence for about 30 secs right after McKenna mentioned it. I thought Phil was telling him that Davies won it but it took them till the second half to provide an update.

    McKenna sounds like a typical Cdn football analyst - wordy but pretty light on tactics and pretty dull in tone. I gather it's not his day job but he is the worst of the Bundesliga English world feed analysts. He was a much more incisive player.

  16. 9 hours ago, TFC2017 said:

    I think currently I have Buchanan ahead, I don't think he's a flash in the pan in MLS. I genuinely believe he can push on for a career in Europe or make a push for MLS MVP next season. 



    US college drafted players who take 2 years to be noticed in MLS don't follow the trajectory of MLS MVP. Plus he's playing fullback, no backline players have been MLS MVP. 

    If we use Laryea's progression, it's going to take Buchanan till 2022 to even be considered a Revs MVP. 


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