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  1. LOL! We need a manual for this.
  2. No it isn't enough. Especially if the person is supposed to be 'soccer knowledgeable' It really does require a certain level of ignorance and arrogance. The Maldive Islands have a soccer team. It also depends on where they are from. If they are from a soccer country I always like to get in the fact that they enjoy results of a century of support and if only people like them who move here and are supposed to actually love the game supported it we could build something. It's always fun to make it their fault.
  3. I just wish there was space at BMO for thousands of Montreal fans. I don't think there will be as much space in Saputo when MLS rolls around as there is now. At least I hope there isn't. That said, the traveling fans of both Montreal and Toronto if we could get the space in the respective stadiums would dwarf everything. It would be a phenomenon. Unfortunately the very success of the franchises themselves may keep it from happening to its fullest potential.
  4. Nice to hear such positive comments about him. Feels good to have a player to be excited about again.
  5. See, good strip clubs are an economic benefit!!!
  6. Toronto. No if ands or buts about it. The biggest problem we are going to have is not having stadiums big enough for the traveling fans. This will unfortunately kill something unique and special in the Canadian sports scene before it even gets a chance to happen.
  7. As a friendly three days should be fine. Probably very good for them assuming they make lots of subs.
  8. It isn't even just losing. If they lose a good game so be it. It's if what you see makes you want to fork your own eyes out and dip your head in a bucket of iodine.
  9. I think OBW is gonna have to do a lot more. However, TFC could be the problem as players seem to blossom when they leave...
  10. We can do batter than floor. I have a couch, fold out crappy bed, a futon, another mattress and two Thermarests. Lots of floor.
  11. I don't know much about the academy system in MLS, I hear good and bad things. But that is at least a difference between the two isn't it?
  12. I will have a few spots for people as well.
  13. The point of my post above was that I don't really hear TFC fans making excuses. The turf was terrible, but I don't hear TFC fans saying "We have a really good team, it was the turf or too many distracting seagulls or Mo Johnson's lack of intimate massages after practice .... "
  14. The FieldTurf was bad. I played on it many times. I don't see TFC fans making too many excuses. I see them pointing out serious problems, most legitimate, some crazy... but I wouldn't exactly say the TFC people are winging about having the the sun in their eyes.
  15. I would have prefered three fixed cameras on wide each covering a third of the field to that.
  16. Unfortuneately the camera work is not. Please zoom the f&876ing camera out and pan less.
  17. The frame rate is awesome. The feed for the MLS live stuff is amazing quality, but the frame rate is suffering becuase of the numbers.
  18. Man that guy talking sounds like Duane Rollins.
  19. No wonder I couldn't find it. Looking on the NASL site. Thanks
  20. Felt Hemming never got a fair shot at TFC. From what I saw, he is a good player and will do well. Going to be a valuable pick up for the Impact I think. How much did he play last year?
  21. But Grizzly acts out the game in real time with action figures!
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