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    Canadians abroad: March 8-14, 2019

    To be honest a little numb atm..just got home from the game... I was in the away end with 1500 screaming Killie fans when he scored..a little unreal!! SO happy for him! Hopefully first of many and great timing with the national team game coming up!!!
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    Liam Millar

    Sat on this all day yesterday should get on in the 2nd half!! proud is not the word. A young Canadian boy from Brampton... https://www.liverpoolfc.com/amp/news/first-team/356372-liam-millar-in-liverpool-squad-for-bradford-friendly?utm_source=Social&utm_medium=TwitterWebsiteCards&utm_content=Digital&utm_campaign=LFCTwitterCards&__twitter_impression=true
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    Ballou Tabla

    Patrice Bernier > Didier Drogba
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    New to the forum - first post, but looooooong time fan of this team I took a trip up to Alliston today and am watching them train as I type. Pretty cool to watch and see how they interact durIng their drills. Boy do they move fast in tight quarters. Looking forward to the the game next week. I really enjoy this forum, keep up the great discussion
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    Ballou Tabla

    I guess that settles that!
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    CPL TV Contract

    I don't know what they'll do in Edmonton..
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    Cavalry FC Season Thread 2019

    While I’m here, perhaps I should give an update on the supporters scene in Calgary, since this is supposed to be a Canadian soccer supporters board. The scene is thriving in Calgary, and has surpassed any expectations I could have dreamt up before the season started. Although we don’t have official membership in the Foot Soldiers, we’ve gone from about 25 people last year to over 350. Not only do we have section 200 sold out every game, but the supporters scene has grown into sections 201 and 109, which have become pseudo supporters sections on their own. We’ve gone from having me try to drag people out to talk banners and flags, to people designing and bringing their own made on their own time. There is a real buzz around this club and around the atmosphere in the stadium. I would argue that Cavalry has the loudest supporters scene in the CPL right now (though I hear great things about Halifax, Hamilton and Winnipeg), and games such as those against the Whitecaps are making people take notice. Even the main grandstand is loud. Last year I would have watched the Voyageurs Cup on my couch, this year we packed a bar to the brim. And the scene after the final whistle was incredible! I think we’re slowly but surely turning Calgary into a soccer city...
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    Ian Kennedy

    Scott Kennedy

    SK Austria Klagenfurt had a test match earlier today against SK Sturm Graz, a 1st level Austrian Bundesliga team. Sturm Graz are currently in 4th place in the 1st league. Klagenfurt lost 2:1. Scott scored the only goal for Klagenfurt and played 90 minutes. The game can be watched on You tube. Easy access through the Sturm Graz Facebook page.
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    CPL General

    The article was just updated with the following: Editors note: In a subsequent email to Sportsnet, the CPL confirmed that in addition to the roster requirements mentioned above by David Clanachan that another rule mandates that a minimum of three domestic players on each team must be under the age of 21 AND those players must play a minimum of 1,000 minutes per season. That's a bit of a change. Definitely working on development of young players. I think this works as extra push to keep on some of the U-Sports draftees beyond training camp. Will be interesting to see how it plays out.
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    Big THANK YOU to Dylan Sacramento of VALOUR FC, who came to my U10 boys practice and ran a few drills for some starry eyed boys. A night the kids will never forget ! Pure class ! FOR VALOUR !
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    Liam Millar

    Liam scored in a 3-0 win vs Man U it’s in a behind doors match today! The keeper For Lfc saves 2 pens.. That’s 6 goals in 8 games now for Liam ... rumour that Sir Alex was in Hand watching...
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    Notice I didn’t say a thing in any of my posts about him that’s not mine to say did I want him to play yes do I think his pace could have add something yes But Liam needs to work harder and do more to try to get in the team that’s all. That’s the msg I send him everyday. Keep ur head down keep working. His time will come. He’s still young. ... he loves Canada and being part of something special we are building it’s the long game for me...
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    Maxime Crépeau

    Check out @Division1A’s Tweet: Hope to see him take this and run with it!
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    CPL General

    Someone just randomly asked me about my Forge FC kit today the corner store. Asked about watching the games and I told him about the package on CBC. Said he'll have to check them out since the EPL is off tv. Felt really cool that someone asked about it.
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    This is pretty cool: It is incredible that our NT has players who train or have trained often with the like of Ronaldo, Messi, Salah, etc. Maybe none of them will ever play for the first team, but regardless, this experience will stay with them forever.
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    CPL Stadium Thread

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nU74A8RCYPs Was just watching a video of FC Midtjylland and was surprised that venue only holds 11,800 people. The noise level trumps anything I have seen in MLS minus a packed Saputo maybe. Scale this baby anywhere from 12,000 to 16,000 seats and you will have a blue print for the first permanent SSS built for a Canadian CPL club. Looks expandable to if need be afterwards.
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    Have you seen video of Alphonso's mum? I have no doubt that she'd slap the **** out of him if he started turning into a dick due to the fame. ?
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    Liam Millar

    Made the SPFL team of the week with Arfield ...
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    CPL General

    That's why this league will be much better than people anticipated and at a faster rate. Untapped talent that was ignored by MLS academies and/or thrown aside. CPL will capture the rest and they are more likely to find more gems than MLS Academies
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    Should Herdman be fired ?

    If anything, this was one of the strongest Canadian teams we have seen in a long time. Two young superstars in Davies and David, an on form LigaMX striker, very good MLS players like Kaye, Osorio and Henry, a Premier league winger, and players playing at good levels like Arfield at Rangers and Hutchinson/Larin at Besiktas. That is another reason why the loss to Haiti hurts.
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    Attendance for Wanderers vs Vaughn announced at 5532. Pretty solid for a weekday game slightly competing with the Mooseheads memorial cup run.
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    After great reflection ( : I have decided even as TFC season ticket holder I will be at the Forge York 9 CPL opener. Figure there will be about 20 other times I will be down at BMO this year, so what's the big deal with missing one all in the name of Canadian footy.
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    Mark-Anthony Kaye

    Kaye's LAFC are eliminated tonight 3-2 at home by Real Salt Lake. Near the end of the game with it looking like an LA loss the announcers started talking about Kaye's injury being the key negative moment in LA's season and how he was the player LA was really missing in the game. Let's hope he can come back next year at the same level he was playing before his injury.
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    Ballou Tabla

    New formation vs Dominica 1-4-5
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    Liam Millar

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    CPL General

    Sorry but this is a F'N disgrace and its comical. TFC starting ZERO Canadians against Montreal Wow
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    At CPL's early year one stage, games where the opposition is an established and well know high level pro team will draw more favorably for the lesser known first year CPL clubs more often than not, especially in a competition like the Voyageurs Cup. There won't be any "working more closely" between USA's D1 MLS and Canada's D1 Canadian Premier League and there doesn't need to be, each is and will continue to do their own thing. The American MLS isn't interested in working with the CPL and could care less about Canada's cup competition, they'd only be interested in putting farm/reserve teams in the CPL which would basically be a death blow for Canada's new league, a reason why CPL wants no MLS reserve or affiliate teams in its league, and rightfully so.
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    The Road to Qatar.

    I think Concacaf have to kick Guadeloupe, Martinique and French Guiana out of Nations League & Gold Cup if they are going to use this system for WCQ in the future. Would that be unfair on those teams? For sure. But its unfair for any team that plays and beats them if they are kept in given the new ridiculous over-emphasis on FIFA rankings which matches against them do not count towards. I can only think of one team that has had two victories against that trio of teams this year and by a combined score of 8-1, now who would that be.......?
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    Should Herdman be fired ?

    It is an excellent interview (other than the audio quality of the call) and crucially for me, as KJ and Caldwell indicate after the interview is done, Herdman admits that he needs to learn from his mistakes as well, which is what I wanted to hear from him after this setback. If he had pointed the finger elsewhere I'd be more inclined to join the chorus pushing for his dismissal. Lots of insight, specifics and detail here, and my only complaint is that this sort of interview with a national team coach ought to be at a much more mainstream level than done via a private podcast from two guys from TSN doing this in their spare time (that's not a complaint against KJ & Caldwell who have done really well here, but a shot at our media in general).
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    Ottawa CPL Club

    I won't rag on them, but I will sure as **** not let it go. They chose to **** the league starting in this country and for reasons that I find totally egregious. People should be pissed off at them, and it isn't going to go away anytime soon.
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    dyslexic nam

    David Choinière

    I'm sure JdG will say he didn't want Choinière anyway.
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    Jonathan David

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    Players you expect to see in the CPL

    Considering Bekker was one of the best players in USL last season and could easily be attached to an MLS side this is the type of player I’d expect to be a star. Most of these guys are the types that were on the cusp of MLS but for whatever reason never got their shot so mission accomplished so far.
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    CPL General

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    Unnamed Trialist

    Herdman new head coach

    Right on, brother. If Herdman had gotten us past Haiti and we'd fallen with dignity against Mexico, nobody would have posted his comments about tiers. He could have said that Moldavia was in there with France and no one would have cared. The real problem is that he is not a good football coach, and on top of that is a goof.
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    Gold Cup 2019

    With only 1 warm up game before the Gold Cup, I hope we use the game to utilize the players going to the Gold Cup and more so the regular 18 guys or so to build on in-game cohesion and team chemistry.
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    Doneil Henry

    Another good game for Henry today. Unfortunately result, but he is really dependable on the backline, something his former club TFC could use at the moment... If I am being picky, he still needs to find more consistency in his passing if he wants to make the jump from good-to- great centre back in MLS. That said, his presence in the back has completely changed from a few years ago. Before West Ham, he was young and rash, capable of outstanding tackles or bozo blunders (kinda like Mavinga at current). Now, he is almost like an old head back there - no nonsense defending with an air of self-assurance back there. I am very happy how he's been progressing this season.
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    Manjrekar James

    James was the in-stadium man of the match for yesterday's match and was also named to the Superligaen best XI for the week. Seems like he had an impressive debut. https://www.tipsbladet.dk/nyhed/superliga/fcm-debutant-blev-kampens-spiller-forsoeger-vinde-alt
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    Canadian Nationalization Countdown

    Just to make sure I've got this right. This thread is 7 years old, 29 pages long, and we still haven't had any nationalized CMNT players right?
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    CPL TV Contract

    MediaPro will broadcast CPL games in France starting in 2020: https://www.lequipe.fr/Medias/Actualites/Mediapro-diffuseur-de-la-ligue-1-proposera-du-foot-canadien/991922
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    Jonathan David

    David is now tied for the club lead for goals in all competitions with 9. This is despite playing 1230 fewer minutes than the guy he is tied with. To say he's been prolific is an understatement.
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    CPL TV Contract

    Lets be honest being on TSN and as a result becoming force fed to consumers thru Sportscenter is the best way in this country to be legitimized with joe average. Thats really what the CPL needs the most right now
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    Marcus Godinho

    Scores his first for Hearts and was unlucky not to score earlier too. Goal and build 50 secs in. First chance right at the start of the video.
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    Jonathan David

    Wait, are people allowed to post in threads other than Ottawa CPL Club....
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    Liam Millar

    Keep him the hell away from TFC. Why would he come here, and why would we want to take him away from Liverpool?? Get a loan in England and see how it goes. He comes here and he is in the middle of a log jam of CDN fighting for minutes on a team that seems to stockpile USMNT players. No doubt he would be a good player for TFC, but he is better off where he is.
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    Agreed. While we toy with minnows, others are preparing for lions. And...only fourteen men, at most, will play in Vancouver. With so many really decent footballers in the mix now, it will be harder and harder to keep the benched satisfied and still a legitimately contributing part of the squad. Playing only a bare-minimum number of matches hurts us a lot in the long run.
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    Rocket Robin

    CPL new teams speculation

    Maybe setting up a cheap pun for the team name 'Riel Manitoba'
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    Ottawa CPL Club

    Someone should tell JDG that we could have used some of this “Fury” in 2012 down in Honduras..
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    CPL TV Contract

    If that's how you view things than why even bother with Giovinco free kicks when Messi's are available?
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