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  1. I"m pretty pissed off they didn't tell us about that. I talked to them on the phone, they should have just told me UFC would be on. Our only way of funding anything is via scarf and merch sales... which we can't do now.... So that sucks.
  2. There is no march. We are saving that for a big game, as you need to get permits and **** now to do it.
  3. It's possible to do that and not act like the uswnt. Given it is a three team group, it is 100% necessary.
  4. Your tickets went out six days ago. Can you see them? Is the email defunct?
  5. Everything has been sent out. PM me the info ASAP
  6. I'll put a list together next week after I get the ticketing done. It's dodgy at best with streaming.
  7. JUST play Brazil every few months.... why didn't they just think of that... what morons....
  8. That may no longer be the case. Especially when we are now a team that can beat the crap out of them. Can't win either way it seems.
  9. Are you saying Canada vs Nicaragua will draw more than a game against the USA?
  10. Tickets for Canada vs Cuba DO NOT SEND ANY MORE INTERAC TRANSFERS - We are out of tickets. Thanks We had to shut down Pay Pal as the problems were being caused by the fact that Pay Pal is a US based company, and having "Cuba" in the item title.
  11. USA game, tickets will be back up with a new website. I have shut down Pay Pal for now. Not a problem. I will have the tickets back up and info on the site shortly. Lots of USA tickets left.
  12. No, with Cuba in the title, description it go on hold. People would try again and again... give up and then all three would go through a week later
  13. Well, given many people had problems buying they bought elsewhere. The other thing I am sorting out is clearly people bought 2,3 and 4 times the exact same thing.... which I am trying to sort out now. This is the end of this kind of ticketing.
  14. I finally found out it is because of Cuba. American company, Pay Pal.... wow it's so stupid. Done with Pay Pal
  15. Ticket deadline is Monday Aug 26th for the Cuba game.
  16. Yes, any orders made before Aug 26th, will be consolidated into one order and seated together. JM
  17. I kill phones at an alarming rate.
  18. I know. But I blame Phillips. The day before he asked how it was possible I still had a working phone.... and......
  19. Done. I just saw this now. I was in Whistler at Crankworx and dropped my phone in a hot tub. Banned him permanently.
  20. Shiieeeet. Caymans? Why couldn't we have known this sooner....why why why.
  21. What do you want to do? Is there anything article like we can put somewhere?
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