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    El Hombre

    Dominik Yankov

    Mark-Anthony Kaye was playing USL at 23 years old. Richie Laryea didn't play a professional match until he was 21. Derek Cornelius was playing in Serbia at 20 years old. Samuel Piette was playing third division Spain at 20 years old. Jonathan Osorio turned 21 during his first professional season. Tosaint Ricketts made his professional debut at 21 years old in the Finnish league. He has since played in Romania, Norway, Turkey, Israel, and Lithuania. He is also the active leading scorer for the national team. Atiba Hutchinson was playing with the Toronto Lynx at 20 years old. Dom Yankov turned 20 a month and a half ago. He has been playing in the Bulgarian league since the age of 17.
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    Juan Guillermo Cordova

    It looks like this Chilean league commentator chose Cordova for the league’s top RB?
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    Dominik Yankov

    @Free kick, Ludogorets is not your average Bulgarian team. They are miles ahead of everyone else in their league. Yes the league is terrible, and if he was on any other team in Bulgaria I would agree with you. But Ludogorets is a very good team and he is starting for them at 20 which is impressive. On top of that, he has played for Bulgaria at multiple age levels so they obviously rate him as well. We have not had any matches in ages and have no matches in the near future. What else are we supposed to talk about if we aren’t allowed to discuss prospects like this?
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    Theo Corbeanu

    Goal this morning
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    Stephen Eustaquio

    The Belgian league had a doozy this morning:
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    Tyler Attardo

    Are we sure that's not his mailing address?
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    Trois Reds

    Dominik Yankov

    Look at the team, not the league. Ludogorets has won the Bulgarian league ever since it was promoted. 9 years now. It has played in the Champion's League twice, and only once didn't make it out of the group stage in Europa League. Bigger European teams notice their players. Yankov started and scored for Ludogorets last game. He's 20 years old and can play for Canada. I'd be excited.
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    Canadians Abroad September 18th to 24th

    Premier League 2 Corbeanu starts against Leeds and nets with a tidy finish. Went 75 in a 2-2 draw.
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    dyslexic nam

    Abdulmalik Justin Owolabi-Belewu.

    On another note, a CB going to Chelsea who is eligible for Canada, Nigeria, and England. I mean, what could go wrong...?
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    dyslexic nam

    Cristián Gutiérrez

    Every thread started in the last 2 years has evolved into a discussion of all our wing back options.
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    dyslexic nam

    2020 CPL Island Games

    It honestly just occurred to me how much I am going to miss this tourney when it is over. As a province with no team, this has been an amazing run of games - and I have been fortunate enough to see a few of them. Gonna be hard to go without it all of a sudden.
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    Tyler Attardo

    Maybe it's a move like Henry made, to open the door to West Ham, through technicalities.
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    Zorhan Bassong

    MLS is weird it is really down to the individual player, so many guys have come from lower leagues and adapted very well and other have come from top divisions and fallen flat on their faces.
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    Dominik Yankov

    Sorry I'm jumping in late to this thread, but one of the things we do on this site - and this section in particular - is talk about future national team prospects. As we have seen over and over, they can come from anywhere (a 15-year-old from Edmonton? a veteran of the Scottish League? a Canadian university player?). That's one of the reasons I and many others come here. How do we know what significance these players have until we identify them and discuss them?
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    The Importance of Alphonso Davies

    Tied with Mbappe for fastest rated player in FIFA 21
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    Lucas Cavallini

    Adnan is a waste of a DP spot.
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    Canadian Dual Nationals

    I’m confused, ZBG has started a lot of games this year at RB for impact and has been a definite bright spot for them there as well. Maybe I’m reading your comment wrong ? ZBG looks great going forward
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    Canadians Abroad September 11th to 17th

    England Hoilett has the start against Bournemouth, out in the 58th down 2-0 McGill is on the Crawley bench for today’s match against Port Vale Leutwiler is on the bench for today’s match against Burton Albion Scotland Harry Paton starts against Celtic. 90 in a 5-0 loss. Arfield is on the bench for today’s match against Dundee United. On the field with 32 to go. Sets up Kemar Roofe on the third goal, adds a goal in the 87th. Trafford is on the bench for today’s match against Livingston. Played the final 7 in a 2-1 win. Wotherspoon has the start against Motherwell, out in the 85th ends 1-0
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    The Importance of Alphonso Davies

    Nominated for UCL defender of the season
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    Cristián Gutiérrez

    If Gutierrez is in the conversation then we can't forget Juan Cordova as well. When the two played together on Huachipato, Cordova was arguably a more important player for them and he's only grown since.
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    Thomas Hasal

    You what? He's 20-years old, playing hard minutes at first-team level way ahead of expectation. After a half dozen games playing out of his skin, he was due a let-down. He'll probably make way for the journeyman American for the next game or two, which is the sensible move, but he's out-performing every goalkeeping prospect we've had at his age since Begovic. Anybody failing to acknowledge that plain fact is out to lunch.
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    Dominik Yankov

    I dunno. I have watched lots of Whitecaps games. Bulgarian pub league would give them a run for their money 😛
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    Canadians Abroad September 11th to 17th

    tajon gets his first mls goal equalizing late vs philly
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    Canadians Abroad September 11th to 17th

    Premier League 2 Corbeanu starts against Burnley and opens the scoring. He went 90 minutes in a 3-2 win
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    Dayne St. Clair

    Minnesota traded for another goalie since Miiler and Ranjitsign will be out for a while. A 25 year old who has played 1 MLS game. Article indicates that they are happy with St. Clair as a starter and it is his position going for the time being. https://www.mlssoccer.com/post/2020/09/17/minnesota-united-get-needed-goalkeeper-depth-acquire-adrian-zendejas-nashville-sc
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    Canadians Abroad September 11th to 17th

    TBH I've never understood why we distinguish between players abroad and players playing at home on this site. I'd prefer to see updates on everyone in one thread
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    Cristián Gutiérrez

    If Gutierrez is in the conversation then we can't forget Sam Adekugbe who apparently left Vancouver because of his "his ambitions to play in Europe". Seems like that move has just put him out of sight out of mind for CMNT fans. Hopefully his salary is higher there than in MLS. He may get call ups to CMNT but I think if he had been playing in Vancouver then the talk of him would be more like that of Richie Laryea or Zachary Brault-Guillard as for sure call-ups.
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    2020 Voyageurs Cup Format

    That’s such a bullshït advantage. The wait/out of form the Forge/HFX will experience is unfair. They should postpone their game and fit the final in some time between now and next week.
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    El Hombre

    TFC 2020 Season

    Camacho for TFC MVP?
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    Jonathan David

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    The Road to Qatar.

    I'm watching Copa Libertadores right now. Teams were given quarantine exemptions based on the fact that they were traveling for work. A friend just travelled to the US for work and he didn't have to quarantine in the US but he did returning. I was told same with people traveling in to the US from Mexico. They also do not have to quarantine I also have a friend in the travel industry who told me the Canadian airline industry is pushing the government for more of a European model which enforces quarantine not for countries but regions you fly in from. The Canadian airline industry has been decimated far beyond what has happened in the US and Europe Also for fans in stadiums people should look in to what the Bundesliga announced today. I stand to be corrected on exact numbers but it was something like you can have fans in stadiums unless your region had a 7 day rolling daily average of over 35 cases per 100k people. So 1 million people you can't average over 350 cases per day. Im going by memory
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    Molham Babouli

    He's been a revelation for the Forge. And to think everyone was suggesting this signing for the longest time.
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    Liam Millar goes 90 in a hard fought 1-0 win for Liverpool FC U23s in the mini Derby vs Everton u23
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    dyslexic nam

    Pics from the Island Games

    So not a player or a coach but I was chatting with a guy and noticed he had a CPL mask. I asked him where he got it. “Oh, I am the commissioner of the league”. Turns out I was talking shop with David Clanachan. Ha.
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    Cristián Gutiérrez

    Playing as a left back for Bayern is NOT the same as playing as a LB for the CMNT... why do so many people have a hard time getting this?
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    2020 CPL Island Games

    HAHA, I'll give them a pass on the geography, they just gave CPL more attention than TSN has all season.
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    Cristián Gutiérrez

    good player folks.. do we need a lb?
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    Congratulations HFX Wanderers FC

    A very pleasant (and welcome) surprise. I thought Top 4 was possible but I did not expect to make the final. Everything is a bonus now but would be disappointed to lose at the final stage. Forge have the pedigree so we are underdogs but we do have a decent record against them. I don't want to get ahead of myself and think about Canadian Championship and Concacaf League but that would be crazy to have the latter at the Wanderers Grounds.
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    Dominik Yankov

    I spent a few days in Sofia 4 years ago. It's a beautiful city, and well worth a visit. According to a couple of chats I had with a local driver we used, as far back as 2016, Ludogorets had pretty much ruined Bulgarian football. They were bought by a super rich guy when in the second division and he sank so much money in immediately that they promoted that first year and have run away with the league ever since (9 in a row and counting). The guy I spoke to supported Levski, one of the two traditional Bulgarian giants from the capitol. Overnight, they became no-hope also-rans, as did CSKA, and within a couple of years, their attendances had plummeted. There is no competition anymore. Just a bit extra on the topic of the Bulgarian league...
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    Zachary Brault-Guillard

    Taider should have 3 more goals and ZBG should have 3 assists in the past 2 games. 2 superb deliveries to Taider vs TFC and another yesterday, although it had some zip to it. Did not see the whole 2nd half but he was solid on both sides of the ball. Not as flashy as Laryea but very calm when under pressure defensively.
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    Dominik Yankov

    There’s so many ridiculous things you’ve said here that’s it’s probably not even worth acknowledging but.... The kid has over 40 appearances at the 1st team level at 20 years old and is now a mainstay in a Europa League team, not a farm league team, not a USL team, not a CPL team. Ludogorets (much like clubs such as Dinamo Zagreb, Cluj, Shakhtar, Red Star etc) compete in Europe on a yearly basis which is a higher level of competition than any of the boys in MLS are experiencing. The standard is extremely high in these clubs, the facilities are top notch, the payrolls on average are the same as MLS and in most cases bigger. The DP’s in MLS skew things a bit but for the lost part, player for player clubs like this are much stronger than MLS sides. Sure you can call the domestic leagues secondary in comparison to the bigger EU countries, but in Dominik’s case, he’s at a better club situation than almost any Canadian around his age (besides Davies/David) where clubs from bigger leagues in Europe regularly scout and can trust the level. He won’t be at Ludogorets for much longer, they didn’t let him leave last window and they’ll cash out rather than let him leave free in January. I’m sure when you see/hear which teams are in the mix your opinion will change fast. Btw, a freebie for all the other posters.. there’s now another Canadian playing in the U19 of Ludogorets who will be in the UEFA youth league this season👍
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    Played 90 in a 5-1 win. He seems to have had a good game according to Fotmob, 7.4 rating which was the highest for someone who didn't score or assist.
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    Zachary Brault-Guillard

    Looked good. I like his game in both ends. (As an aside: I had to track through six pages before I found his thread where I could post info about him)
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    Jonathan David

    Other than maybe a slight lack of confidence on his shooting, I thought this was his best match. He dragged back linking with the mid well, continuing the flow of the attack, his hold up play was good, and got in better scoring positions. He's been steadily improving each game. I think once he gets that 1 goal, we'll start to see him at his best again imo.
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    Atiba was player of the game today.
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    Strait Red

    Atiba Hutchinson

    The legend was player of the game today vs. Trabzonspor. Playing pretty well for a 38 year old.
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    Jonathan David

    Was not my first choice and was not thrilled with how his camp handled the move but very, very early in the process and its not like they are really struggling as a team. A chance to learn how to be valuable when things are not tailor-made for you. He needs to show he can do that and I think he can.
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    Dominik Yankov

    I tend to agree but only if he is leaning towards Canada, because even leaning towards us slightly may be enough to keep him non-committed for the time being. However, the fact remains that he is playing for Bulgaria's youth team and scoring for their biggest club, so it does seem we are on the outside track. My hope is that the allure of the 2026 world cup and playing alongside Davies may push him toward us.
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    Jonathan David

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