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  1. I still see flights on Swoop for $143 return, from the center of the universe.
  2. Oh good lord yeah, if we didn't have people running around we would be having another flag night at the warehouse...
  3. I'll get a better idea when I move it to storage. Driving to Peterborough today or tomorrow.
  4. Don't do that just yet, let me get and idea where we are at.
  5. I was pretty tired and got told to fuck off a few too many times in a row. So I ended up arguing with some people more than I should have. If I had to guess we lost 200-300 flags.
  6. No, the players want to play in Toronto. If qualification comes down to that game, it will be in Toronto.
  7. Highly likely that was the last game at BMO Field that will ever matter like this again. Unless the Jamaica game makes it back to Toronto. Same goes for Edmonton and Vancouver, though those are more likely Venues for 2026. Once we have 6 spots for a 48 team World Cup, last night never happens again.
  8. Special edition Voyageurs gear for our trip to Edmonton. On sale soon
  9. WE HAVE MORE TICKETS!! We need more passionate Canadian supporters to join us for this historic World Cup Qualifier. Use the link and codes below. **Remember that it's an expectation in these sections for people to stand and join in the singing, chanting, and flag waving. Please DO NOT buy these tickets if you want to sit and quietly watch the game as it will not be possible.** https://www.ticketmaster.ca/event/10005B27BA1513E2?did=voyageurs Your codes are: Section 112-115: VOY112 Section 116-118: 116VOY
  10. Please help and put this out on Twitter/FB ect... I screwed up and put Vaccine Passport in the original FB post and of course it has been throttled. Please get that post out there, if you can see it all on FB.
  11. https://www.instagram.com/p/CU86AYLJqpF/?utm_source=ig_web_button_share_sheet&fbclid=IwAR1BlGikKG-8SpYZL6iusSc30EX48snubWcfQD7SE8RTiVClpzdbY8VX78w
  12. No, just a figure of speech. .... oh wait, yes, you can return them to me. I'll send you a refund in 2032.
  13. Few thousand left. Some even returning tickets as they bought them when it was 50% capacity, and don't want to go to a full stadium.
  14. I have zero faith in BMO not totally screwing this up. Get there as early as you can.
  15. People still seem to think there are no tickets for sale for this game. Yes the initial allocation sold out. Go to the Voyageurs website.... you can buy tickets with the info there.
  16. Lot's of Ottawa Voyageurs. You can probably meet a bunch on the 23rd at the pre game for the women's game. Too bad we don't have proper pre games for these games.... best way to meet people.
  17. Mailed out, and if people can pick them up that really helps us out and saves a lot of time and money.
  18. There really isn't much time for anything. Herdman personally asked us to be there to greet the bus if it was possible for anyone to do so.
  19. Shouldn't be, it should be 9. We are trying to get that increased.
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