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  1. High school field trips and midweek same day bus trips hardly count. People don't have to like everything. But it's always like this, exception after exception to prove desperately something is better. Anyone who truly knows both cities can argue for the merits of both. There are a lot of reasons I would say Montreal is a better city overall, but it wouldn't be because of a bagel shop and my favorite bar. Those are the arguments you hear in Montreal which are laughable and sadly, seemingly endless.
  2. Appeal was the wrong word to use. We need to be appealing, something worth joining. But first the catch 22 must be broken. A case needs to be made. It needs to be refined, it needs to be done. Don't sell it. Don't defend it. These are the two things that turn you into the needy teenage boy described above.
  3. Oh, I agree. Having lived in both cities, it is nothing but a continuous joke to hear people's high school grade whining about other cities. The real reason I find less people in Toronto complain about Montreal, is they have actually been there. When I was living in Montreal I traveled a lot to Toronto because my brother lives there. People would take every opportunity to crap all over it cause I was going there for the weekend. It became clear over time that they just knew nothing about it. The things people would say would be so absurd... there are no live theaters, no ar
  4. All this says is you know nothing about the city. Nothing else.
  5. With every sentence, I feel my own banging against that wall.
  6. All of this is preaching and complaining to the converted. These are guys we need to reach over time. At the rate at which we play games... this will take years. So it's a project for everybody, a long term one.
  7. I think a really bad sign in the overall sense is to join the NASL and on your front page say you are semi professional. This will make a lot of people unhappy. Just to lack the global sense of anything to let that happen does not bode well.
  8. This may seem like a stretch and really picky... but... I really think it is a bad idea to name the Crew Supporters KKKrew. I see it in lots of forums. If it becomes a defacto part of the nomenclature for MLS say over a decade... personally I think this is a really bad idea for all of us.
  9. But this assumes that there is a connection between said Toronto people wearing TFC gear and the supporters groups themselves. Specifically the USector/RPB/V's crossover. The territorial supporters club thing is extremely alien to the rest of the North American sports scene. There is almost no sporting event in any sport you go to and think twice about what you are wearing. Go to a hockey, CFL game ect... you see everything. These people just have no idea. They are our target market, not targets.
  10. There is going to be cross over for a while. Especially since we play games so rarely. Perhaps now with more regular Canada games we can really start to build a better support culture around it. I don't think there are many deep into the supporters culture of any of the TFC supporters groups who would wear tfc gear there. Any that would, it is possible they don't even read any of the boards. But we can't be dicks to these people either. It's going to take time get those kinds of messages across and if they are willing to haul their butt six hours to a game in anothe
  11. Sorry. This will not apply to the Canada games. Still some good deals... Cup games perhaps?
  12. For those of you who are organized.... Toronto - Montreal and vice versa are on sale now for a couple of days. %60 off. Canada games, V's Cup games ect....
  13. LOL. I want to sit there with a brick of post it notes making comments like that...
  14. Why one earth does the Voyageurs Cup topic bring up Yeast Infection ads?
  15. Would consider it, if he were playing for one of the bigger more important teams.
  16. Haven't seen a starting line up yet. A little bird usually sends me one long before the game. :mad:
  17. Gerba? It will be interesting to see if he finds himself on the national team again. Probably not.
  18. Oh... I am with you 100% on this. If 27 million was on the table for naming rights and the city sold it for 10, someone should lose their job or be in jail.
  19. It's probably not all clear from what I wrote, but I do actually mostly agree with you. MoJo has brought in a lot of good players but the combination of players and coaches ect... just hasn't worked. He had is chance and now with every last bit of skin shed... it's still not that great. I think 'management' has made it pretty clear Mo is gone if we don't make the playoffs.
  20. Thanks for the info. Just to play devils advocate... has the rate at which we place players in the NCAA changed, or rather changed from that area?
  21. You were complaining about the stadium being inadequate, tax payer funded ect... The stadium is sufficient. It is 'cheap', but what is not excusable is that some aspects are poorly designed. Whoever the architect was should never work again on a public works project.
  22. You are looking back with rose colored glasses. You expected them to throw tens of millions of dollars into a stadium that was %50 community center? Now that has changed they are upgrading the stadium, to which they are at the mercy of Ex, city council ect... They can't just do whatever they want. What exactly is it you want? As for benefiting from tax payer money, almost every hockey team in the country played for decades in publicly funded facilities until they built private ones. MLS is a parity league. You can't simply buy your way to the top. This is not a billion doll
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