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  1. Just waiting on a code or link from them. I might have to do the tickets, but there is zero chance rando's from Florida are going to buy them from me so I would rather not do that. Currently there are 50 tickets on hold (however, we can make this bigger if we need it) The tickets are located in Section 138 (Exploria Field) The tickets will cost $29 USD each The tickets will all be mobile tickets US Soccer has set a deadline of November 4th
  2. Also a reminder to everyone. Click the living **** out of every single article written on the game last night.
  3. There is a great video of Stephen Hart with the Halifax supporters, and some pictures.... the great genuine smile on his face is fantastic. So good to see.
  4. I can put you at the back of 114 with some other families.
  5. Did you get tickets? I have some left for the supporters section.. Please feel free to join us, and at the pre game event at Shoeless Joe's. email me at voyageurstickets@gmail.com Jamie
  6. Sure, sounds great. Glad you can make it. Just buy the extras from the site, I'll be emailing them out this weekend. We have another player joining us for tomorrow at Rec Room. Not sure it was announced yet.....
  7. I hope all you folks talking about wins and draws Knock on wood Avoid stepping on cracks Throw salt... Ect....
  8. I think it is a disgrace this game is not on a national streaming service.
  9. CSA will have ticket / section info after this game for us.
  10. I trust you were properly informed and gave consent regarding the initiation with the beaver and poutine?
  11. Could be getting a lot of requests for it. Not sure how many you would need for that, or to accommodate some larger groups they can't fit into the lower bowl. Requests could be coming from TFC season ticket holders that usually want their same seats, but coudn't buy them. Lots of people ask me for the same thing... or they used to anyway...
  12. Just let me know in the future, I have access to the accessibility seating in the back of the sections. JM
  13. Are you in our sections? If not, do you know about the two pre game events? JM
  14. We have two pre game events... One Oct 11th, the other before the game at Shoeless Joe's. You won't see those emails if you bought from TM.
  15. I had people cancel, and demand refunds when Davies was not playing in Vancouver.....
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