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  1. We do, but that doesn't mean they will still be there. RPB alone will likely buy out 112 and a big chunk of 113 by Monday afternoon.
  2. If you are going to purchase 10 + use the group order form, and do it soon.
  3. Hold on. Pay pal option for people wanting smaller numbers coming tomorrow.
  4. You should be fine. Try Kinkos... or something like that. They might have a steam powered one.
  5. Sorry, no. The fax goes directly to the BMO/MLSE front office so it will not get eaten by wild dogs or anything.
  6. Not yet. I suspect once things settle with this, Sauron will turn his eye to the East.
  7. Go for 114 unless you are connected to RPB or 113. Thanks, JM
  8. I just want to quickly gauge what might be happening with tickets. Please indicate roughly what you need. Even if you have already ordered.
  9. SOB. I was supposed to. Thanks for letting me know, that is super no no.
  10. An extremely limited quantity of seats are available in 114 and 127 for SSH of TFC. The email has caused quite a stir, enough of one I think we should be excited about the future. It's a great problem to have, people screaming at ticket agents to get into our section. Yes, they acknowledge it was a mistake but it created a serious problem for them and they asked if they could with a limited supply honor the email as best as possible. If you want one ticket and are a TFC season ticket holder you can do that now until midnight. I think we should get our orders in ASA
  11. You are pissing off the front office. It has been stated numerous times that the min order is 10. Stop sending order for less than ten tickets. If you only need one they will be available through the Voyageurs.
  12. You always had to buy 10, we managed to get it down from 20.
  13. Oh, I am not defending anybody. I do care about that. I just don't care about that
  14. It was in interview a few years ago where he stated it was always his dream blah blah always intended blah blah blah.... I don't care.
  15. Yes old one. Bad bad, burn burn. Fix it in a minute.
  16. Are you sure? Does it have the ability to select sections?
  17. No, I believe the Whore is quoted as saying he never had any intention of playing for Canada.
  18. I am emailing them out to people, but gmail is very unhappy with me right now.
  19. Again, anyone responding here, there will be a new order form shortly. Thanks, Jamie
  20. Not necessarily. In a soccer context cheer for could mean different things to different people.
  21. Excellent thanks. The goal is to grow the Voyageurs. To send a message there is something like this out there. Anyone who doesn't want to sit with us will still know about the game, but seems more imperative we find more supporters and let them know this exists for Canada games. I will try it and see what it looks like.
  22. I am inclined to add SUPPORTERS SECTION across under the red stripe. So it's not just a poster advertising the game.
  23. Yeah, I was curious about that. Even the use of BMO. Is it National Soccer Stadium when Canada plays? Not that I would want to use that cause people would be like ... huh what?
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