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  1. I was thinking the same thing. Must cost less, security/staffing wise to do it on the west side first.
  2. Just put an order in for 1100 tickets. I suspect we will sell some more over the coming days, though the long weekend may put a block on a later game order....
  3. I think early on they tried, and probably got in trouble for it. FIFA controls EVERYTHING right down to how they are allowed to write the date on something. Not much leeway for doing that.
  4. Quantum mechanics is easier to explain than Nations League. I gave up doing it, and started just calling this World Cup Qualifying, and it is in some sense technically true. I am certain, as I am sure they have also found, that trying actually works against you.
  5. That's great news. EDIT: Holy ****, the first one I clicked on was $70
  6. Every Euro someone complains to me why Canada didn't make it.... ... yet that same person will expound how ignorant I must be about soccer 'cause I'm Canadian and they are [insert nationality here] EDIT: I would replace [Insert nationality here] with [insert ethnic background of country I have never been to but utilize for my own personal validation and identity and wield over others when convenient]
  7. I encounter the same **** in Vancouver as I do here. I have banged my head on the walls of this garbage in the soccer cafes of Commercial, College and Jean Talon. It's the same everywhere. The crowd would be better in Vancouver. I suspect the average ticket prices would be less, on average with a larger lower bowl. $70 outside the south end is probably too high. One of the problems, other than grass, is that you can double the number in Vancouver and the CSA would still make less money based on the stadium deal. This is also the long weekend everyone closes down their cottages. The BBQ I was at last weekend, with some of the hardest core soccer people in the city, many are doing just that. They are not here, can't go if you are not here. It's a big last gig at the cottage, Thanksgiving family thing and close up shop. That BBQ alone would account for almost a whole row in 113. One of the surprising things to me when I moved to Toronto, is that the city is EMPTY on long weekends. Like I just woke up in 28 days later empty and wandering the streets.....
  8. It's a problem that runs very deep. Ads on buses are not simply what is missing. People know about the game, they just aren't going.
  9. Denny's on Broadway and Burrard in Vancouver has DAZN in the bar area, started in October.
  10. Yeah.... me too. They released a security patch/upgrade.... and it borked out on the install. Worked fine on this site.
  11. I was at many of those games, and they were not sold out. I was surprised at the attendances of games in Toronto when looking at the past. I thought they would be closer to Swanguard numbers, they were not. In either case, high or low the past does not matter. I just don't give a **** about this. If Vancouver wants games, get Kerfoot's stadium built with grass. The players want to play in Toronto. Their words, and their opinion matters. I would like to not be spending money on airfare for this game I don't have. This whole thing is exhausting, and frankly almost none of this is fun anymore.
  12. There is no precedence for 20K games anywhere as a regular thing. When you search numbers for Vancouver, make sure you do a search for Burnaby too. I think, Edmonton, Vancouver and Toronto have all cracked 20K three times.
  13. There are risks with that. You have the additional operating costs wrt to security, ushers, ect... and a possible increased overall policing cost with the increased number of people overall against... maybe, or maybe not selling more tickets of a lower price. If you open it up and don't get the walk up, you still have those expenses. So when do you make that decision? If the lower bowl sells out days before a game.... it isn't clear you can even arrange it that fast, nor is it clear it would be a financial benefit.
  14. Not sure. I think it is an interesting question, and one that needs to go beyond people in cities shitting on one another. I suspect whatever this is, it isn't simply a Toronto problem.
  15. Ticket deadline will be Oct 7th, then I will start shipping them on the 8th, it will take a few days. Pushing it a bit later as there is a TFC game on the 6th.
  16. Go for it from our end. You need approval from Canada Soccer on use of the cup. I'll check with them, Vancouver didn't have a problem. JM
  17. Think I will fly, and maybe drive around Florida a bit and spend the time doing that instead.
  18. NO NO NO Canadasoccer is arranging a section for us. This section will have the ability to use banners, drums and some security. Just waiting to hear back. It is still September....
  19. I'll inquire about a small section for us and getting tickets. JM
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