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    Canadians abroad: March 8-14, 2019

    To be honest a little numb atm..just got home from the game... I was in the away end with 1500 screaming Killie fans when he scored..a little unreal!! SO happy for him! Hopefully first of many and great timing with the national team game coming up!!!
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    Liam Millar

    Sat on this all day yesterday should get on in the 2nd half!! proud is not the word. A young Canadian boy from Brampton... https://www.liverpoolfc.com/amp/news/first-team/356372-liam-millar-in-liverpool-squad-for-bradford-friendly?utm_source=Social&utm_medium=TwitterWebsiteCards&utm_content=Digital&utm_campaign=LFCTwitterCards&__twitter_impression=true
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    Liam Millar

    Take transfermarket with a grain of salt I can confirm that Liverpool FC turned down a 7 figure offer in the summer.
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    Ian Kennedy

    Scott Kennedy

    I spoke to Scott this morning. His physical therapy and treatments (while taking longer than expected) have been successful and he's feeling strong again. He will be back into regular training next week. We expect to see him back on the pitch with the team, in a game situation, before the December break. Despite missing him at CB, SK Austria Klagenfurt is performing well this season and they continue to hold onto 1st place. We're looking forward to seeing Scott on the field helping to generate winning plays, stopping the opposing offence and scoring goals.
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    Liam Millar

    Happy for Liam to be back amongst the goals. The football Kilmanock were playing was pretty dire at times. Be good for his confidence. Come back and get a reset. .... 😁
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    Bookmark this page if you can't watch live. I'm going to record the stream and post it here with no results. As always, I don't know if my laptop will die mid-match/upload but I'll try! I should have it up around 10pm EST, if it doesn't work and the CSA archives the match on YouTube I'll post a link here.
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    CPL TV Contract

    I don't know what they'll do in Edmonton..
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    CPL General

    Who Nef? He's been right about many things and considering he's one of only a few guys who consistently reports on the league I'll keep posting links to his tweets.
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    Most incredible part of the highlights was seeing that we found an opponent where the head coach is even shorter than Herdman.
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    Canadians abroad: Oct 25-Oct 31 2019

    Liam starts again 10th start this season Liam playa 68 mins an a 1-0 win. kilmarnock go up to 3rd in the Scottish premier league behind Celtic and Rangers.
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    Fikayo Tomori

    Probably because he is f***ing English. You expect the CSA to know about every kid in the world with some tie to Canada? We are going to miss some kids that are 14,15,16 years old. Why didn't they call him up to more games? Because he didn't want to be called up, he would rather play for the country he's lived in for 99% of his life. You expect every player with some random connection to Canada should automatically want to play for us but that is not how it f***ing works. Unsurprisingly kids who spent all of their lives living in Italy or England want to play for those countries instead. Acting as though some U15/U17 friendlies is going to want to make some English kid give up his dream to play for Canada is bananas. I hate to say it but there is nothing we could have done to get Tomori. The only way he would play for us is if he was 100% not good enough for England (and likely Nigeria).
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    Pulisic is a big loss but let's not get ahead of ourselves. We are still the underdogs, or at least we should go into the match with that mentality. I hope the players, fans and media keep feet firmly on the ground. We can't afford to celebrate before the ball has been kicked. They still have some dangerous players. It is fine to up the optimism but it won't be easy. We shouldn't get carried away.
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    Shame on TSN and Sportsnet

    If anyone was watching the ESPN2 feed of the match, they mentioned something regarding TSN and Sportsnet declining the option to show the game tonight. If that is true, both broadcastors should be embarrassed. Twenty years ago when each only had one tv channel and no ability to stream games on their websites maybe you could give them a pass but considering TSN showed multiple Euro qualifying games on their channels and website today, they should have put on this game. It's sad how TSN bends over to show MLS games (including some without Canadian teams) but can't support the MNT.
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    CPL General

    Someone just randomly asked me about my Forge FC kit today the corner store. Asked about watching the games and I told him about the package on CBC. Said he'll have to check them out since the EPL is off tv. Felt really cool that someone asked about it.
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    This is pretty cool: It is incredible that our NT has players who train or have trained often with the like of Ronaldo, Messi, Salah, etc. Maybe none of them will ever play for the first team, but regardless, this experience will stay with them forever.
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    Ottawa CPL Club

    So to summarize the last couple pages, there is no new info about a possible Ottawa team in CPL.
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    Haven't posted here before, but just got my jersey in the mail today 😁 Looking forward to meeting everyone at the game!
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    He’s BACK !!!!! https://twitter.com/EustaquioMauro/status/1175789788915363841?s=20
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    Liam Millar

    Made the SPFL team of the week with Arfield ...
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    CPL General

    That's why this league will be much better than people anticipated and at a faster rate. Untapped talent that was ignored by MLS academies and/or thrown aside. CPL will capture the rest and they are more likely to find more gems than MLS Academies
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    Should Herdman be fired ?

    If anything, this was one of the strongest Canadian teams we have seen in a long time. Two young superstars in Davies and David, an on form LigaMX striker, very good MLS players like Kaye, Osorio and Henry, a Premier league winger, and players playing at good levels like Arfield at Rangers and Hutchinson/Larin at Besiktas. That is another reason why the loss to Haiti hurts.
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    Attendance for Wanderers vs Vaughn announced at 5532. Pretty solid for a weekday game slightly competing with the Mooseheads memorial cup run.
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    Atlético Ottawa 2020 Season

    Are certain people saying that a Canadian team can never have red, white and blue as their team colours? I personally love the badge. But again, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
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    The Importance of Alphonso Davies

    No, no, no, and NO. Davies can play as a LB for Bayern because he has 10 other world class players on his team to bail him out and close any gaps he might leave while moving forward. Canada DOES NOT have this luxury... its really not that hard to understand. Davies a LB for Canada is a complete waste, specially when him and David together in attack can make any CONCACAF defense uneasy.
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    dyslexic nam

    League Trophy

    CPL releases images of five awards – Golden Boot, Golden Glove, Coach of the Year, Player of the Year and Best Under 21 Canadian Player of the Year. https://canpl.ca/article/canadian-premier-league-officially-unveils-2019-individual-awards
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    Booked my flights. Just a super quick 2 day trip down but my first Nats away game. Woohoo!
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    Liam Millar

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    At CPL's early year one stage, games where the opposition is an established and well know high level pro team will draw more favorably for the lesser known first year CPL clubs more often than not, especially in a competition like the Voyageurs Cup. There won't be any "working more closely" between USA's D1 MLS and Canada's D1 Canadian Premier League and there doesn't need to be, each is and will continue to do their own thing. The American MLS isn't interested in working with the CPL and could care less about Canada's cup competition, they'd only be interested in putting farm/reserve teams in the CPL which would basically be a death blow for Canada's new league, a reason why CPL wants no MLS reserve or affiliate teams in its league, and rightfully so.
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    The Road to Qatar.

    I think Concacaf have to kick Guadeloupe, Martinique and French Guiana out of Nations League & Gold Cup if they are going to use this system for WCQ in the future. Would that be unfair on those teams? For sure. But its unfair for any team that plays and beats them if they are kept in given the new ridiculous over-emphasis on FIFA rankings which matches against them do not count towards. I can only think of one team that has had two victories against that trio of teams this year and by a combined score of 8-1, now who would that be.......?
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    Should Herdman be fired ?

    It is an excellent interview (other than the audio quality of the call) and crucially for me, as KJ and Caldwell indicate after the interview is done, Herdman admits that he needs to learn from his mistakes as well, which is what I wanted to hear from him after this setback. If he had pointed the finger elsewhere I'd be more inclined to join the chorus pushing for his dismissal. Lots of insight, specifics and detail here, and my only complaint is that this sort of interview with a national team coach ought to be at a much more mainstream level than done via a private podcast from two guys from TSN doing this in their spare time (that's not a complaint against KJ & Caldwell who have done really well here, but a shot at our media in general).
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    Ottawa CPL Club

    I won't rag on them, but I will sure as **** not let it go. They chose to **** the league starting in this country and for reasons that I find totally egregious. People should be pissed off at them, and it isn't going to go away anytime soon.
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    dyslexic nam

    David Choinière

    I'm sure JdG will say he didn't want Choinière anyway.
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    Ashtone Morgan

    RSL for him.Didn't stay unattached long.
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    Two goals from David at 74 and 77 minutes to put his side up 3-1.
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    Lucas Cavallini

    Saying you feel 0% Canadian when you were born in Canada, lived there for 16 years, play for the national team, have family who live here and you now live here and the team that just signed you did it under the context that you are a Canadian. Then you go and say you feel 0% Canadian when Canadian soccer fans already have to put up with constant disrespect from abroad but here in Canada basically on a daily basis. It's kinda feels like he's embarrassed of us. He's embarrassed of being Canadian. I'm practicing forgiveness because I think he will see the light and I'm trying to put as much positive energy out as possible but I can understand completely why this comment stings Canadians and Canadian soccer fans because make no mistake about it. Regardless of what Lucas would like to believe, he is far from being 0% Canadian
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    Axel Desjardins

    https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1WLXI0cdUnx84WcMW9KkL_p02fPyiu-ar?usp=sharing I tried to upload them but couldn't, so here is a google drive.
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    Cavalry FC Season Thread 2019

    As usual I have to correct the biggest ******* idiot in the Canadian soccer scene with what's actually going on in Calgary. Rather than say "no large downward adjustment on prices" you should actually say "big downward adjustment on prices in the main grandstand with reasonable price increases in the supporters section to compensate". I even made a spreadsheet to compare the two.
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    Last night I stumbled upon a Nations League A review show and the moment I tuned in was the moment the panel was doing an analysis of the Cuba matches and teeing up the USA match next week I cannot overrstate how happy, thankful and appreciative I am to just stumble upon such a thing. One Soccer is basically Canadian soccer porn... After the review show was over, I then was able to find the Puebla-Toluca replay and fast forward to the second half to watch Cavallini. That's right, I was able to watch a Canadian NT player's club match on replay. This is truly a golden era! If you are not subscribed to One Soccer you are missing out.
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    Liam Millar

    So Liam’s 8th start out of 9 games A tough professional 1-0 win away to Hearts. Went 90 mins... Liam has done really well to cement himself into a starting spot in the SPFL not bad for just tuning 20. A goal and 2 assists along the way, would like to see that increase but it will come he’s getting chances. He is playing wide in a very tight defensive shape Killie has 7 clean sheets this season after crashing out of the europa league only Celtic have scored against them recently So important for young players to get mins Really get mins. Tough call Liam could have stayed and trained at LFC with limited opportunities(if any) but felt it was more important to get out and play... posted on another thread personally think Davies needs to get out on Loan (even half a season) and come back and smash it next summer at Bayern and push to get that starting spot. Not doing him any good playing 15-20 a week.. even if it’s amazing training. To each their own just my opinion...
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    Have not seen it but Millar has scored for Killie. 1-0. Ends 2-0 he goes 87 minutes. Cool as you like on the finish for the goal (thanks Aird25)
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    CPL General

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    Unnamed Trialist

    Herdman new head coach

    Right on, brother. If Herdman had gotten us past Haiti and we'd fallen with dignity against Mexico, nobody would have posted his comments about tiers. He could have said that Moldavia was in there with France and no one would have cared. The real problem is that he is not a good football coach, and on top of that is a goof.
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    Gold Cup 2019

    With only 1 warm up game before the Gold Cup, I hope we use the game to utilize the players going to the Gold Cup and more so the regular 18 guys or so to build on in-game cohesion and team chemistry.
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    Doneil Henry

    Another good game for Henry today. Unfortunately result, but he is really dependable on the backline, something his former club TFC could use at the moment... If I am being picky, he still needs to find more consistency in his passing if he wants to make the jump from good-to- great centre back in MLS. That said, his presence in the back has completely changed from a few years ago. Before West Ham, he was young and rash, capable of outstanding tackles or bozo blunders (kinda like Mavinga at current). Now, he is almost like an old head back there - no nonsense defending with an air of self-assurance back there. I am very happy how he's been progressing this season.
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    Manjrekar James

    James was the in-stadium man of the match for yesterday's match and was also named to the Superligaen best XI for the week. Seems like he had an impressive debut. https://www.tipsbladet.dk/nyhed/superliga/fcm-debutant-blev-kampens-spiller-forsoeger-vinde-alt
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    Canadian Nationalization Countdown

    Just to make sure I've got this right. This thread is 7 years old, 29 pages long, and we still haven't had any nationalized CMNT players right?
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    CPL TV Contract

    MediaPro will broadcast CPL games in France starting in 2020: https://www.lequipe.fr/Medias/Actualites/Mediapro-diffuseur-de-la-ligue-1-proposera-du-foot-canadien/991922
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    Liam Millar

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    2019 Canadian Premier League Attendance

    @Ozzie_the_parrot aka @BringBackTheBlizzard So I'm dealing with people like of this/them (split personality?) on the French side through Twitter, Facebook and with journalists who are hardcore Impact fans... It's ok to like MLS teams and the league but I take issue when there's a need to ridicule, minimize and crush the fact that we have our own league and wanting to upgrade our national program in order to "protect" or "elevate" their clubs. The rest who aren't part of the MLS party should pick one or shut up about CPL. It's really like this in their minds. 1. CPL should know it's place 2.Outside of the big 3 cities, who the hell cares about the rest of Canadians who ironically composed over 2/3 of this country? They should have a USL team or cheer that MLS team far far away that has nothing to do with their identity just and get on your knees and fn produce already....and shut up. 3.All that matters is their team/city proving it belongs "with the big boys" and can excel neck to neck with US cities or beat them. No jokes. I had this journalist from Journal de Montreal, who writes about sports but outside of Montreal Impact doesn't know crap about soccer wrote this when he was told "country before club" in regards to Canada needing a healthy Piette for the Gold Cup "Ask Ronaldo if he'd choose Portugal over Juve That same idiot would be so quick to write about how crap the CanMNT is after a bad performance, would certainly not explore why it's the case here in comparison to other nations and ignorantly propose that "we should support even more our Saputo Billionaire who's ******** about city taxes, wanting the provinces to give him more land while he paid himself a club in Serie A." How about a Laval and Quebec City club on top of IMFC to give more Pro minutes to Quebec players so we have MORE Crepeau, more Piette, more ZBG...moron??? 4.They feel that in order for Canadian soccer to advance, the whole country should know its place and produce talents for the 3 MLS teams... The whole program should work for the 3 which might give you a few guys capable of being in a competitive starting XI here and there....and they'd still complain that club comes before country. Those hypocrites points out RESULTS but are CONVENIENTLY ignoring RESULTS that since 2007: No HEX No World Cup No U20 World Cup Yay, we made U17 World Cup, but we're not even remotely in the US league.... 5.Problem is that by devaluating CPL, you miss the chance of having MORE Canadians playing at the highest level possible. You limit corporate and private investments in the scale we've seen in CPL for a league that had yet to kick a ball. No billionaires (in Canada) in their right minds with no hope for an MLS teams would sink that much cash in a USL team like the Fury which is what we were desperately lacking all these years. 6. Sorry if I offend people but Inferiority complex and/or Insecurity. This belief that we can't do **** without being integrated in an American league dictating how things should go in Canada like the other major leagues have been doing is a problem. I'm not a CFL fans but I have MAD RESPECT that they have a higher viewership and attendance than MLS, a $5.3M salary cap, decent TV deal while dealing with traveling from coast to coast with a tenth of the US population while having the NFL next door AND.... the big 3 cities aren't the ones drawing the most...the "insignificant" rest are (insignificant to some of the snobs out there) 10, 15 or 20 years from now, this could be CPL. CFL is proving that an ALL CANADIAN league CAN do it. 7.We don't need trolls constantly trying to get us to know our place. If Finland, Sweden, Denmark and Norway can have successful D1 leagues with similar or lower average attendances than we do on YEAR ONE, but still be able to develop good players, field teams capable of holding their own in UEFA Champions League and Europa (sorry but you're delusional if you think LAFC survives CL or Europa group stage)...Why the hell can't we do it in freaking CONCACAF??? So freaking tired of the negativity, insecurity and inferiority complex. We are this world 10th economy. Time to F'N act like it. If us die hard fans, can't dream big and strive to what CFL has done, how the hell will casuals, non fans believe??? End of rant. ***The hangover video is my new ringtone...sue me
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