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  1. I made a generic Canadian Fans in France Facebook event on the V's FB.



  2. I sent your expedited parcel today. 



  3. Hey, how are things going.

    We have a few things on the go. 

    I was pretty unhappy with the 20th anniv logos we got.  None of them seemed to fit.  I can send you what we have if you want to have a look

    We start the incorporation as a non profit on Monday.  When that is done, I will be begin going door to door with the clubs across the country to build support for the V's and via Support Local Football, the CPL.

    I would like to create a generic set of merch for the SLF / CPL campaign. We would sell this through the V's in order to act like a kickstarter for the local SG's when the CPL launches. This will allow them to buy scarfs, shirts ect...   Not sure what to call it.  But it should be along the lines of SLF/Original Supporter/CPL.     

    We also want to have a supporters summit for the SGs & league sometime in the fall of  2017 or the winter of 2018. 

    What do you think?  Any ideas? 







    1. GuillermoDelQuarto


      Cool, that all sounds really exciting :)

      Definitely send me what you have and I can let it start to simmer.

      I've previously came up with a reasonably popular CPL logo, not sure if you saw it, and a lot of people seemed to like the idea of something to do with Moose, perhaps that could be incorporated someway into the CPL/SLF thing?  Eventually working on a Canada Soccer Crest redesign, but that'll take some time still, which incorporates the moose.  

      But yea, i'm totally game to attempt whatever.  I always thought it would be cool to include something to do with the big voyaguer canoes in terms of the V's logo, but I don't know how well that would translate onto a scarf to be honest.  Hard to say really.

      I don't really have any ideas other than that off the top of my head, but yea if you send me what you have perhaps that can get the gears churning and we can go from there.

      Cheers, and keep kicking ass.


  4. This is a status update!

  5. admin

    Hey Regs. Do you have a 300x250 ad available? I will place it in the forum sidebar for a year on the new site. Should be up by Monday.

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