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    Liam Millar

    Made the SPFL team of the week with Arfield ...
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    Liam Millar

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    Have not seen it but Millar has scored for Killie. 1-0. Ends 2-0 he goes 87 minutes. Cool as you like on the finish for the goal (thanks Aird25)
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    Sometimes ugly wins are good - especially as we head into play the US. I thinks we have suffered from overconfidence in the Haiti game, and perhaps a strong result would have done the same against the US which will require a complete game. With Airfield, Holliett and Cavallini back it should be a pretty amazing game against the Yanks - looking forward to the next series.
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    CPL new teams speculation

    Which crowd are you refering to as " announced crowd of 1200 in Victoria"? Last two (not including today which has no # yet) were : Sept 4th.....2124 Sept 11th...2384 As for Forge FC, we don't know what the new config will be capacity wise, the club has averaged about 6K without the inaugural match. New Capacity will likely be 6-7K and they can open sections as needed easily for more demand. Makes sense to conscentrate the fans on one side for the atmosphere and broadcast optics so tweaking the stadium config is a good move imho and theres still flexibility. Your freebies comment is conjecture not fact. All leagues have games where attendances look very sparse because of weather, weekday scheduling, etc. and I've posted pics of some examples this summer from USL and MLS.
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    Unnamed Trialist

    Herdman new head coach

    Back to the topic. If we can win our series vs. the US we top our group. If we match them, and they do not get the results we did vs. Cuba, also. That is a good place to be in I would say. Because we play them at home just after their first Cuba match, more rested than they are and likely with them resting players vs. Cuba to prep for us; and then the same in November, us at home and then away to Cuba, their scheduling is not overly conducive to running up the score vs. Cuba or having it easy against us.
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    Herdman new head coach

    It amuses me that the "fire Herdman" brigade come to life again right after we have won 6-0. God forbid that it should have been only 3 or 4!
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    Herdman new head coach

    I was never a big fan of Herdman, but people need to get over that we didnt win by enough. If before both games we knew we would get 6 points, 2 clean sheets, and a +7 goal difference not too many people would complain. Would everyone be happier if we had won 4-0 and 3-0? The US basketball team, albeit their G/H? team isn't even goin to medal at the World Cup. Just because you are better on paper you will not dominate every game at international level.
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    Disappointing we didn't see Akindele and Cordova.
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    General Discussion on CMNT

    Could a November debut for Canada be in the cards? Excited to see what he can add to the team.
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    CPL new teams speculation

    So your using a phantom attendance number of 1200 that never happened and pretending its a real number instead of the official attendance number of 2384. Your trying to use that figure of 1200 is an out and out lie and using it like its real is a lowpoint for you, you've lost all credibility. As for eyeballing how many you think are in the stadium, attendance figures are tickets distributed (sold/comped) not turnstile for pro sports as most knowledgeable fans know.
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    He scored the second Besiktas goal in a 3-2 loss. They played from the 6th minute on down a man.
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    Millar starts against Hibernian - Luetwiller on bench once again in the Championship - Wotherspoon on bench in Scotland against Aberdeen - Arfield for Rangers of course.
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    El Hombre

    Juan Guillermo Cordova

    So the assumption here is that he still was never given a chance? He needed to come in to camp and show he deserved that spot, and not gifted a start.
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    My opinion on the game: Possession and passes completed was extremely impressive, especially considering we played with 10 men for a third of the game, and against a team that was playing 10 men behind the ball at basically all times. Frustrating we couldn't find ways to penetrate and make anything happen, and we need more movement off the ball. That said ,we were missing half our starters and some of our most impactful players (arfield, hoillett, hutch, cav, etc) Borjan - No comment - basically non existent in this one. Laryea - Not as impactful as last game, but still looked good out there. Vitoria - Pretty much invisible..but thats not a bad thing. Henry - Some kids never learn. Not 100% sure what he said, but these kinds of plays always piss me off, and he has to be better than that Adekugbe - Not sure why he is getting a lot of hate on here. I actually thought he drove a lot of the offence, and looked good out there. Johnson - Worked his butt off - nothing too flashy, cleaned up when he had to Kaye - Last game i thought besides Hoillett he was the best player on the field. Today - not so much. He was fine, but didn't stand out. David -On the wing, he was non existant. I think he needs to play in the middle. Seems weird, but It feels odd watching a game where David doesnt score...haha Davies - First half he was wheelin', taking on guys 1 v 1, drawing lots of fouls. Thought he slowed down a lot in the 2nd half. Overall a better perfomance than game 1....and he scored. In first half, i'd say he was our most effective player.. Larin - I've been wanting to like Larin for a long time...but every game I watch it makes it harder...pretty ineffective all around. Millar -Wish he woulda got more time. Super quick, would have been nice to see him one the right with davies on the left - both of em flying up and down the flanks. Can't wait to see how they lineup with all the boys back for the USA game.
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    He is brutal! He was awful in the Forge match in Honduras!
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    Did anyone else notice the rooster hanging out pitchside? #OnlyInCONCACAF
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    Herdman new head coach

    Disagree with the above as OZs team had a much tougher group stage within a 12 team Gold Cup and did not implode in one half against historically weaker opposition. Nevertheless, I don't think it serves much purpose discussing OZ at this stage of the game. Herdman has had time to lay down his own track record for which he can be judged independently. By October, he will have had 10 games. Plenty of training sessions and motivational speaker sessions and everything else to instill his own culture, and in game strategy. He will have settled on a preferred starting 11. 22 months in charge, and a Gold Cup behind him to reevaluate. What we will see in October is the very best Herdman has to offer. We can no longer talk about this being a young team that needs time to gel with their new coach. That is just not the case. Herdman said it himself. No more excuses. It's time to put up or shut up. Coaches should be judged on their results. If Herdman cannot get a result against the US, he is just not good enough to get us to the next level. He will have had plenty of time and opportunity to show what he can do. I wish Herdman luck and success but if there's one positive thing the Nations League can do for us is give us a measuring stick to assess our coach before its too late.
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    Ballou Tabla

    He should going to the U23s he can get his game back on track.
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    Jonathan David

    Asked to be subbed tonight but seems to be okay. The quote is from the club doctor. Translated. "Also Jonathan David was struggling and asked for a substitution. "That was just a cramp in the hamstrings", something the player himself also confirmed. A big relief for Ghent with a view to the clash with Saint-Étienne." https://www.voetbalkrant.com/nieuws/2019-09-15/kaminski-en-david-halen-de-wedstrijd-tegen-saint-tienne#ixzz5zccXmpNI
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    Yeah, really. In no universe does Osorio start over Arfield
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    Let's be honest here, most of the team looked overmatched against Olimpia which should come as no real surprise!
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    That's fair. Though if I remember correctly, Kaye was definitely not at 100%. I am predicating the suggestion on the idea that Eustaquio is fully fit. Do agree with others though that we can't just assume he quickly displaces Piette. I have been more and more impressed by the way Piette quietly does his job down the middle.
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    LOL at Kyle Bekker. If you're screaming at an opponent to get up after a foul when you're up 3-0 and a man, there's a big chance you're a huge dick.
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    Sept 7, 2019 All audio of the post game press conference and hallway interviews after the Canada vs Cuba game in Toronto on Saturday. head coach John Herdman, Junior Hoilett, Jonathan David, Doneil Henry, Mark-Anthony Kaye, Milan Borjan, and Richie Laryea. http://www.rocketrobinsoccerintoronto.com/reports19/19cana04.htm My stuff is NOT behind a pay wall.
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    CPL Stadium Thread

    Looks better and with a capacity still around the 5100 mark they're not really needed.
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    I didn't think he did bad. I prefer a natural LB. Davies was awesome but those dangerous giveaways in front of Borjan could have cost us big time. That's why I prefer Adekugbe there.
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    I was in Canada when I signed up for Onesoccer, but have been in New Zealand for a while now and can confirm that it works fine overseas with no VPN.
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    Herdman new head coach

    Sorry but there is nothing ridiculous about the complaints about Herdman. If anything is ridiculous its telling people to get over it. **** off. I will hate the hiring if I want to.
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    Jonathan David

    Ali Gerba, he wouldn't have bothered with the flick or any of that other fancy stuff he woulda just backheel one-touch volleyed and chipped the keeper.
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    For anyone curious in other parts of Canada, it sounds like the Wanderers Grounds weathered the Hurricane Dorian without any damage. Halifax was hit pretty hard but a few folks drove by the grounds and said it looked fine.
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    CPL General

    I'm not getting this call for more league matches. To my mind, given the length of our playing season and participation in cup fixtures high twentys-low thirties seems to be the ceiling if we're to have a salary capped league. Regardless of the number of teams in the league. I love (really love) the idea of a balanced schedule but when this venture gets to 10,11, 12 teams (and it well) the scheduling is going to get awkward. In my perfect world match spacing would be more consistant. I'm sure that would be part of the CPL's perfect world to but with Forge and Valour sharing venues that just adds to the difficult come high summer and into the fall.
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    Jonathan David

    That's pretty ambitious. No Belgian league player has gone for over 30M. Only 8 have ever gone for more than 20M.
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    Where is the lad that told me that Attardo shouldn't be starting...
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    League 1 Ontario 2019

    If this means you'll get to do a write up for the game for canpl.ca or something, congrats! Well deserved.
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    Very useful. But to be fair, we have yet to prove that we are not. We know how good we can be because we pay very close attention to our players and we are definitely at the top of the "also-rans," smashing the others in that group. We do need to take another big step if you look at the actual meaning of the phrase.
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    Beating England in a friendly wouldn't get us 15 points. Keep in mind the Nations League/Gold Cup qualifiers that were just played have an importance multiplier of 25, and friendlies in an international window are only 10. I calculated it just now and a win against number 4 ranked England in a friendly would get us just under 8 points. If we lose to England we would lose 2 points. For a comparison, a win against number 52 ranked Scotland would get us just under 6 points, and a loss to them would lose us 4 points.
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    Canadians abroad: Sept 13 - Sept 19, 2019

    Mexico Cavallini starts against San Luis, yellow card and 90 in a 3-1 loss
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    ^ He has 5 league goals, it's just that 4 are against Valour. He looked overmatched in the CONCACAF League matches against Olimpia. I guess I haven't seen much of Forge's other matches. What was crazy to me was that two or three times last night he beat the very rested Jordan Murrell for pace on straight line runs. Not a good look for Murrell.
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    He'll never be a track athlete but he's looked solid against most opposition this season. Right up there in goals per minute in the league. Perfectly acceptable target forward for this level. Links up with skill players better than you might think.
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    Former Canadian U17 international, Jean Arnaud Tano (Montreal Impact), has signed with NK Urania in the Croatian 3rd tier. He is 19 years old. https://t.co/xSrVjDjqtg?amp=1
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    Yes, but Cuba was on the road too!
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    Gold Cup 2021

    I believe we have all but officially qualified for this tourney, barring a Cuban miracle
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    The context was that they were discussing Davies at LB, then said Larin had played there, too. We can only assume they actually meant MAK, but ****** it up.
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    General - CONCACAF Nations League

    Telfer has scored his first goal for T&T currently 2-2 vs Martinique. He looks like he's going to be a star for them, which is good for CPL I guess. Very little passion from T&T, I mean I know they're laid back but after the first goal you would think they had scored a 7-0 in a friendly. Obviously I hope we go all out for the Hex but I really won't be bothered if we don't make it. I think we'll run through the rest of CONCACAF and then give us Jamaica or Honduras in a 2 leg tie. What more can you ask for? I don't think we could realistically finish 3rd in the Hex.
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    Jonathan David

    Lucas Cavallini on 10, Hoilett and Larin on 8. These guys are a goal or three away from being on this list. That's a high perctentage of active players making up that top 8 list.
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