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    Axel Desjardins

    Hey guys, Axel's brother here. I thought I would update his situation. First of all, the promotion was something else. He said the night of the game til the next morning was the best time of his life. He said it gave him a taste of what it's like to win something for a team, for the fans, and for a city. Especially in Spezia, where the fans are fanatics. Secondly, with a promotion in a first division, there comes a lot of changes. They have a new director, and everyone at the club is getting re-evaluated this week, including Axel. Spezia will decide if they want to keep Axel, send him on loan or transfer him in the next days. He is doing the best he can and still working very hard. They had physical tests a few days ago and he absolutely annihilated his teammates in the strength department scoring the highest by far. Axel and his agent are doing the best they can to get some minutes next season. I'll try to keep you guys updated, but we'll get some more official news soon.
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    Liam Millar

    Wanted to share these photos of Liam's shirt that his family had framed for him from his senior debut! He's a proper proud Canadian!! It's up in his room in Liverpool!!
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    Liam Millar

    i sat on this for a week, after turning down approaches from Porto and a few premier league clubs after a chat with Klopp Liam decided to sign a new long term contract and head out on Loan to Kilmarnock..,Really happy and excited for the opportunity for Liam...Here's to him going and smashing up the SPL!!! Buzzing!!! Sent from a hotel in Kilmanock!!!!
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    Liam Millar

    Trust me when I say It would only be a loan Liam is going no where permanently anytime soon.(I would know) He is very happy at Liverpool and very highly rated, he is being developed as a back up in the Firmino mould... but understands the need for first team football to help develop his game. Last thing we want is for him to be a just in case player it would stifle his development... ATM it seems he is going to stay at LFC playing in the Premier league 2 with Liverpool FC u23s and pushing for fist team opportunities in the Caribou Cup. With him likely to go out on loan in January. He is gutted to have not gone on the first team tour to the USA but LFC had 6 players return from loan Origi. Ojo Wilson, Sturridge, Kent and Markovic... Wilson has gone to Derby Kent to Rangers...once more players go out on loan he should be in training with the first team. He is right on the fringe of the first team atm.. The one thing I never really got as a player(I played for a short time for Charlton 25 years ago...)was the mental side and how important it is..in my day u just got on with it... Liam has a mental skills coach through the club, that deals with set backs(like not going on tour, or being dropped back down) and dealing with ups and downs of the game, and injuries...it has really helped him... at the level Liam is at now that is the difference maker and the thing we lack in Canada.. the players that can deal and push through are the ones that go on to make it. The journey is a real rollercoaster ride of success and failure... sorry long post...
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    The Road to Qatar.

    @admin Again this is Robert's new account. It's actually impressive how you and TGAA can singlehandedly ruin intelligent discussion from hundreds of people and turn this forum into a frustrating place to visit.
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    Liam Millar

    A few more sorry proud!!
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    Liam Millar

    He had an amazing 75 mins in front of 58000 fans at Celtic Park. The atmosphere was unbelievable. (I was there!!!) He was Completely shattered after the match. He absolutely worked his socks off for the team. It was very disciplined and mature performance in a left mid of a 4 which he hasn’t to my knowledge ever played. A left wing in a front 3 yes not a midfield 4. BBC player ratings of the match he was rated the 3rd best performance on the pitch!! Not bad for his first start against arguably the best team in scotland! Sorry gushing a bit still buzzing. Hopefully first of many starts now! Not many 19 year olds get to make that starting appearance or even ever get to experience that. It has been a fabulous year with ya tin of growth and experiences! Liam’s looking forward to getting back with the National team lads if selected for the Gold cup Dop !!
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    Liam Millar

    So a bit of an update. This experience has been exactly what Liam needed. Scotland has been a blast, he was thrown right in but hit the ground running. He's now had two really good first team substitute appearances and is really growing as a player. It's the small things you don't get from youth football. The day to day competition and struggle of working towards trying to get that starting spot... being around pros who can help you with the details.. training for an opponent.. Liam is hungry and happy!! Liam has come into a very good settled team but the manager Steve Clarke seems to have faith in him as he has thrown him into both games where he has come on and made a real impact and has been unlucky to not get his first goal. Big game on Saturday vs his former coach Stevie G and Rangers on Saturday!!! It won't be easy but nothing worth doing is and nothing good comes out of being comfortable...Very happy with his loan move
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    Spoke with Cordova over Instagram DM since it had been 12 months after his last call up (Oct 2017 vs ES) - He said he was nominated vs NZ in Spain but turned it down due to a big match solidify his spot and so therefore Herdman let him - That he was only left out of the last two due to Technical decisions *No RB’s being selected - Very motivated and committed to Canada ?? - Currently he’s fighting in his club with Jose Bizama who got called up for Chilean national team not too long ago - He thinks Canada will be a powerhouse since Canada already has very good players without its own league, “Just imagine what it will be like when they do” - Would consider a move to MLS in the future should he receive any offers - He’s learned the Oh Canada Anthem, English has improved and talks to Herdman with out a translator - Likes the healthy competition at Huachipato and finally hopes to be playing the Copa Sudamericana next year!
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    Alphonso Davies

    Just posting this for the likes...
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    Liam Millar

    Champions!! Amazing for Liam to be a part of such an amazing club and not a bad year to make your senior debut!! Onwards and upwards!! #ynwa!!
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    Liam Millar

    https://www.liverpoolfc.com/news/first-team/331460-melwood-photos-liverpool-training-christmas-eveLiam’s in training with the first team over Christmas... a few shots from today’s session... nice to see him line up against Kieta... Liam looks very serious(Right side beside Lallana behind Henderson!) but he is very happy for the opportunity... lots of fixtures of the next few weeks
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    Liam Millar

    Unbelievable performance from back to front from the whole team. To come out and beat a league one team with basically a u20 team. Brilliant so incredibly proud of Liam asked to do a job to press and push and run. He put a proper shift in and did all that an more. That dummy near the end and if Curtis would hve put him in he would have scored for sure. so so proud. . No one can ever take that away from him having played for Liverpool FC in the FA Cup team a winning team. lost for words time for a beer
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    Ian Kennedy

    Scott Kennedy

    Update: SCOTT KENNEDY STRENGTHENS JAHNELF CENTRAL DEFENDER (23) COMES FROM AUSTRIA KLAGENFURT Scott Kennedy (23) will join SSV Jahn Regensburg until June 30th, 2023. The German-Canadian central defender was most recently active with the Austrian second division team SK Austria Klagenfurt and has been with the team in the one-week training camp in Bad Gögging since Tuesday. As announced, SSV Jahn Regensburg has signed Scott Kennedy as a new addition for its defense. “Scott came to Germany five years ago with the aim of becoming a professional footballer here. With hard work, great privation and a lot of conviction, he has now achieved this. Its development is far from over. With his speed, tackle and header strength as well as his strength of character, he has what it takes to become an important component of our team. ” Says Christian Keller, managing director of professional football at SSV Jahn. Scott Kennedy was born in Calgary, Canada. The left foot can be used both in central defense and as a left full-back. In 2015, the then 18-year-old came to Germany from Canada and started at SG Chiemgau Traunstein. After a stopover at FC Amberg, he joined the Austrian regional league team SV Grödig in 2017. In July 2018, Kennedy switched to second division Austria Klagenfurt, where he played a total of 38 games (three goals) in two years. Kennedy will join the team in training camp this Tuesday. Due to the recent championship in Austria, however, he will initially complete an individual training program in the first few weeks. Kennedy is convinced that he will feel at home at SSV Jahn: “My first impressions of the city, SSV Jahn and Jahnstadion are very positive. For me, the step into the 2nd Bundesliga and SSV Jahn is the next challenge in my career. I will work hard right from the start to achieve the goals for the coming season together with my new teammates, ”said the 23-year-old.
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    Liam Millar

    Crazy to say that this way 8 years ago today . Not a lot of people know but Liam was soon CUT from The TFC academy for being to small.(some here do) ... to his credit he didn’t sulk or loose faith he put his head down and went to prove them wrong... sorry for sharing this but all players Are on a different pathway a different road and sometimes it’s good to share that things were never easy. People loose sight of that sometimes. He has a long way to go but has come so far !! my message to all players is to never give up ...
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    Liam Millar

    All will be revealed by 10pm bst Thursday...(transfer deadline in the UK) hopefully before..?
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    Ian Kennedy

    Scott Kennedy

    We're excited to watch Scott take his game to the next level. Throughout his career, he has played with focus and discipline, consistently improving his skills and the speed of his game. We do not know what Regensburg's plans are for him, but we expect he will play LCB. At Klagenfurt Scott's main position was LCB. However, he also played RCB (if required), midfield and, when they needed extra scoring power, he was an extra striker. As a young player, when Scott led Calgary West to winning the Provincial Championship, his coach stated some prophetic words, he said: "Scott, it is said that one's true nature (good/bad) surfaces under intense competition. Some crumble, some shrink back, others will compromise their integrity and values to win. I've had the pleasure of watching you, and teaching you, and have asked you many time to compete. To compete at a higher level, a championship level, to lead us on the field. You never flinched, you stepped up and you delivered. Your performance on the field was matched only by the integrity you displayed, even when things got ugly. You are a premier athlete, not just because of your abilities, but also because of your character. Any coach would love to have you on his/her team." I'm confident, these words will prove true again in Regensburg.
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    Liam Millar

    So now that’s it’s official. Liam will play the 2nd half left wing. First ever Canadian to EVER play for Liverpool fc first team yes in a preseason friendly but still...
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    Axel Desjardins

    Hello. I am excited to announce that Axel has been transferred to serie C side Novara, one of the oldest clubs in Italy! It's been a complicated couple of weeks with the new coaching staff and the new director, but Axel finally signed the paperwork this morning. A lot of people to thank for the deal, but mostly his agent and his keeper coach from last season, who by the way, won keeper coach for the 19-20 serie B season. Novara told Axel the starting spot was up for grabs, so it's up to him to earn it. I may be a little biased, but I trust Axel to do what it takes. He has the character to succeed. Thank you to Spezia Calcio for the wonderful years and for keeping him under their wing for so long. Hope they get to stay in Serie A, and hope Axel gets to play against them in the future. New challenge up ahead! Exciting times! Here is a picture of Axel from this weekend, all smiles with his big beard:
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    Liam Millar

    He won’t be at the u23s... it’s been a tough window Covid has effected the market teams don’t have as much money and most clubs need to shift players before bringing in players. loans are the last to get done... hope to have news soon...
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    Canadians abroad: March 8-14, 2019

    To be honest a little numb atm..just got home from the game... I was in the away end with 1500 screaming Killie fans when he scored..a little unreal!! SO happy for him! Hopefully first of many and great timing with the national team game coming up!!!
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    Liam like I, have great pride in being Canadian, we always talk about playing for where your heart lies. There will always be people who talk about careers decisions and such(playing for England being better for your career) but in the end he loves Canada and was born there it made him who is today and that's why he is proud to pull on the red. His career will take him where it is supposed to. I always say when the national anthem plays, play for the country that gives you chills... I get chills ever time O' Canada plays and so does he... Liam has a had a great preseason at LFC is fit and ready to go. Their first PL2 game is this weekend vs Brighton. I as he, wants to be selected because he deserves it not because you want to cap tie him. He won't play for anyone else...
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    Quebec City CPL

    TONS of information to share about this article from this magazine. Since everything is in French, I'll gladly summarize the the main points. Source Jean Gandubert, Former President and Director-President of Quebec Soccer Federation and former Adviser to the Federal Sport Ministry. He is now the Strategic Advisor to the investors being the liaison between them and the Regional Association, CSA and CONCACAF Pierre Marchand, Soccer Quebec President Who are the Investors Confidential but they have VERY deep pockets and capable of covering the losses of others due to the pandemic (not sure what he means by that, but take away is RICH!) The ownership seems to be a mix of individuals and companies They have been talking with the league since summer 2019 but talks have slowed down due to the pandemic Talks have already happened between the investors and Quebec City mayor Stadium: The goal is the construction of a new soccer specific stadium smaller than Laval University stadium which has been deemed too big and would look empty with a bad atmosphere which is vital for Quebec City to work There's been no information given to city departments for building a stadium yet. CPL Women's League CPL are interested in a Women's League but the focus is to develop/grow the current league at the moment. Eva Havaris, Vice-President of the league operations and strategic VP at CSB (according to LinkedIn) is said to be aiming for that league to become a reality Future of the PLSQ? CPL wants to acquire PLSQ like it did League 1 Ontario Provincial Leagues or Regional Leagues? Provincial leagues had seemed to be the destination for CPL reserve teams but the NEW goal is to have 3 minor leagues in Canada (East, West & Central) just like the CHL and like the CSA wanted in their previous strategic plan PLSQ's structure will be completely revamped to integrate this model Plans are already underway to lead towards a merge PLSQ-L10 league for as soon as 2021 (COVID slowed down the talks) The format and league structure to be determined. There should be a "co-commissioner" for Quebec to reflect the French contribution Soccer Quebec President would not be involved in the league but would like to make sure that teams have Quebec players and teams are mostly under 23. Discussions have already taken place and it seems everyone agrees with these conditions. Moving towards the model of a developmental league is vital to attract young promising players pointing out that Montreal Impact never loaned anyone to PLSQ due to the league being too low in quality and structure The goal would be to add Atlantic Canada teams to this "Eastern League" but Quebec-Ontario is the priority Clubs will have to fit this structure financially and have the proper infrastructure using the word "professional" (This might mean that not all L10 or PLSQ teams might make this league at launch) Confirmation that BC are working towards a league Foreign investors? Other Quebec markets including Montreal are being explored, no investors have been revealed Altetico Madrid's arrival has changed the landscape. There will be attempts to try and leverage interest from French clubs in investing in CPL via the FFF CPL is currently trying to get European investments into the league, not necessarily for Quebec but he mentioned Toronto as a possibility You guys are welcome! 🙂 Tips accepted 🤑
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    Liam Millar

    Yes I was there a memory that will stay with me for ever 20 years of his blood sweat and tears so happy for him
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    The Importance of Alphonso Davies

    Wow guys, this one was special. I was in the building for this one and got to see Davies up close in a big match. he didn’t offer a ton offensively in this one and was absolutely GASSED by the end. But defensively he was rock solid. There were 3 or 4 times he was a great tackle and 90,000 German soccer fans erupted into ovation for our boy. Late in the second half, he shut down a cross and Kimmich was absolutely fired up about it. Amazing to see and hear in person.
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    The odds are that we are going to finally make the hex. This is maybe the best team we’ve had in a long, long time. Floro has them playing together. Floro knows what needs to be done to get a result in Central America. The team tied Panama, Belize, and El Salvador in Central America so we are set up to tie Honduras as well. We have all these great new players who have committed to Canada: Hoilett, Arfield, Vitoria, Akindele. Hoilett and Arfield will finally give us some attacking presence. Atiba is in his prime. DeGuzman has dedicated the twilight of his career to getting Canada to the World Cup. We are very hard to break down and are now defensively organized and this is all because of Floro. Did I mention he coached Real Madrid (REAL MADRID!!!). Henry is on a Premier League team. Arfield is helping Burnley to promotion back to the PL. Honduras is in between cycles and are not as strong as they used to be. All we need in Honduras is a tie. El Salvador at home is the easiest game of the group and we should be able to win. We were never going to get anything out of the Mexico games so the results don’t even matter. Larin is on a hot streak and is scoring goals for fun. Hoilett is scoring regularly in the Championship (the best second tier league in the world). Good players like Osorio and Aleman aren’t even getting called because there is no room for them in the midfield. The players love playing in Vancouver. There is so much more media attention when the team plays in Vancouver. Did you see that crowd? 55,000!!! We will see that again against El Salvador with qualification on the line. And the support in Vancouver is fantastic. All of the supporter groups work together like best friends. The CSA has been doing so many great things lately. I hear they are up for ‘Association of the Year’ from FIFA. BC Place looked great, they had the new Fan Rallies, they’ve convinced all of those players to play for Canada, they started a Twitter account, and Mont Vic is running for CONCACAF president. Once Vic is CONCACAF president, every decision will be in our favour. All of the money from the WWC is going to be invested in grassroots player development. Soon the new Canadian Premier League will be starting and it will start pumping high caliber players into our national team and many will make big money moves to Europe. There are people lining up to invest in what must be seen as a huge cash cow. There’s a TV deal in place with TSN and they will work their magic like they’ve done with curling. Soccer fandom is on a huge upswing in Canada, what with MLS, NASL, the WWC and these recent qualifiers. MLS is on the verge of declaring Canadians as domestics, and soon there will be dozens of Canadians playing in MLS. And we have L1O and PLSQ starting to churn out talent. Soon there will be regional high performance leagues clear across Canada. It’s different this time. There will be no repeat of the 8-1 debacle. So many of our MLS based players will be in mid-season form in September and players from Honduras and El Salvador will be out of season. We should get 6 points from those two games, but 4 will see us through. You see … we’ve got this. Hex here we come!!
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    Jay striker

    Belal Halbouni

    Belal has been doing alright since the lock down started. He was lucky enough that the team let him fly back to canada and spend his time here over the last few months. He was able to continue his training doing individual drills and training on his own. He is now back in Germany with hopes of starting back up again and grinding it out soon. He would be 100% committed to playing team Canada. Born and raised here in this amazing country and will be proud to wear the jersey if he does get the call. I'll keep you guys posted on his training and news
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    Arrived in Bradenton after a 12 hrs journey form Liverpool!!! Looking forward to the game tomorrow!!
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    Ballou Tabla

    The issue isn't with the site per se, it's with the linking. If you simply go to the site, you won't have issues (and why we don't find any our end). It's a complex issue, we've looked at it. Because the issue actually happens BEFORE people get to the site. It's the link being intercepted and people being re-directed. It happens to a minority of people. It's a problem, but a real head-scratcher. I may actually stop sending links and simply post updates that will instruct people to go to the site manually. I'll put it frankly, The11.ca loses a lot of money. It was a labour of love that I subsidized with the broadcast money I would make from doing NASL games. Obviously, those don't happen anymore. Launched Plastic Pitch, that broke even in year one and two, but then it became too expensive to run (I was out of pocket nearly 10K on it in year three, so some hard decisions had to be made). I understand that the app world collapsed (as one industry insider once put it at a conference I was at, "apps are the eight-track tapes of our generation") so I'd eat that. I guess, I just want you all to understand that "fixing" an issue can be very, very expensive. Like, four or five digits. I leave the lights on simply because I'm hopeful that the CanPL will launch and that will create some new revenue lines so that the site can break even. But when I take on writing projects that pay the bills (writing about things that aren't soccer) to ones that are a massive financial wasteland (writing about soccer), I'd just like readers to understand that the site is more a labour of love than anything else at this point. "Fixing" issues is expensive.
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    El Hombre

    Jonathan Osorio

    Sure, you've provided examples from multiple soccer reporters that he has interest in Europe. Sure, you've provided a quote from his own general manager confirming that there are teams interested. Sure, he is having a very good year and it's not out of the realm of possibility that some European teams have come by to kick the tires. Sure, other MLS players like Mohammed Saeid, Roland Alberg, Joevin Jones, Ambroise Oyongo, João Meira, Mix Diskerud, Jack Harrison, and Cyle Larin all made similar moves just this past January. Sure, Canadian soccer players have made the international news lately with Alphonso Davies' transfer and Jonathan David's exploits, generating even a slight uptick in the interest in Canadian soccer in some circles. Even so, the fact remains that no team has contacted me personally to let me know that they are interested in Osorio, so until that happens I choose to believe that there is no interest at all in him. If he doesn't sign with TFC, he better hope he can catch on with a CPL or L1O team.
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    Liam Millar

    Thought I’d share the new kit pic ... Has 1 goal and 4 assists in 4 games preseason ((225mins...3 x 45 1x90) fit and ready for the next challenge.. sorry no updates yet...
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    Liam Millar

    You are right I can’t atm comment not about loans and with all the Liam bashing of certain posters in other threads (more than one...) by the usual suspects I better not. I end up typing a long reply stating all his stats and accomplishments records and who he plays for and how long of a contract with LFC he has blah blah blah But what does it get me??! I end up deleting it as in the end to some people no matter how far Liam has come and how well he does it won’t change their opinion. Their issues are personal ,mostly uninformed and most follow an agenda. Liam has his own pathway. He has done very very well and any call up or position he has gotten is based on skill and merit And hard work. End of story. He is a proud Canadian who is very honoured to have played for Canada and hopes to have more call ups but every one will have to be earned. And for the record him and his missus read this forum every now and then... have a nice night
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    Liam on the bench vs Livingston FC Alovely pic of the voyageurs scarf Jambo gave me at the game !!! One more of his brother wearing it with pride!!!
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    El Hombre

    Ferdi Kadioglu

    Just read through that article and the next paragraph after the one posted has Herdman quoting Canucks Abroad. I think with all the kudos going around, one is deserved for @Fussball_eh and team for the work they do.
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    Bryan Cristante

    I searched "Bryan Christante Canada" on google news and saw and Italian article from 3 days ago...I tried to click on it but it redirected me to the English homepage. I did the same search again and found the cached version and used the google translate: This could be important! http://webcache.googleusercontent.com/search?q=cache:YTvX5jlQIP0J:www.goal.com/it/notizie/cristante-visionato-dal-ct-del-canada-ha-la-doppia/123xmc1xy1lzw1k5znuvnmc54n+&cd=2&hl=en&ct=clnk&gl=ca Cristante viewed by the coach of Canada has dual nationality Drafting Goal Italian 05/13/17 Share Close Comments Getty Images During the match between Atalanta and AC Milan, the stadium appeared Octavio Zambrano, coach of Canada. The goal is Bryan Cristante. After a few dull seasons, between Benfica and Pescara, Bryan Cristante is back on the old levels under the wise management of Gian Piero Gasperini. The Italian midfielder has benefited from the favorable moment of ' Atalanta and fits cleanly on the chessboard Bergamo. Besides the three goals he scored from January onwards, a clear sign of the growth of Cristante is the fact that during the game against Milan, between the stands of the stadium Atleti Azzurri of Italy, is Octavio Zambrano , coach of Canada . "But it's not Italian?" - you may think you - Yes, but not completely. That is, Cristante was born in Italy in San Vito al Tagliamento but the father is Canadian, so the Atalanta player has dual nationality. He did the whole chain of youth national teams with the national team but had not yet made his debut with the greater, it is also convocabile with Canada. As long as he wants. Meanwhile Zambrano flew to Bergamo just to watch him and talk to him. I wonder if Cristante accept the proposal.
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    Translation: Has anyone been following Canada for more than ten years? Y'all kids have been spoiled with your streams and your snapchats and your Tiktoks. This is how it used to be in the glory days. You'd be lucky if you could find an audio stream of a bunch of Welsh commentators making fun of the Canadian warmups and you'd like it.
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    Have learned that this also camp includes 1-2 other friendlies against Caribbean opposition. Looks like Herdman is going Hex or bust. Awesome IMO. Also learned that there will be at least 2-3 new faces for their first MNT camp, including possibly a player from the U17 World Club team. The squad will apparently have a healthy dose U23 eligible players.
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    Proposal 1: The Phonzie Flu, as recently coined by someone on here could use the short form "Phlu". Proposal 2: Presumably Pulisic doesn't have the Phlu. It was Laryea who shut him down, so I think he must have Laryeangitis.
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    A lot of you, and you know who you are, owe John Herdman massive apologies right now.
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    Liam Millar

    Liam did really well today, he's been a really game changer and taken on what the manager Steve Clarke has to say. Very very unlucky not to be through on goal because of a cynical foul. Came on full of running and gave Rangers something to think about. Unlucky not to start but expected it against Rangers at Ibrox tbh.. Steve Clarke has a plan... He was not phased playing in front of a hostile crowd of 49000 fans at Ibrox. Not a lot of our senior men's national team players play in front of that many and thought at 19 showed a lot of maturity. This loan(his first) has been so good for him, really seen him grow into a man. His tail is up and he is full of confidence and keen to get back to the national team... he knows he has Hoilett in front of him but is happy for the chase... Looking forward to the game on the 24th
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    Manjrekar James

    Midtjylland are apparently cutting his loan to Fredericia short so that he can play in the Superliga once their winter break ends. It seems that he has been playing well in the second tier. He was described by his coach at Fredericia as being "the best centre-back in the league".
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    CPL General

    If the people on this forum can't be happy and excited about what is happening today, this league is ******. Get a grip people. We need to STOP being in tear down mode. Switch to being builders. Do it in your ******* head, NOW.
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    Rocket Robin

    Adonijah Reid

    I asked Adonijah Reid some questions about his status before warm ups at the Toronto FC II vs Ottawa Fury game this evening. (I watched him play over the year's with ANB Futbol of League 1 Ontario in their first years so he recognized me). He answered he's still with FC Dallas of MLS and they can recall him. He said Dallas doesn't have a USL team so this is a way to give him playing time. He was on the subs bench but didn't get into the game tonight.
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    Alphonso Davies

    Looks like the moment we've all been waiting for has arrived. Davies has passed his citizenship test and will be taking the Oath of Citizenship today.
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    Greetings from CPL

    Hi Voyageurs - Paul Beirne here, with the most ironic of handles...I'm MLS in Toronto because i've been on this board since before TFC was a thing. "I've made up my mind, I'm keeping my handle..." I'm just letting you know I've been lurking and listening and I love the enthusiasm on here. Of course it will inevitably turn sour because...internet! Eventually - if you have questions I will try to answer as they come. If I ignore the question it probably means I can't comment, or that thing you're asking about is not decided yet. Don't hit me up with anything just yet - there is nothing to be public about yet (except boundless optimism - thanks to you). Also - don't you dare hit me up for a job. And don't PM me - I don't check those. For now - keep up the spirit and the growing supporter groups - we're all going to have a lot of fun!
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    Liam Millar

    So I’m his 1000 mins he has 2 goals and 3 assist.(over 2 loans spells) Which he will be the first to tell u is not good enough. The issue is the style of football he is currently playing in doesn’t suit his style.he needs space to run into and most teams sit off him. The SPFL is a tough physical defensive league to play in. Under Steve Clarke they utilised his speed on the counter which he has done some of this season but Alessio plays really a 4-5-1 and Liam sits in the left side of that 5. the football at times is down right depressing and dreadful. Slow defensive sideways and backwards. No intent to get forward. Liam has had some really impressive numbers(see previous article) in regards to dribbles and taking players on ( Top half of the SPFL) but hasn’t had the opportunity really with the end product as of yet. As for the fans it’s a mixed bag they were really keen to see him come back but they don’t feel he’s really reached his potential. And we agree but he’s worked hard to put himself back in the starting 11, 3 starts on the bounce. And happy to see him get mins. The team itself is on a bad run of form which is t helping with no win in 8. It’s his first full season loan and it’s. A steep learning curve. The message is keep improving keep moving forward..... On a side note Harry Paton had a great game today for Ross County and good to see them chatting after the match. Liam and Harry spent time together at Fulham’s youth set up...
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    Canada vs French Guiana Match Thread

    My favourite memory from tonight’s match was while watching it with my 5 year old son and he turned to me and said “I want to be a Canada player!” We sang Oh Canada together. Celebrated the goals together. And dreamed of him suiting up for Canada together in the future. This is why playing matches and having them televised is important. *ironically all done while wearing the Northern Ireland top my wife put him in earlier today to wind me up. Haha so proud.
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    Yes he has signed. Here is my translation of the Finnish article: "New player contract - versatile Jonas Häkkinen has signed with Vaasan Palloseura Vaasan Palloseura [VPS] has signed a player contract with the young Finnish player Jonas Häkkinen. The contract is 1+1 years. [unspecified whether the option is one way or two way] Jonas Häkkinen is a multi-functional player who owns both the Finnish and Canadian passports, and who can play both stopper and defensive midfielder. "For the last few years he has played stopper, but before that he has played defensive midfielder, as well", VPS head coach Petri Vuorinen comments. Häkkinen has played his entire career in Vancouver, where he has played in the Whitecaps academy. Häkkinen has Finnish parents and he speaks good Finnish, although his native tongue is English. "Jonas has trained with us for quite a while already. He came to Finland to uplift his career. Comparing him with other players of his generation (1999), I believe that he has the full potential to succeed in Finnish Premier League", Vuorinen analyzes. Very little about this promising player is known in Finland. Contact between the player and the club came through his agent. The youngster has trained with VPS for a month already. "The agent suggested that we give Jonas a trial. We decided to take him along and have been judging his play. In the last few years, many young players looking to develop have trialed for us. This time we found a good "match". I do not think many have heard of him here, even though he is Finnish. He is a new face for many here in that sense." In addition to his playing skills, there is another thing Vuorinen specifically likes about Häkkinen. "He has a very tough but healthy attitude about sports and football in general. All that is right", Vuorinen comments. Jonas' own interview will be done during November. -------- Since it's my first post, I figure it's fine to use this space to say hello everybody, too. I am a VPS fan from Finland - a cold, stable Northern country, with an under-performing National Team with a history of promising players selecting some another country, and whose general public has an unhealthy obsession with this sticky-sport played on ice. Suppose this description also explains to you all why I have somehow developed kind of a weird sympathetic affinity towards the "soccer people" in Canada, and hence I have been following your NT for the past few years, including lurking on this forum occasionally. So I figured that now that this guy signed with my local club team, it would be a good excuse to register here too. So I do hope you guys don't mind having me as an "outsider" for our countries are yet to develop a fierce rivalry in this sport. (Although I also wouldn't mind, if in the next few years one developed over Häkkinen's services at the senior level. ) --------- Would Jonas warrant his own thread, btw? Now that he's going to be playing here, I would be more than glad to contribute with updates on Jonas etc. since I watch every VPS game anyway.
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