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  1. Tickets go on sale July 7th. Our sections will be reserved for a significant amount of time (like six weeks). Details on the procedures, pricing ect will not be available until the 5th.:mad: (incredible amounts of ranting deleted)
  2. I would put you up, but I don't get my apartment back for another week. Some other time, let me know.
  3. Toronto had an anti-team before MLS.
  4. It is not about cheering for the US because they are there and we are not. The game is fighting the same battle socially as we are. The park is full of kids playing soccer right now, and all month. The more mainstream exposure the game gets the better and there would be a lot of that if soccer reaches a tipping point in the states. It's not just MLS teams, it's PDL, USL, youth tournaments, college scholarships, not to mention the women's team which is extremely dependent on the US. I want soccer to succeed in the US and find a level of security that will ALLOW ME to hate them.
  5. We have 112,113,114 and 127 designated as supporters sections. When Canada plays, we support the team under the flag of the Voyageurs. As the Voyageurs grow, and if certain things happen we will, then the sections will grow in future games across the south end and along the east stands. Out from 111 and across from 114.
  6. You could also contact King Dave. He does a lot of banner stuff.
  7. Beautiful? Are you kidding? What is it with everyone talking about how amazing the African teams were. They weren't.
  8. Yes there is a mailing list, and I think I have it resolved on how to use it without burning the domain. I was afraid to use it earlier because the ISPs are very spam unfriendly these days. VPjr, perhaps we can do a poll on how many tickets people plan on buying so we can get a sense. I gather from people, that this may be a higher risk game to bulk purchase on than a WCQ.
  9. Can someone less drunk than me check the math of that poll? How does 4 out of 18 votes = 44%????
  10. It is not finalized yet. We will not have a short window. Our section will be reserved for us for a significant amount of time, the date is not finalized yet. But it does give us time to promote the supporters section(s). Tentatively, for purchases over 10 there will be only one service charge. Don't qoute me on this yet, it's not final.
  11. Should get the dates and additional info on the plan tomorrow.
  12. Our sections are 112, 113, 114 and 127. Get your credit cards ready, this will be happening pretty soon. Possibly the first week of July.
  13. A perfect storm really. A botched call gets the attention of the United States, and a 92nd minute winner to clinch it in front of Clinton in an exciting game. New fans in the US = good, and that made a few.
  14. Come to think of it.... Can anyone recall any news article that has ever said anything good about us? Not saying there hasn't been one, I am just curious if anything comes to mind.
  15. Yeah, if he gets pissy on the fans again this forum will permanently change his name to Paul Bribery James every time someone types it in.
  16. sycophantic???? I would like to see some evidence of that. Towards who exactly? His caustic tone isn't needed. We didn't qualify for the World Cup but we are heading into an amazing time for soccer, and the last people he should be pissing on are the fans that actually even KNEW that something was even happening at the time. Perhaps the Voyageurs should pitch and buy him some anti depressants. Here is an idea, every opportunity you get PJ, tell people to get out and support the game rather than scaring them away.
  17. There will definitely be more solid arrangements, and announced well before the games. Nothing can happen right now.
  18. Nothing will be discussed with the CSA until after the World Cup. The tentative plan is to throw in with the supporters groups as they have capo stands ect.. 112-114 In addition to that 110 or 111 being a 'family' oriented Voyageurs section so they don't have to get too close to Grizzly.
  19. Which would lead to more games in HD, which would justify me buying a really nice TV, which I could use on my xbox on and play more video games.
  20. Paul James would have been a more interesting pairing.... Mhwaahahahahahaaaa...
  21. This sounds like a pool in the making, for both teams. I wouldn't bet on more than 5 or 6 players coming through, and Nash. And yes, I write it that way on purpose.
  22. For a country putting all of our eggs into three baskets in the MLS, we better hope it succeeds. Soccer taking off in the US is good for us, no matter how we might feel about them. Us and them are still in the growth stage of the game, they are in middle school, we are still in primary school.
  23. In way, it is amusing when we are talking about overpaying players by thousands of dollars.
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