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  1. Oh... I am with you 100% on this. If 27 million was on the table for naming rights and the city sold it for 10, someone should lose their job or be in jail.
  2. It's probably not all clear from what I wrote, but I do actually mostly agree with you. MoJo has brought in a lot of good players but the combination of players and coaches ect... just hasn't worked. He had is chance and now with every last bit of skin shed... it's still not that great. I think 'management' has made it pretty clear Mo is gone if we don't make the playoffs.
  3. Thanks for the info. Just to play devils advocate... has the rate at which we place players in the NCAA changed, or rather changed from that area?
  4. You were complaining about the stadium being inadequate, tax payer funded ect... The stadium is sufficient. It is 'cheap', but what is not excusable is that some aspects are poorly designed. Whoever the architect was should never work again on a public works project.
  5. You are looking back with rose colored glasses. You expected them to throw tens of millions of dollars into a stadium that was %50 community center? Now that has changed they are upgrading the stadium, to which they are at the mercy of Ex, city council ect... They can't just do whatever they want. What exactly is it you want? As for benefiting from tax payer money, almost every hockey team in the country played for decades in publicly funded facilities until they built private ones. MLS is a parity league. You can't simply buy your way to the top. This is not a billion doll
  6. I think that is over simplifying things a bit. With full stands you think they don't want/care about making the playoffs? Winning and doing well sells more stuff. Possibly playing games in the CCL?
  7. What? I just said above that the relationship is good... so... ? Do you really think it would help the game in Canada for BMO to be half empty? Or Swangaurd for that mattter?
  8. The supporters groups have an excellent relationship with TFC. Paul Bierne is a class act. He is open and upfront when participating on the respective boards. TFC didn't really build the stadium either. That was a combined effort launched well before the supporters group culture took off. The addition of an expensive grass field, additional stands and supposed plans for more washrooms ect... all seems pretty good.
  9. I am not fearful. It was just so negative. It might make our job a little harder on the supporters end.
  10. But if they are a soccer fan, it is important to make a decent appeal for support. It does work, and the argument can be made.
  11. FFS. Honduras in Montreal? Seriously? Pulse the people they have.
  12. Add to that they have free buses and really half the attendance is dirty hippy tree huggers protesting the team name.
  13. Sorry, the CSL is fantastic. I want it to grow, and I have even paid the insane $18 cover to go games at Lamport I watched various CSL games almost every Friday for two summers and some other field you drive a car really really far to. I am not convinced their inclusion at this point would be a good thing. It could in fact be a disaster. The league is a very very good thing. But it's not on that level yet.
  14. No, you don't need to let it roll off your back. Everything they enjoy in whatever team they support in country x, they do so because generations of people supported that structure before them. Loads of people support teams in Europe that will NEVER go anywhere. It's best to lure them in by first having them establish that they are a true soccer fan, that support of the nature above is a good thing. This puts them in an awkard position when you state that the reason soccer is crap here is because people like you are not willing to put in the effort. If you are not a total di
  15. One thing I think we did learn is that OBW has improved his game. Finally really seeing something there. Barret is Barret I guess. But i will give him the benefit of the doubt until he misses a few more.
  16. There has to be a Canadian defender that could fill that spot.... there must be.
  17. And oddly enough, the one time they worked it around the back and caught 3 Philly players behind the ball when it came to him on the outside, he passed back again....WTF!!! That was the time to move forward....
  18. Despite New Guy's block on that shot, I think he is a liability. The way he dove in on one challenge and got completely burned. I am not saying defenders should never get beaten, but he just lunged in. You don't do that.
  19. I didn't think it was a penalty at first, but OBW got to the ball first. So... who knows...
  20. New Guy looks a little lost. My guess is Phil will do more down the right side in the second half and avoid Uzi.
  21. Bloudy hell. Just when you think things are getting going.... Frei can't stand still on those. Not saying the goal is his fault, the guy did well. But he has to come out and charge the guy full speed.
  22. Personally, I think we should not even use the world hatred. There is a big difference between a small number of drunk people that do stupid things, and two groups hating each other. If you say you hate a team, it's in the context of sports, people know what you mean. But in the context of supporters groups these are 'real' people not a professional entity like a team.
  23. Game on. Game off. As it should be. Go crazy during the game, but when it's over...
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