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  1. Suggestions. Not just the usual suspects in the bars, but any special events or locations going on? Montreal had jean drapeau park set up last time, and Vancouver's Rio theater had games too. Not sure if those things are happening this year. Anyone seen any place interesting?
  2. Exactly. A healthy reasonable mix on both teams will be interesting for us soccer nerds, and valuable to those players.
  3. ???? The tournie is over. It doesn't matter. Lord Bob's concern over tanking the game on TV is legitimate. Both Vancouver and Toronto could use the break.
  4. Just wow. Amazing night at the Duke. Lord Bob!!!! You should not have left early.... crazy insanity followed.
  5. VPjr's team and of course Colin Keay will be at Lamport this coming Friday! When have the Vees had the opportunity to cheer for one of their own!! U-Sector will be there, can anybody else make it?
  6. I don't know who the staff are... but... given my brothers experiences with national team (track & field), you can't trust anyone, anywhere, ever.
  7. The teams from today would absolutely annihilate their 1970 equivalents. Especially in hockey. A time travelling Man United reunion? I bet it would be worse than the Argie Canada game. There is just no comparison in the levels of fitness today compared with 20 years ago, let alone 40. 20 years ago soccer books still told you not to drink water for gods sake cause it would give you cramps.... Look at Maradona score those goals... can you think of a SINGLE professional player that would lunge at someone like that today? He would be subbed off and never play again. That is 19
  8. They don't have to be non Toronto. Lots of Toronto people who are not connected to any SG will be out for national team games. For all I care, anyone who shows up to a national team game to support Canada can do almost anything they like. However, I do think it should be done under the flag of the Voyageurs. I would support rep banners from the SG's across the country (even if they are not able to make it) united with the Voyageurs. With a low frequency of events, scattered community of people who come and go and difficulty in communication, people are going to show up in Impact J
  9. Well the same thing happens in Montreal. The local SG provides the base and we all coordinate/work together under the flag of the V's for Canada games. Obviously TFC fans have a certain 'chromatic advantage' when it comes to gear/flags ect... for Canada games. If our ultimate goal is to own the stadium, then I really don't care what people wear. It won't matter.
  10. As far as I know, the TFC STH are offered seats, not their seats to the game. If you moved them to 110, you could end up with a gap you don't want cause there is no guarantee the current 111 people will be there.
  11. Man WTF. Was that necessary? Really? Personally I think our current national team would tear the 1986 team a new arsehole. I have not heard a single person make an 'excuse' with the likes of Guz ect missing. All they wanted was a slightly better game which there is a good chance it would have been with a full squad. Win? No.
  12. Seriously...wtf. Someone says they followed the impact, they played astounding and you still have to get a dig in. This crap is ruining this forum.
  13. Yeah, I wonder if TFC could snap him up just to shut out the other two...
  14. That would be very anticlimatic. That said, is there another Canadian DP out there?
  15. Yes. Rudi and I talked about it the other day. They now have Capo stands ect... What might be good is a 'family oriented' kids section in 111. Close enough to 'feel' it, far enough away from Grizzly so they are not traumatized.
  16. I quickly turned around and started screaming "Fck you Martin!!!" I forgot he was with his daughter DOH!!! Everyone started chanting "Who are yah..." Mwhahahahaha
  17. You could enter whatever you want. I think it would be pretty clear where people are from pretty fast regardless.
  18. Plastics. Just drop the term. As we are all part of a group, as in all of us, who are trying to grow the game in this country I am not sure we crossed some mythical point at which we can rightfully crap all over ANYONE who buys a ticket and goes to a soccer game in this country.
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