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  1. Well, this is a bummer. A Cuba trip, even one planned as late as this would have been fun. I was looking forward to it.
  2. Ha, I've never seen that picture before it is amazing.
  3. We were taking famous quotes and altering them.... Please come up with some...it's called having fun.
  4. Given we have been around this many times.... I think we should just make memes about it. wtf else are we gonna do?
  5. If yer gonna conspiracy.... go all the way.
  6. For sure. If that doesn't convert some people, nothing will.
  7. CPL must have earned some eyeballs tonight. Three good games.
  8. Here is an article on it... https://soccer.nbcsports.com/2019/07/10/new-concacaf-world-cup-qualifying-method-is-downright-outrageous/?fbclid=IwAR2hq_WhHKk2JN7GG7srm6istRi8tqQqAIU5tq1KfHb1RlMxskggwFxHjmo
  9. Shhhhhhhhhh.... and some trips to places that do not involve organs getting stolen....
  10. Well, I don't feel guilty now telling people Nations League was WCQ....
  11. Ah, now that I have had a coffee.... I mistakenly thought the fourth spot was a full spot.... not a path to sacrifice in Peru or wherever.
  12. Yeah, I am unsure too. In either scenario, everyone gets at least a 'shot' at the hex. Not sure that is a bad thing.
  14. I feel like I have been CONCACAFed before even being CONCACAFed.
  15. Please do not copy people's articles. Link to it, post a teaser.... give the writers the traffic and credit. Thanks
  16. Yes, I get the bulk of it is the host country, but I seem to recall something wrt grants, studies ect.. for such things. It may not be the bulk of it... but it isn't zero iirc. Some portion of those expenses must be passed on by the host up and down the food chain but I have no idea how it works.
  17. All of this is just too over simplified. It is entirely possible that the lower % on the mens side is attributable to reasons. Increased security, no stadium has ever been built for a women's world cup.... ect... What I don't get is why to some degree the story isn't... this. A women's sporting event that started in 1991 in just six iterations made $130 million dollars. That is amazing. Why are we not, at least in passing, talking about the rate of change? The increased TV numbers, the increased quality of play, the increased revenue, the increase in the number of programs.... in every measurable statistic you have a meteoric upward trend.
  18. Someone somewhere must have by now written something not steeped in activism and advocacy. It was explained to me that the two programs are paid differently. That difference could in the end result in some men getting paid more, and many of the men being paid nothing. That is they are paid per game, only if they step on the field. This probably made some sense in that the men at that level all have high paying jobs to fall back on and do not rely on the money from the national team program for income. Twist your ankle, and you don't get paid. The women on the other hand were paid a salary. This almost certainly made sense at one point to build the program. A large player pool that could focus on development. Twist your ankle and you can still recover and come back because you have a guaranteed income. When asked about this Rapinoe(not sure it was Rapinoe, might have been Morgan) on TV said they will not give up the guaranteed income. In other words she wants the same money as the top paid men without the risk. No article I can find parses out money from FIFA, USSF. Are USSF appearance fees being conflated with FIFA prize money? How are payments structured as per above? Are they taking the salary and dividing over the number of games vs the FIFA prize money from a WC quarter final for the men? All of this matters, and none of it is being made clear. Looking for a max/min from a standpoint of activism vs honestly getting to the root of the problem. The key take away in this is that it wasn't set up to be evil. Things were set up for a reason, and it is perfectly reasonable to reevaluate it and negotiate for more money. My problem with all of this is the manner in which it is being done. It is utterly toxic and divisive in a manner that doesn't seem warranted.
  19. Wow... something is wrong with Canadian soccer... no ****. You think I'm not critical of the CSA? Only one of us sitting here at their computer ready to throw away 20 years of work because I am ******* sick this ****. I was offering a possible explanation on top of the fact we were slated to play at least 12 official games this year.... Sure let's play 5 more friendlies and make sure our players don't have jobs next time the contracts come around and spend money we don't have. The observation is still correct. If we somehow are not playing friendlies in 2019, it's a real problem. It is for me as home games are the only thing that remotely keep this alive.
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