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  1. The covid vaccines so far from western firms or China aren't as effective for no or mild symptom covid. It's 80/90%+ effective for severe covid but only around 50% for less severe covid. Will have to see how effective J&J vaccine will be. So, many US states will continue to allow people in stadiums but having 50%+ full in the summer for the Gold Cup would seem risky still. Though, mostly an issue for Mexico & US matches only.
  2. Jose is now interested in MLS/US players and Davies was the one who opened his and others eyes.
  3. It feels more like Montreal. Some similarities to city of Montreal'a logo. But snowflakes also remind me of Olympics: Sarajevo 84 & Salt Lake 02.
  4. Looks like onesoccer will be carrying it https://www.livesoccertv.com/competitions/international/shebelieves-cup/
  5. If Buchanan was tearing it up playing up front, Arena wouldn't have moved him back. He didn't show enough to play a lot in 2019. And likewise underwhelmed in the bubble. Maybe started to train better as he gained playing time in the fall but wasn't delivering the expected end product. His career trajectory was looking more to be a MLS sub/part-time starter. It appears now he can be a difference maker with more space going forward playing from the back. So now looking like another Laryea. Usually when you get sent back, you don't come back playing too often further up the pitch again. For
  6. Herdman is the first corporate exec quaility manager for Canada. He's done many company speaking engagements including for the one I work for about 5 years ago. He makes a very good impression as I still have non-soccer types at work who can still fondly recall seeing Herdman speak. So no surprise he did well presenting to Arsenal. Herdman is also the first to fully incorporate psychology into the prep of the men's team. Given his forward thinking, I hope he is also incorporating full analytics assessment of the players. Some on this forum have tended to poo poo these aspects of Herd
  7. I wouldn't say Buchanan is further along in development than Corbeanu and its unclear vs Millar. Buchanan failed playing forward positions in MLS. So, he got pushed back to the back line where he has shown more promise. So, he's in redevelopment mode. Sample size is too small to say whether he can do this consistently and sample size is non existent in terms of senior national team level. Millar has played more quality matches but skillset so far shown has been narrow. Corbeanu is the youngest but has produced same or better results than Buchanan/Millar and made the bench at a much h
  8. Sportsnet's Peter Galindo looked at various men and women Euro players to see if their national team stock had risen. Galindo belives the stock of Eustaquio & Larin are up the most. Can't say Hutch's stock is up but for those who had crossed him off, it was too early. Players who have made some strides but need to step up or tidy up various parts of their game include James, Ongaro, Millar, Kennedy, Okello & Elva. Players who are looking promising are Corbeanu & Halbouni. Hoilett has basically maintained his form.
  9. Which Canadians improved their national team stock. Sportsnet article covers both men and women but women tidbits are of more interest given the paucity of coverage and discussion for them. Fleming: handed a huge opportunity in the 3-0 victory over Benfica in the Champions League on Dec. 15. She completed 34 of 38 passes, two dribbles, five interceptions and six recoveries. Evelyne Viens: on fire would be an understatement. The 23-year-old striker is averaging nearly a goal per 90 minutes with mid-table Paris this season. Viens is averaging 0.96 goals per 90 minutes while registering
  10. I thought the Impact name was pure vanilla and had nothing really to do with Montreal. It also had really no connection to football as it was your typical North American sports team name that corporate marketing departments tend to come up with. So, the rename appears to be a reset to world football standards. It is also an acknowledgement by marketing types that it isn't about appealing to kids and soccer moms first that was the prevailing thinking in the 80s and 90s. The club's nickname can still be Impact but now it is up to the fans to decide. I think it will be around for
  11. There are too many matches to play in 2021. So, Davies & David aren't going to play in the Gold Cup or the Olympics. Both will be coming off from compressed league schedules and playing Champions League/Europa matches. They'll be needed for WC qualifiers and will need down time to recover in between national team duties and club season. Lille and David will also not want him to miss another pre-season training period that will set him behind the starting line again. From a broader national team perspective, no FIFA points gained from playing in the Olympics while there are plent
  12. Looking at bein schedule this week, I see their evening programming is basically from Onesoccer. They're showing Onesoccer Today and then a couple of CPL matches. So, maybe Lille matches for some low cost/free required cancon programming for bein?
  13. FIFA doesn't care. WC is their money maker. Canada isn't hosting. With qualifiers in June and in the fall, does Herdman really want to them playing in all these matches. This also means D&D aren't playing in the Gold Cup. With Euro pre-season training starting in July, do their clubs want them to have no vacation time, miss the season start in August and not really be part of the club till September.
  14. MAK was sold for 35k as a comparison.
  15. Davies ranked 23 in Guardian's top 100. Top 10 yet to be released at the time of this post. Davies is top Concacaf player. Navas is 67. Jimenez at 78. https://www.theguardian.com/football/ng-interactive/2020/dec/21/the-100-best-male-footballers-in-the-world-2020#comments
  16. Americans and their media get way too excited about potential. It is a carryover from basketball & football where 14-15 yr olds were on SI covers, ESPN shows high school basketball & football games & Netflix has shows about high school QB prospects Saying that, on paper, they have the most talented group in their history today. But assuming this continues into the future where they overtake Mexico is way too early to say. It could be just a golden generation especially given the US is a non-soccer nation and has a mostly dysfunctional development structure. It also takes
  17. The crown since they have deemed the Royals at the core of Canada's history - this was the view pre 1970 but not anymore and certainly never was the case for francophones and indigenous. The shield was inspired by the Queen's York Rangers which 90% of Canadians would need to google about. Overall vibe & look of crest and jersey is also more English league style while before it was Canadian Mill to Gen X focused.
  18. He brought it up in the first half - saying Davies is on the short list of 3 (which was also wrong unless he was referring to speculation). So, if you're going down that path, a tier 1 analyst would have checked for updated info. McKenna normally doesn't provide much background info but that is the norm for European football analyst. It's usually the announcer who does it. But there was awkward silence for about 30 secs right after McKenna mentioned it. I thought Phil was telling him that Davies won it but it took them till the second half to provide an update. McKenna sounds like a
  19. End of the 905 derby. Back to 1920 in terms of colour and design. Switched from catering to mills to boomers. Different from the modernish look of other CPL clubs - which is good. But ode to history means copying other clubs cookie cutter stuff - military and britishness.
  20. McKenna always sounds like this is his first year working as an analyst. Maybe 10% of what McKenna say is meaningful - rest is cliches and stating the obvious in a very hesitant manner. But I think he might be mailing it in. He doesn't even do his homework - should have known Davies won.
  21. US college drafted players who take 2 years to be noticed in MLS don't follow the trajectory of MLS MVP. Plus he's playing fullback, no backline players have been MLS MVP. If we use Laryea's progression, it's going to take Buchanan till 2022 to even be considered a Revs MVP.
  22. Given Terry Fox has won it over Gretzky, LDT winning it with Davies isn't surprising. LDT is an average NFL player, most NFL followers don't know he exists, and he only played a 2-3 games in 2020. So, his decision to use his medical degree is basically 75% the reason he won and 25% because he was on team that won the Super Bowl. But Davies has an humanitarian story given how he came to Canada and is an active member of UNHCR. And given the depth of field in futbol, he still became the 2nd best LB in the world, rookie of the year in the league, and top 11 in Champions League.
  23. He might be a tad over rated. When Hendersen was selected as PFA player of the year, everyone on ESPN FC couldn't contain themselves. They thought only maybe he won because of his off pitch activities especially given covid. But he isn't even the best on the pitch at Liverpool.
  24. One year or two doesn't create a trend. MLS draft rounds have been downsized in recent years and the numbers show most drafted aren't in the league beyond a couple of years. For American college players, the draft has become a pathway to the USL but unfortunately for them, the MLS aren't interested in them anymore. For Canadians, the draft looks like a pathway for late bloomers if they're given the opportunity and time by MLS teams to flower. As our depth grows because of MLS academies and CPL, there are going to be more and more outside of this circle who won't get a look with youth
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