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  1. Thank you! You are the only other person so far who thinks New Guy blew the 1st and 3rd goals. Not to mention getting cleanly burned several times before that.
  2. Watching the San Jose vs. Chicago game online. What a fantastic game in comparison. Two highlight reel goals already.
  3. He got brutally burned twice in the first half, and twice in the second half. They scored on those.....
  4. The only thing that truly makes sense is that at half time Preki decided to reveal the fine print of their contract which was their mandatory participation in a horse porn site to subsidize their income.
  5. On second thought, he doesn't deserver one.
  6. Ok, we really need a name for Mr. Unpronounceable.
  7. Bah... pulses are optional. This guy lives in Toronto now
  8. That thread title is remarkably uninspiring.
  9. You mean to sign for the academy or from the academy? From the academy, that would seem pretty optimistic.
  10. Yeah, I don't think anyone is thrilled with that possibility.
  11. LOL! I will never forget the seagull hotdog battle that went on during a TFC match once. It was hilarious. Then they got Bitchy the hawk. Not a seagull in sight since, must be one mean hawk.
  12. Ok this might be a more reasonable version of what I am trying to say without sniper rifles and fire.
  13. There is every indicator an MLS franchise in Montreal will be a HUGE success. That is why we are having this conversation. But how will it take shape. The last thing I want to see/hear a few years from now is how UM02 is boxed in by security and being told to sit down by moms whose kids are playing on the inflatable playground behind the stands. So the question remains what is that 'permission' and how do you 'grant it' to the guys watching games from St. Laurent to Jean Talon? That short bike ride is your target market but they are as fickle as a group of teenage girls. Legit
  14. Oh, no, I disagree. They have not even scratched the surface of that yet. This is what I am talking about with the 'permission' thing. There is a big difference between these two things. 1. Complaining about your local team because it is local. 2. Complaining about your local team because that's what all soccer fans do. It is a subtle but powerful difference. What I am hoping for in Vancouver and Montreal is the scaling up the likes of UM02 and scaling down the family contingent on a massive scale. Toronto probably could have done much better on
  15. A special interest story isn't the same thing as what I am talking about. Toronto passed a certain critical level of 'something'. How exactly that was accomplished I don't think is clear, and what that 'something' is isn't easy to describe. The best word I have for it is permission. I am willing to bet the majority of people on this board are to some degree, for want of a better word, promoters of the game. I have done that in all three major cities. We have all had 'those' conversations wrt to Canada or the three USL/A-League teams. In Toronto, you don't have those co
  16. I never suggested they change it. It has history/momentum. I would keep it. I don't think it's a bad name at all. What I am talking about above is the ability to purchase/leverage your way into the mainstream. Impact gets crowds but they get Caps slightly better than Caps level coverage. Impact got crowds despite the lack of coverage. They don't just need to increase the numbers, the need to increase the number of paying customers. A few years ago the caps made an important transition, the attendance was simliar, but almost everyone was paying to be there. That is something to
  17. In Toronto's case, it wasn't just MLS, it was MLSE. They can shake a stick and make things happen. I doubt Kerfoot will get 1/5 of the milage out of MLS that MLSE did/does. I hope he does, and I hope Montreal does too.
  18. In order for the team to truly be a success, it can't rely on any of that, and I don't think it will need to. Support the team, not some player based on ethnicity. The same people who would do such a thing, will be the first people to say it's the wrong player.... it really doesn't end with them. Just leave em behind. Like I said above, they will be waiting in the season ticket waiting list begging to get on a train that already left the station.
  19. Even winger is fine, just not during the game. In the concourse in some kid zone before, half time and after the game. During the game I don't want to see it unless it is through the scope of my sniper rifle.
  20. Is the mascot at the Montreal Canadians games putting on a continuous kindergarten show infront of you the ENTIRE GAME?
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