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  1. Not sure, but I think the home games may be blacked out.
  2. Dude... there is a free trial on MLS Live online.
  3. No, that is a Toronto Media thing, which I think they are sticking with at this point just to piss people off for fun.
  4. I signed up for this the other day and watched a game. The quality is EXCELLENT. I am totally impressed by it and recommend it. Some caveats. I would not use it on an older computer, and they still have some bugs to hammer out. This is the future of watching soccer. The TFC game today is not on in HD in Vancouver, and the quality of the stream is BETTER than SD video. So I will watch and see what crazy Preki has put together in the last few days online instead of TV.
  5. Signed up for an MLS Live account. It has a few kinks, but the stream quality is amazing.
  6. It's a language thing here. 3rd string 2nd string almost universally means your second or third choice for a specific team. Not age or divisional brackets. So do say 3rd string generally means your third choice out of a pool of available players for a given team.
  7. Any good places to go to watch soccer at that horrid time?
  8. Cool. Let us know if you need any help with anything on this end.
  9. Advertising works. Hockey is not part of my 'soul' or any crap like that. Personally I am sick of the Molson Canadian 'Beer and hockey' Canadian culture brand. It's tired, old and irritating. Before moving to Toronto, I grew up not knowing a SINGLE person who played hockey. Hockey has in some areas dodged a bullet. By that I mean the shear total incompetence of soccer at every level not to capitalize on what literally FELL into their laps. As long as the TV stations can jam ads into the game at will, it will be number one. But watch out 'canada's culture' as soon as th
  10. Are you kidding? 2M for Canada in the World Cup? Not a freaking chance. It would be waaaaay higher. If Canada made it to the quarters of a World Cup, or beyond, the ratings would be very very high.
  11. That is sad. I met him many times and the paper article describes him well.
  12. But that is a catch 22. Promote and ye shall receive.
  13. http://www.aircanada.com/en/offers/air/ntp_ca_feb10/ntp_ca_feb10.html Argentina anyone?
  14. And in this thread, I find only sorrow, no video.
  15. There are just soooo few photos of the V's that are any good. Want to pool them all so they can be used for anything from websites to print material to videos...
  16. Beckham investing in a pro team in Canada would be astonishing. His impact, no pun intended, would be fantastic. Lets forget about the crap in the article... and talk about that. Personally, I like the idea of football games with lots of women at them.
  17. My god some of the quotes in there are horrible. What happened to Liberal and European? I hope they are exaggerated and selectively inflammatory.
  18. It's so deeply offensive on so many levels, it really can't talked about. It's just too depressing.
  19. If gay marriage is legal, perhaps someone from the forum should step up?
  20. You can post vidoes directly into the forum with the video strip icon. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e__YJrCEdP0
  21. El Hombre came in from Ottawa and was a great help Friday and Saturday. Will write up a show report tomorrow.
  22. Are you using the file attachment or image upload? If you are using FF or Explorer, you should be able to upload the image from the image icon, and insert it full size.
  23. I feel 100% confident banking on at least one of each being here. If not, well they get tickets for whereever, a bottle of Vodka a rag and an Ottawa address.
  24. People are bandying about home games for the national team, Spring and Fall it seems. Are these confirmed? I want to add some pairs of tickets to the home games in the prize draw for the Men and Women.
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