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  1. Yeah, that might be good. Worked well in Toronto as I think several of those kinds of clubs stepped to support the local team.
  2. Ottawa would be fantastic. Toronto/Montreal/Ottawa in the east and Vancouver/Seattle/Portland in the west. Two fantastic Trios that do wonders for the game. North American Derby (that means travel less than 800km, lol)
  3. Sounds great. That meeting is with Craig I assume? I hope that goes well. Craig definitely knows of other people forming supporters groups, he is the reason I posted this question here.
  4. I watched todays game at the Library pub downtown. It was pretty good. Quite a few people there. Commercial street is probably the most lively. For the Arsenal game, there must be an Arse N All supporters club someplace in this city.
  5. Abruzzo's usually has two TVs going, one with each game. Americano and Pizza. What more could you want. Don't answer that.
  6. I think Vancouver will do very well in it's first year. Just a feeling. However, it will still be a parity league. TFC is 2 bad calls and player away from the finals, or bottom of the league. The entire notion of long term building in this league is probably a total misnomer. TFC may be just as likely to win the league this year as Vancouver in ten.
  7. No, it was definitely the FBI. Don't you know soccer is a socialist threat to the fabric of America? Thems b watchin us doings.
  8. Well it's not like any of our attempts to understand them will not have us end up on failblog.
  9. Yeah, mines is wrong too. Lots of other people. Bah... who needs seat numbers.
  10. Even better, he goes really crazy and tries to play.
  11. I have an unused plane ticket to that very country. Hmmmm. Guess that is a good reason to go.
  12. Sham marriage. Lets get the ball rolling. Anyone have a sister they can volunteer?
  13. Interesting number, maybe he just filled in the remaining 10% LOL!
  14. I have heard various bits about different supporters groups being formed. Can people PM me details or post them here if they are not top secret. What do the Southsiders have to say? What do they want to have happen? Thoughts, JM
  15. I am going to make myself a reversible TFC Vancouver jersey. Just to piss all of you off.
  16. Personally I wish it was next year. That way there was a POSSIBILITY of a Toronto vs. Vancouver final in Canada.
  17. Not sure, but I think the home games may be blacked out.
  18. Dude... there is a free trial on MLS Live online.
  19. No, that is a Toronto Media thing, which I think they are sticking with at this point just to piss people off for fun.
  20. I signed up for this the other day and watched a game. The quality is EXCELLENT. I am totally impressed by it and recommend it. Some caveats. I would not use it on an older computer, and they still have some bugs to hammer out. This is the future of watching soccer. The TFC game today is not on in HD in Vancouver, and the quality of the stream is BETTER than SD video. So I will watch and see what crazy Preki has put together in the last few days online instead of TV.
  21. Signed up for an MLS Live account. It has a few kinks, but the stream quality is amazing.
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