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  1. 1 minute ago, narduch said:

    The PDF issue probably has to do with Ticketmaster. They don't do them anymore now. You need to download their app.

    Yeah, it's all TM, this is not coming from Canada Soccer.

    You need a phone and app to get into the stadium now.   

    I can't imagine what it means for the future.  Just think what they can/might do with all that data.  Who buys the most beer?  What if you don't drink... maybe you don't get ticket offers in the future from events if TM can sell who are the most valuable customers to organizations using venues.   Can security get alerted to people as the move through the stadium?  I doubt any of it is happening now, or all of it is... I dunno.  Just rambling.



  2. 10 minutes ago, Floortom said:

    Are you saying tickets will only be distributed through the Vs and not available directly from Ticketmaster?

    Our tickets, for the supporters section have always been distributed directly from us.  We have sold out many times but that was thousands of tickets and people could most of the time find tickets elsewhere in the stadium. 

    It will be different this time, but we don't know how yet.  I do know I will no longer have access to PDF tickets.  

    It's not immediately obvious how we will be able to map out sales onto a rigid seating map dictated by covid regulations.  If you fix the sales number, say 4 tickets, and we had PDF tickets it would not be bad.  I could figure that out.  But I have no idea what this system is like they want us to use.  If it takes even a few minutes to do one ticket it gets impossible fast. 

    It may come down to a code, which I fear will be a disaster for the most important games in decades. 



  3. 2 minutes ago, JohnnyFranchise said:

    yah good point. i still feel like there's a chance of bmo & saputo for those 2. i just think they'll want to avoid travelling out west if possible. they could do the costa rica game in bmo and mexico in saputo. but you're probably right in thinking bc place.

    The BC Place Pay Day on Mexico would be a no brainer.    That game goes where the money is. 

  4. 4 minutes ago, JohnnyFranchise said:

    you know something we don't about those september games?

    Honduras and El Sal already announced BMO for the September games.    We haven't yet, because we do not, as of yet, have permission to play.  If we do play, they will be at BMO. 

    Nov games will likely be at BC Place.  Almost zero chance we don't play Mexico there.  Would rather play them on a good grass field but, CFL kills that prospect.   The original dates were Nov 12th and 16th.  Looks like they were changed to 10th and 14th, which I suspect dodges the Lions on the 12th.  So I would make a bet BC Place for CR and Mexico.


  5. People need to check the current covid test rules, as that can get expensive fast. 

    We can't organize a trip, there is too much uncertainty and liability. 

    The trip would have been massive were it not for... well you know what. 



  6. On 7/23/2021 at 4:22 PM, Tyson M said:

    So to sit in the supporters section we have to buy in the nosebleeds? For another 20$ I can sit in the 100 level just behind the net according to stubhub... man this sucks

    That is the section they gave us. 

    We do the same thing (most of the time) say at BMO putting people in 203.

  7. We do NOT know how the seating will be arranged.  We have the whole south end, but at 50% capacity that is roughly 1500 tickets. 

    We have nearly 500 memberships sold in the Toronto area.   That is a limit of 3 right off the top, but that isn't how it will likely work.  Things get complex when they start dividing things up into pods ect...   

    It is likely we will not sell single tickets, as with spacing that is the surest way to reduce your total number of tickets available.  If the total inventory is to be maximized and fixed, then it will likely be a fixed number of seats per purchase.   2 or 4 seems most likely. 

    We find out next week how this works. 



  8. If you want to get tickets to World Cup Qualifying at BMO or BC Place, you will need a Voyageurs membership. 

    Membership was introduced as a long term plan going into 2026 but before we knew there would be covid restrictions in the stadiums which reduced our ticket inventory significantly.

    Priority access will be given to members, and it is likely ticket sales totals will be limited to either 2 or 4 tickets per member depending on restrictions. 

    We do not currently know how Ticketmaster will let us proceed.  We will find out Aug 4th.  I do know that I will not be able to pull magic tickets of out of a hat for people like I used to.   PDF tickets are dead, that much we know.  

    Information on  how to buy tickets will be posted in a private members area on the site next week.

    You can buy a membership at The Voyageurs website.  Sign up first, then you can purchase a membership in the store. 

    Hopefully we will see you all in a full stadium soon. 

    Thanks for your patience and understanding. 
    The Voyageurs
  9. We don't know yet. 

    As far as I know, we will find out Wednesday Aug 4th

    This is ALL to do with the federal gov covid regulations.  Yes MLS, MLB ect... are playing games but they are putting very expensive measures in place and function in a different way than the national teams do.  With the national teams the teams themselves will come from multiple countries with the players themselves coming from even more countries all in a short time.  So, they have to work that out.



  10. On 3/17/2021 at 7:02 PM, El Hombre said:

    If you need anyone to fill time, I've been working on a segment called El Hombre's Hombres, where I rank my favourite people (not necessarily soccer-related).  More than happy to fill in.  My appearance fees are reasonable.

    Are you on Cameo....?

  11. On 4/3/2020 at 9:33 PM, Lofty said:

    I'm not sure how many new users we get per day but it doesn't seem like very many. I thought you could configure the site so that new account requests must be manually approved, possibly after communicating with the applicant.

    Unwanted extra work, I know. But you have to weigh that against the harm caused by allowing people to undermine the site administration.

    Ok, I'll try that.

  12. 5 hours ago, Kyle_The_Hill said:

    This was actually an interesting post Robert.

    But come on @admin, what is the point of a ban if he can just make a new account the next day.

    What can I do? 

    IP block doesn't work.  Just make a new email, use a vpn.... if russian bots can do it, so can he.

    The platform is dead.

    Assholes like him killed it long ago.


  13. Pre game in Orlando

    Alex has set up a place for us in Orlando pre game.  Looks like a neat place, and he said the people there were really friendly.

    We are booked in from 4pm, but can arrive earlier if we want. 

    Ace Cafe Orlando

    100 W. Livingston Street
    Orlando, Fl 32801


    It is a 15min walk to the stadium.  It is off the radar of the US supporters, which is good.  Not that they are a problem, always find them very friendly. 

  14. Alex has set up a place for us in Orlando pre game.  Looks like a neat place, and he said the people there were really friendly.

    We are booked in from 4pm, but can arrive earlier if we want. 

    Ace Cafe Orlando

    100 W. Livingston Street
    Orlando, Fl 32801


    It is a 15min walk to the stadium.  It is off the radar of the US supporters, which is good.  Not that they are a problem, always find them very friendly. 

  15. 40 minutes ago, Olympique_de_Marseille said:

    Ok, with this info here is the updated list.  Nothing confirmed for either Quebec City or Halifax despite my best efforts.

    Confirmed viewing parties so far:

    VICTORIA: Yates Street Taphouse - 759 Yates St
    VANCOUVER: Red Card Sports Bar + Eatery - 560 Smithe St

    CALGARY: Rose & Crown Pub - 1503 4 St SW
    EDMONTON: Urban Tavern - 11606 Jasper Ave

    SASKATOON: Boston Pizza - 1519 8 St E Unit 10,
    REGINA: The Lobby Kitchen & Bar - 2545 S Broad St
    WINNIPEG (two locations):
    Nicolino's - 2077 Pembina Hwy
    The Kings Head - 120 King Street West

    KITCHENER: McMullan's - 188 Highland Rd W
    HAMILTON: The Endzone Bar & Grill - 1305 Main St E
    MISSISSAUGA: The Green Goose Pub and Grill - 8-5165 Dixie Rd
    TORONTO (two locations):
    The Pint Public House - 277 Front St W
    The Cloak & Dagger Pub 394 College St
    OTTAWA: Senate Tavern - 1159 Bank St
    MONTREAL(two locations):
    Café Frappé - 3900 Blvd St Laurent
    Burgundy Lion - 2496 rue Notre-Dame W
    TROIS-RIVIERES: Microbrasserie La Forge du Malt - 2385 Bould. Thibeau, suite 204



    @admin are the CSA truly promoting these this time like they did for WCQs a few years back?

    Yes they will.

    There are also going to be 7 CanPL watch parties for the game as well, to be announced tomorrow. 

  16. 26 minutes ago, sstackho said:

    For what it's worth, here's what the Orlando City Ruckus supporters site says about Broken Strings:

    **NOTE – While the Broken Caldron is a Ruckus friendly bar; it is not a Ruckus exclusive bar. Any harassment of their patrons will not be tolerated.


    Broken Strings is the AO bar thought isn't it?

    Alex is going to scout Motorworks, Brew Theory, and Community Brewhouse and make a call.

    We can't guarantee any numbers so we can't really do a proper booking.


  17. 1 hour ago, Redpunkfiddle said:

    Motorworks, Brew Theory, and Community Brewhouse all have tap rooms walking distance 15 min to stadium. Looking at their details.

    I'm arriving Friday aft.

    Ok, are any of these designated supporters bars by the Outlaws?  They have a tailgate so maybe it doesn't matter.

    Let's just pick one.


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