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  1. I hope we play the US on grass, and the best grass is at BMO (provided it isn't destroyed by then) EDIT: And I am in Vancouver... before anyone gets all wanky about this.
  2. Going to look into adding profile fields for that tomorrow. I just got in to Vancouver now. Please make self driving cars soon.
  3. I have been driving across the country. I'll ship them in the next couple of days.
  4. I was testing the plug in, with a first raffle... but the raffle/prizes were real.
  5. What? this is a real give away. I have the posters, but I am driving to Vancouver right now. I have to get someone to send them, they are in Toronto.
  6. Not possible You can log in with the same username, if you click on Forum, it takes you here. Part of the other forum would be active now, but I'll do that when I get back to Van.
  7. Tickets sent to the email used to register your account! Enjoy the game! JM
  8. Why would the other forum had this days ago....?
  9. Just start a thread with the format. Edit: Done.
  10. Sorting that out. Probably when I'll get back to Vancouver, but possibly bored in a hotel room with wifi too sooner rather than later.
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