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  1. The sooner you come with a name, the sooner everyone can start abusing you.
  2. Can someone dig into this website and pull the specifications/printing file requirements for a banner from this business in BA. http://www.e-graphics.com.ar/osc/index.php?cPath=28_61 Looking for something durable (vinyl) 3x12 or 1x4 meters or close to it if they offer a standard size something in that range. If there are a few different types that would be good (ie Mesh ect..) I can make more than one and Jungle Boy aka Trillium can pick the appropriate one down there. Thanks, JM
  3. Welcome aboard. Keep an eye out, we have upcoming home games!!!
  4. This is all awesome on so many levels. 2012 The year the world ends, and soccer begins.
  5. It will be interesting to see where he goes and what he does.
  6. I am not saying he is crap or anything. It's just the skill he seems to be best known for is spending other people's money when I have asked this similiar question in other circles. The five players, the usual suspects... well.... *******, McKenna, Tam, Keeper Guy ... somebody else.... I just remember there being five pretty big names associated with him. So what is he good at? Being an agent? Coaching an academy team? Coaching a competive team? Technical development? Coaching a National team? People seem to think he is all of these things. Most people are rarely two of them.
  7. What exactly is Niendorf's record beyond the five players he has been riding for a while? How long did he coach those players and in what context? On a team? Academy? Together? Individualy? He has reached some kind of legendary status and I am not sure why.
  8. Logo vs. Logo MLS Regular Season - Matchday 7 Saturday, May 8, 2010. 4:00pm EDT. BMO Field. Toronto, ON. TV: CBC (HD) Radio: Fan 590 Video Webcast: MLS MatchDay Live, CBCSports.ca, ATDHE.net Audio Webcast: Fan590.com Pre-Game: Whereever...
  9. Stripper Daters... lol... I would have gone with Casino Winners, cause I have never met anyone in Montreal who went to the casino and didn't win lots of money. Both are equally probable. We should steal Rudi's game post format from the U-Sector forum.
  10. Ah... looks of horror on people's faces when in a quiet moment I screamed "Return all the money you stole Warner" at the U20. Unfortunately the best part of the tournament.
  11. Well as far as I can tell most TFC fans say something like "haha he punched Garcia.." and then can't stop giggling.
  12. First thing I thought of when I saw the thread title.
  13. Was your picture quality as bad as mine? It was hard to tell the players apart, and the picture was terrible.
  14. I have felt, as TFC teams go, they are trapping the ball better than other versions. They also don't seem to pass balls that bounce six times before the get to the other player anymore.
  15. That was definately a red. Not sure what Garcia did to provoke, something I am sure.
  16. Google is apparently on a rampage for torrents posted in forums and sites. If we post them here, I will lose my adsense account. We need to find another way.
  17. That is what I am curious about. Did it start with an argument over how to pronounce roof? Z? How to spell kolur? WTF do they have to fight about?
  18. I would rather have 5 players at 400 000 than 1 at two million. Or whatever combination suits your fancy, you know what I mean.
  19. Some friends just moved to Ottawa. I have been there a couple of times, but only short stays. I thought it was nice, but I was lurking about all the touristy places during the tulip festival. Stupid Dutch, why not send us coaches instead of flowers.
  20. Promoter(s)? As in plural? You mean more than one group owns all the clubs in Vancouver? LOL
  21. Dude, I wish there was a high speed train! Can you imagine Toronto to Montreal in under two hours! That would be awesome. I really do miss the city. I am looking forward to spending some time there this summer, even if it is with Grizzly.
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