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  1. Yeah, I am a little bewildered by that too. However, it's a new start, new look, new image... ect... new sell.
  2. Interesting!! That is not the story often repeated by a ... well someone... I wiill have to ask them....
  3. Well that's a bit harsh. Many people here do take issue with the CSA, so wrapped up in that is a whole lot of things. There was a tradition, things got messed up for a variety of reasons, but to my knowledge it is all currently resolved. It is possible for us to grow this organization tremendously over the next few years before World Cup Qualifying, and we need all the exposure we can get. So it has both personal and practical value.
  4. Very well said, and I completely agree. It's close, but misses the mark.
  5. I just want to say, my example of kids playing Futsal in high school with no coaches was not a means of replicating Ajax, but having our kids here do things outside the structure. It's a way or organizing, unorganized soccer if that makes any sense. Semi-organized?
  6. Just a minor point on bob's talk on the radio link... Someone should tell him the Whitecaps didn't fold, the league did. A subtle, but I think important difference.
  7. There are lot of things that could be done to bridge the gaps. Things that are, I use the term with pain, outside the box. Here is one example, Futsal in high schools. On the whole that doesn't sound all that inspiring, but it depends on how you impliment it. I would have no coaches, and instead a mentoring leadership program that serves selected players(decided by the players) from each team for a whole district. You get unsupervised peer driven learning, but are also creating a generation of leaders in the game with the seeds of becoming coaches down the road. You don't just have
  8. I am totally serious. Last time I read we had 3300 hockey rinks in this country for 30 million people. The US had something like 1500 for 300 million. Russia? 150. That is how fast it drops off. There are only 85 000 hockey players in Russia, not 9 million. 75% of all the rinks in the world are in Canada. I think there were some countries competing in the Olympics that have less total rinks in their whole country than we have in some suburban rink complexes. Nobody else plays the game.
  9. One of the reasons Canada remains a dominant force in Hockey is nobody else plays it. I am not sure it's a model for anything.
  10. I don't think Campos did that, though I can't remember. I am pretty sure he was able switch with another keeper and play up front as a player.
  11. I haven't read anything about it.... I gather it is a bit of a different situation, but I remember Campos coming out of net to play upfront. Is there really a rule that your keeper can't play up front?
  12. Even thought that was a red, I find it amazing that so many on the forums called, including the announcers as the game started.... Makes you wonder...
  13. http://www.clubmontreal.ca/en/home.aspx
  14. Look for the Montreal Sport and Social Club. They run rec leagues with different levels and co-ed.
  15. I realized I was actually being too optimistic. This is CONCACAF.
  16. Whatever happens, it will probably look like this Group A United States Canada Mexico Honduras Cost Rica El Salvador Group B Trinidad & Tobago St Vincent Guadalupe Barbados Montserrat St. Lucia
  17. Lol! No, it is his team. Colin Keay may get on the the field.
  18. I am very sad to miss this. It's going to be a fun night I gather. This being Dino's team and with the real possibility of a Voyageur getting a sniff of the field tonight.... Please get out support the team!!!!
  19. There is not going to be another presentation. It didn't go down the way we would like, and I hope it can be rectified in the future. We were bumped for the sponsor. In addition, there was no script/planning for what became at the last minute a presentation, while the pre game future presentation was scrapped. I know a lot of people are very upset. It is an important piece of exposure for us, and in addition one of the most important things this organization has done and people take it personally. Please do not contact the CSA regarding this, launch protests, burn police c
  20. I wasn't sure, until I saw one of the replays. They only showed that particular one once I think, and it looked like a red.
  21. ??? Preki was there. He let the assistant take the reigns for a game. Makes sense to give academy and coaching staff experience.
  22. Sucks there is a red card. Makes it hard to evaluate the academy players. Kudos to fans, and Zack and Lord Bob for showing up.
  23. Anyone? I have heard that they will try it in the Scotiabank theaters.
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