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  1. Just threw this together, round 1. Suggested changes. No I will not replace the Peru flag with Martins head.
  2. They are re making the order form for us. It will include section requests. We have currently until the end of July to get them in, so don't panic.
  3. If Canada gets in the World Cup these days, it will be phenomenal.
  4. Again my email system fails me. It was supposed to keep out riff raff.
  5. Anyone that even remotely poo poos Canada hosting a WC is cursed with a profound lack of vision.
  6. There is no password or presale. It was a mistake. Our sections are held for us currently until the end of July and must be sent through the order form. If you don't have an order form yet, email voyageurstickets@gmail.com Min order 10.
  7. I just want to make sure the mail out worked. If didn't get one, and think you should have let me know. Thanks, JM
  8. Richard, regarding the 'stat' that many kids don't complete US degrees on US scholarships... any info on that? I am curious, never heard of that before. I would like to know more about it. Thanks, JM
  9. It's one or the other. It may be possible to switch later, but not two at the same time.
  10. Our tickets are not that much more than last time, I just wish we could do it via code and TM. It's the method that is the drawback. We may be able to turn this to our advantage and borg more humans for the cause.
  11. Products are for consumers, soccer clubs are for supporters!!!!
  12. Yes, it was one of the options. However, it will be $26 + 15.50 service charge. Not even sure if that includes tax or not. $23.50/ticket vs. $41.50/ticket.
  13. Probably more like $25 is a safer number to post. That comes with a truck load logistical problems. Primarily me buying the tickets incrementally as people buy them through pay pal. Actually that is the easy part, it is the ticket distribution that will be the problem. The only way they will distribute the tickets is for pick up or courier per each group order. No electronic ticketing. Otherwise people have to fax me their credit card information which I have to deliver to them on paper. That would be 20x$22 + group service charges per order. It's a large amount of money for
  14. We have sooo few games. The opportunity to build is limited. There is a difference between something being accessible and being undervalued. But that difference comes with a boatload of long term thought, planning and positioning that just isn't there.
  15. That is roughly correct. Though you need to add the service charges on those. Except there are no concession tickets, unless the OSA gets a better deal than us for clubs. Our ticket prices are essentially two options. Via phone and code 26 + 15.50 in service charges + (possibly tax if it is not included in the service charge) Via group sales and a boatload of difficulty it will be about $23/ticket.
  16. Oh I am very big on improving the economy of the game. It needs it. There is also the question of how these games come to be. In a friendly I am assuming we pay for the guest, where in a WCQ we don't? That is a just a guess and a question. It is more of a concern than a complaint.
  17. I don't think it's going to matter. The tickets are too expensive to have people casually buy 20 like we did with Jamaica. I think I will have people pay via pay pal and purchase the tickets incrementally. Otherwise the process is too insecure and profoundly cumbersome (fax and hand delivery) Ticket distribution is my concern, so hopefully the SG's can help out in that department. I just have to figure out a process that makes sense and will not end up a clusterfck. I don't think the ticket prices are public yet, but we might be the only people in the stadium unless Peru w
  18. Yeah, that's what I thought. I remembered not thinking twice about it and buying some. Then again I also buy things I shouldn't and not think twice about it so I thought I better check. Peru game = Uh oh.
  19. I see you lurkers.... how much were your Can vs Jamaica tickets. I remember buying a bunch, but for the life of me can't remember what they cost.
  20. July 7th is the pre sale window. However, I am not sure that means anything since our sections are reserved and we have until the end of July to buy them. You will not be able to buy two tickets in the section until August, as all tickets bought before this time must be via the group purchases. The exact dates are not finalized yet.
  21. Can you please post your ticket prices for last few CMNT games in Toronto / Montreal. Please indicate how you bought the ticket(s) as well, game, roughly where you sat. Thanks, JM
  22. It would be staggeringly hugely massive. And big too. I hope, really hope, that what and how he is saying the above is somehow muted because it isn't remotely visionary or enthusiastic enough for me.
  23. Four way marketing effort General Marketing of which I have no idea how much there is OSA -> Youth Clubs group buys Voyageurs Groups Buys TFC Season ticket holders. Now it is unclear if they get general access or their seats.
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