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  1. True, but you can also insert if full size. When you add the image hover over it and click the pencil. It will give you insertion options. Too many steps I know.
  2. After you insert it, hover over it and a pencil will appear, click full size. I will see if there is a default setting so we can skip that step.
  3. You want to save it to your computer. You could open it in a photoeditor I guess and then save it too.
  4. In the Navbar at the top, click Lineup It will be simpler in the future, but the instructions are on that page.
  5. Try making a lineup... see how it works.
  6. Ok this one is probably a little more realistic.
  7. Ok maybe that is a little better. Of course these players are from the Jamaica game.
  8. Oooh. the lineup... I was off to figure what was wrong. lol
  9. Lineup tool beta testing! Check it out, should be in the tool bar.
  10. Lineup Builder Beta is working... mostly. Check it out. It should be in the nav bar.
  11. Bah, they are part of Europe, doesn't that make them German?
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