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    Ian Kennedy

    Scott Kennedy

    I spoke to Scott this morning. His physical therapy and treatments (while taking longer than expected) have been successful and he's feeling strong again. He will be back into regular training next week. We expect to see him back on the pitch with the team, in a game situation, before the December break. Despite missing him at CB, SK Austria Klagenfurt is performing well this season and they continue to hold onto 1st place. We're looking forward to seeing Scott on the field helping to generate winning plays, stopping the opposing offence and scoring goals.
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    Canadians abroad: Oct 25-Oct 31 2019

    Liam starts again 10th start this season Liam playa 68 mins an a 1-0 win. kilmarnock go up to 3rd in the Scottish premier league behind Celtic and Rangers.
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    Shame on TSN and Sportsnet

    If anyone was watching the ESPN2 feed of the match, they mentioned something regarding TSN and Sportsnet declining the option to show the game tonight. If that is true, both broadcastors should be embarrassed. Twenty years ago when each only had one tv channel and no ability to stream games on their websites maybe you could give them a pass but considering TSN showed multiple Euro qualifying games on their channels and website today, they should have put on this game. It's sad how TSN bends over to show MLS games (including some without Canadian teams) but can't support the MNT.
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    dyslexic nam

    League Trophy

    CPL releases images of five awards – Golden Boot, Golden Glove, Coach of the Year, Player of the Year and Best Under 21 Canadian Player of the Year. https://canpl.ca/article/canadian-premier-league-officially-unveils-2019-individual-awards
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    Booked my flights. Just a super quick 2 day trip down but my first Nats away game. Woohoo!
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    Cavalry FC Season Thread 2019

    As usual I have to correct the biggest ******* idiot in the Canadian soccer scene with what's actually going on in Calgary. Rather than say "no large downward adjustment on prices" you should actually say "big downward adjustment on prices in the main grandstand with reasonable price increases in the supporters section to compensate". I even made a spreadsheet to compare the two.
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    Pulisic is a big loss but let's not get ahead of ourselves. We are still the underdogs, or at least we should go into the match with that mentality. I hope the players, fans and media keep feet firmly on the ground. We can't afford to celebrate before the ball has been kicked. They still have some dangerous players. It is fine to up the optimism but it won't be easy. We shouldn't get carried away.
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    Ottawa CPL Club

    Never rejoice people when a pro soccer team folds even when it’s this controversial Fury team. It just gives ammunition to all the soccer haters to say there I told you so with their believe that pro soccer can’t really make it here in Canada and it will eventually all come crumbling down MLS and CPL included. Yes the Fury should have been in the CPL this year no reason why they should have held out. But I would rather there be a pro soccer team in Ottawa than nothing at all. Ottawa is folding because they are loosing a **** load of money never mind sanctioning and all that other crap. If they are not losing a ton of money they would be back even in the CPL in 2020. Moreover, where are all these new owners in Ottawa breaking down the doors to get into the CPL? This is a bad bad look for soccer in Canada expecially now with the World Cup coming and Canada’s men’s team starting to make some noise .
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    Ottawa CPL Club

    I agree. Definitely looks like an offering. If it's Fury offering to come in for 2020 at that rate, with them having to agree to all the same CPL rules as everyone else, I'd shake hands on it. Bring them in, end the all the back-and-forth nonsense, end all the will-they-or-won't-they CONCACAF ********, and just get on with building the league, Canadian players, refs & coaches. If they're the 1st expansion side, coming in solo for the next season, this would be an palatable deal IMO.
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    Liam Fraser

    It's simple. He is not american enough. It was a bittersweet win for tfc tonight for me. Just ensures vanney stays and team America continues.
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    An Observer

    Ottawa CPL Club

    My take on this is essentially what I said a year ago when they first were denied sanctioning that was reversed. Fury have just made a shockingly bad business decision by staying in the USL in year 1. Granted, they were not put in an enviable situation by the circumstances they found themselves in by having to choose in year 1 between USL and CPL but as others have said, they should have known years ago that this was a likely eventuality. They either had to stay on the outside and hope they could claim “special circumstances!” Indefinitely or at least until they could wiggle their way in for nothing once the league was established or join a first year league with all the risks it entails. In fairness to them, not an enviable choice but it’s the choice they should have been aware of they needed to make. If I was them, I would have joined the league in year 1 as they would have seen from the inside the commitment of the ownership groups and whilst still a risk, that to me was a lot less risky than staying outside, hoping for an indefinite exemption in the FIFA world, and not paying an expansion fee once the league was established. from a business point of view, the CPL teams took all the risks, establish the league, signed the deal with media pro, got the sponsors, etc., they should be rewarded for those risks as Fury didn’t help them to create it Fury bet against them league by staying outside and now they go burned. It’s as simple as that
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    CPL new teams speculation

    What do u want him to say?? Oh it looks good, qoute a timeline and then negative nelly's **** all over him. What's not to understand, there is interest (we all know that), there are guys closer than others, and probably even groups trying to get something done this fall, but he's not going to announce anything until its in the bag. Enjoy the finals, then the silly season full of BS rumors of signings, and the usports draft etc.
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    Mark-Anthony Kaye

    Judging from everything I have heard and read about this guy, I doubt very much that he subbed himself off so early in the game as a precaution for LAFC in such an important game for Canada. Especially after putting in minutes at LB to get a shot at CM
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    Oh yea yesterday, I loved the "fu©k the USA" chant yesterday... Sigh what a night!
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    2020 USports Draft Prospects

    That's why the CSA wants to replicate the CHL model which is the backbone of developing the best hockey players in the world. Not saying we'll be the best football nation but such system will bring much improvement. Credit to CPL for wanting provincial leagues under it's pyramid. Quebec and BC are a matter of time and other provinces should follow. That's how you best identify talents in more remote areas, that's how hockey doesn't miss anyone who's good...even from Cole Harbour, NS. University draft is a temporary fix and I doubt it will be a permanent thing
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    Sexism In New Media

    I think she's a good looking girl. Is that a crime? But hey that's me. Life goes on I'm thinking if we start to get bent out of shape over what people are saying on podcasts we might be here for a while
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    Canadians abroad: Nov 1 -7, 2019

    Belgium Larin starts against Waasland-Beveren. Last minute winner for Larin, he also played a part in the first. Goals are here https://www.flashscore.com/match/8EuNnuRP/#video Uruguay Martin Amuz starts against Defensor Sporting. 90 minutes in a 2-1 win
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    League Trophy

    I think they're awesome. So much better than that championship trophy.
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    Mark-Anthony Kaye

    LOVE that from Kaye. Put all these dumb pundits comments on the dressing room wall and shove it down their throats again in Orlando.
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    Cavalry FC Season Thread 2019

    Thank you to Shermanator for showing how next year's season's ticket prices compare to this season. With all due respect though, I think he's missed the proper analysis. I believe Cavalry's motivation is to lower the prices so they can lock in as many SSH's before they lose the home-and-away championship matches vs. Forge.
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    Ottawa CPL Club

    They got sanctioning last year on an explicit 1 year waiver and knew that CONCACAF didn’t want to give them another year. Why were they pretending that they would get it again this year. To the surprise of nobody they couldn’t get it. Last year when they could have joined CPL for cheap they passed and now that CPL has millions per year in corporate sponsor partnerships the price has gone up. Also surprising nobody. Why would the other CPL owners who have taken a leap of faith just share millions of dollars of sponsorships and dilute their own revenue without something in return? Of course they wouldn’t. OSEG wanted it both ways, played hardball and lost. Too bad for them but nobody should be surprised.
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    USL to CPL Canadians for 2020?

    USL is a relatively stable league that is going to be around for a while. Canadians good enough to play pro were already playing pro when CPL started and many are in USL. Since CPL attendance is comparable to USL it is reasonable to assume that, for now, salaries are comparable. CPL has created demand for Canadian players and this is good for them: they will presumably take the best offer. But they might need a little extra incentive to leave a stable gig for something more uncertain. And playing time counts. Now that CPL.has a season under its belt, I'm sure a lot of USL players will now be looking at it as a viable option.
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    Mark-Anthony Kaye

    even if it was a slight tweak, it wouldn've gotten worse as the game went on to the point of not being able to continue. It's not like you can "run off" a hamstring injury no matter how minor.
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    My brother, a very casual Canadian soccer fan, kept asking my who that guy was. Not Davies. Not David. Samuel Piette. That guy is destroying everything in the midfield, he kept saying.
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    Why would tfc fans want Vanney gone. Hasn’t he gotten them 3 finals and one cup in 4 years.
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    Beating the USA back-to-back would be such a statement that I'm not even thinking about the Hex, points or rankings. This would be the biggest thing since the 2000 Gold Cup win.
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    The Importance of Alphonso Davies

    I read this 7 times, chills all over my body. Coming from Ribery on top of that.
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    CPL new teams speculation

    Montreal should get the bye over Toronto because they won the 2019 Voyageurs Cup, which I believe was the rationale for giving Toronto a bye in 2019.
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    Canadians abroad: Nov 8 -14, 2019

    England U23 Ben Paton is on the bench for today’s match with Middlesbrough Belgium Larin starts against Anderlecht. Canada’s most inform striker ties it up. Game ends 2-1 for Anderlecht. Larin goes 90
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    Honestly, I'm really not the language police but this was just too tempting to resist. I hope it will be received in the humorous spirit in which it is intended! Asterisk: * Asterix:
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    CPL new teams speculation

    The difference from a corporation on this is that CanPL has been sanctioned by the CSA as the D1 league covering all of Canada and that moves it into the realm of being a national institution. The official languages of Canada are French and English. To not have French given equal status in league branding and on trophies etc is a step beyond what's reasonable from a business practicality standpoint into what is likely to start being interpreted in some quarters as a deliberate and calculated snub.
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    CPL new teams speculation

    Canada would almost certainly not exist any more in its current form if French had not been accorded that status. It wasn't something that was done on a whim by a single politician but was something that was absolutely necessary from a national unity standpoint. It is fundamental to what Canada is as a state that French should always be respected as being equal to English in status on a national level.
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    CPL new teams speculation

    There's a large francophone presence in both Ontario and Manitoba...so I'll disagree on that. Team or no team in Quebec, Quebecers & former Impact academy players are in the league
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    CPL new teams speculation

    Credit to Actualité Soccer Canadien (follow him, he's doing a great job) Regarding Quebec City: -There's a serious ownership group working on the team, and that a stadium deal have been made but doubtful for 2020 -Soccer Quebec wants to work with CPL but marketing-wise he's more on the fence...calls CPL "very anglophone" -There may be a PLSQ opportunity for Sherbrooke but a CPL team is doubtful in his opinion
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    Ottawa CPL Club

    I also don’t want to get too excited yet but adding the Fury would be a huge move for the league. 1- expansion adds to the perception that the league is moving forward. I realize teams may be added in 2021 but for an existing team to come after 1 year is great. 2- It balances the schedule. Having 7 teams has been a huge pain and forces a lot of midweek games with lower attendance. 3- Cleans up the Canadian pyramid. With L1BC coming on-board and the Fury joining this will really reduce Canadian teams in lower US leagues.
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    Jonathan Osorio Appreciation Thread

    Burst on the scene looked potentially amazing Went backwards, wasn't given opportunities and looked like he was going to get lost and fade into obscurity. Got his chance, took it, has become amazing. The End.
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    I have been thinking that this system lends itself to shenanigans
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    Considering how bunched up place 3-7 were I figured all managers were safe.
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    York9 - 2019 Season Thread

    I had a feeling they were going to drop the prices so not surprised but I appreciate the gesture and I will be back for year 2.
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    What an amazing game. Here's a rare news article (from Forbes surprisingly) that actually recognizes that USA should NOT be so shocked they lost to Canada because of our talent and tactics (and not blame it just on a lack of desire by the US). The journalist actually seems to know loads about our guys. Savour this read, preferably with a cigar and whiskey 🥃 in hand.. https://www.forbes.com/sites/jamesnalton/2019/10/16/canada-united-states-2-0-nations-league-berhalter-alphonso-davies/amp/
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    CPL new teams speculation

    If you honestly do want the totality of Canadian pro soccer to succeed, you sure have a weird damn way of showing it.
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    What an absolute beauty of a game. I have to admit, when I saw the starting line up, I was a little shocked. No Junior? No Cav? A new formation? Davies up top? I've also never really been sold on Piette - but god damn did he prove me wrong. He is my man of the match for sure. Cleaned up EVERYTHING in the midfield. Davies & David looked great up top - could have had a couple more goals. The mid was strong all game. Once Kaye went down, I was worried, but Fraser stepped in and didn't miss a beat... Borjan bailed us out when we had to - which was surprisingly only once! What a great game all around. The best, most complete performance I've seen in years....10/10. Can't wait til Orlando game!
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    What is Josh Sargent supposed to be good at? I can see he has a future as a Carrot Top impersonator, but anything else?
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    As I see it, we have 14 guys who could be starters for us today. Cavallini, David, Davies, Hoilett - Arfield, Osorio, Kaye, Piette - Adekugbe, Miller, Cornelius, Vitoria, Laryea - Borjan. I'd be happy with any reasonable combination of these 14 players. It is almost completely impossible for Herdman to get our starting 11 wrong. And that's a very good thing. Aside from Millar as a possible late sub, I don't think anyone else sees the pitch today. No more square pegs in round holes. No more keeping our cards close to the vest. No excuses. I don't care what our formation is. I don't care if we press or counter or what. I just want to see 11 killers out there who will do whatever it takes to get the win. This squad needs to step up and show the world what Canadian soccer is made of.
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    CPL General

    That certainly dates me, as I do remember that ad quite well.....
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    Lmao Liam reminds me of Stephen Baldwin in The Usual Suspects.
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    Songs for Tuesday!

    Jonny Jonny Jonny Jonny Jonny Jonny - Jonny David Phonzie Phonzie Phonzie Phonzie Phonzie Phonzie - Phonzie Davies!!
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