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  1. Ha, I've never seen that picture before it is amazing.
  2. We were taking famous quotes and altering them.... Please come up with some...it's called having fun.
  3. Given we have been around this many times.... I think we should just make memes about it. wtf else are we gonna do?
  4. If yer gonna conspiracy.... go all the way.
  5. For sure. If that doesn't convert some people, nothing will.
  6. CPL must have earned some eyeballs tonight. Three good games.
  7. Here is an article on it... https://soccer.nbcsports.com/2019/07/10/new-concacaf-world-cup-qualifying-method-is-downright-outrageous/?fbclid=IwAR2hq_WhHKk2JN7GG7srm6istRi8tqQqAIU5tq1KfHb1RlMxskggwFxHjmo
  8. Shhhhhhhhhh.... and some trips to places that do not involve organs getting stolen....
  9. Well, I don't feel guilty now telling people Nations League was WCQ....
  10. Ah, now that I have had a coffee.... I mistakenly thought the fourth spot was a full spot.... not a path to sacrifice in Peru or wherever.
  11. Yeah, I am unsure too. In either scenario, everyone gets at least a 'shot' at the hex. Not sure that is a bad thing.
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