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  1. I never suggested they change it. It has history/momentum. I would keep it. I don't think it's a bad name at all. What I am talking about above is the ability to purchase/leverage your way into the mainstream. Impact gets crowds but they get Caps slightly better than Caps level coverage. Impact got crowds despite the lack of coverage. They don't just need to increase the numbers, the need to increase the number of paying customers. A few years ago the caps made an important transition, the attendance was simliar, but almost everyone was paying to be there. That is something to
  2. In Toronto's case, it wasn't just MLS, it was MLSE. They can shake a stick and make things happen. I doubt Kerfoot will get 1/5 of the milage out of MLS that MLSE did/does. I hope he does, and I hope Montreal does too.
  3. In order for the team to truly be a success, it can't rely on any of that, and I don't think it will need to. Support the team, not some player based on ethnicity. The same people who would do such a thing, will be the first people to say it's the wrong player.... it really doesn't end with them. Just leave em behind. Like I said above, they will be waiting in the season ticket waiting list begging to get on a train that already left the station.
  4. Even winger is fine, just not during the game. In the concourse in some kid zone before, half time and after the game. During the game I don't want to see it unless it is through the scope of my sniper rifle.
  5. Is the mascot at the Montreal Canadians games putting on a continuous kindergarten show infront of you the ENTIRE GAME?
  6. Winger should die. It's a new league and slicker more professional image is better. If you market for the kids, your product is for the kids. When they grow up why would they go? It's for kids.
  7. It is different when you have a team in the city you live in. I don't care where I was living, I would check out the local team. These guys will be the in the season tickets waiting list.
  8. With a team in Ottawa, it is possible that for anyone of the games between Montreal, Toronto and Ottawa more fans will travel to a single game than all the other travel in the league combined for the season. Assuming there is room in the stadium. A love triangle between the three would be $$$ for MLS.
  9. My brother was in Washington DC doing a medical rotation there. His first day in the Cafeteria there were serving grits and he had never seen them before so he asked what they were. Guy started yelling at him. "AIN'T YOU NEVER BEEN IN THE ARMY BOY?" "HOW COME YOU DON'TS KNOW WHAT GRITS IS" "I am from Canada" "SO THEY AINT GOT THE ARMY UP THERE WHAT KIND OF STATE AIN'T GOT NO GRITS AND ARMY" .....
  10. I wish I wan't in Vancouver. I would love to have gone to that club launch.
  11. Well, we're just too polite to tell you the truth.
  12. Released? Because of his injury? I hope he recovers and gets back at it.
  13. If you have a vote on it, I know what the name will end up being. Colbert FC
  14. Wow. Given the title I thought this was going to be something extremely different. Thank goodness.
  15. Out of curiousity, did you hit the "Reply to Thread" button and lose what you typed? I have done that several times. I think it should be disabled if you are already typing in a reply so that doesn't happen.
  16. I don't doubt he made a clown out of himself. On a side not though, I have noticed several of our players pick up accents when playing overseas. I wonder if its conscious or just happens to everybody.
  17. Are there not a lot of deals made between various parties that make up what the Impact is as an entity? Perhaps it is easier to simply start a whole new organization for MLS.
  18. I don't really hear people saying the 'Reds' too much. I can't think of anything that people readily say except when they lose badly and those names aren't very nice. The whole 'FC' debacle at this point is just perpetuated by the media to piss people off I think. They know it pisses everyone off.
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