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    As a die hard supporter, as much as I want us to put out our best XI, I'm also a realist. I'll respect whatever Herdman decides to do. To be honest, I also want to see our best XI lineup vs CRC, that's our WCQ benchmark in my eyes. Not always a fan of being devil's advocate but to put things in perspective.... No one remembers England lost to Belgium in the group stage last World Cup, they remember England made it to the Semi's. England could have went for it to win the group, they prioritized the KO stage. No one remembers France tied Denmark in group stage, they remember France won the World Cup. Vise versa, most don't remember Denmark tied France, they remember Denmark got knocked out round of 16. Whichever 11 start for CMNT they will 100% go for it, that I am 100% confident and I am excited about. I'm cool with whoever Herdman rolls out. It comes down to what Herdman wants to do, however there is a very valid argument because if win the group the path to Semi's is easier. However playing CRC best 11 vs our best 11 also helps long term goal.
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    Jonathan David

    Let’s see after he bangs a hat trick against Mexico. 😉
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    Let’s GO!
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    Gold Cup 2019

    Crépeau's #2 He was still getting call-ups during Nations League. Leutwiler wasn't. Leutwiler hasn't even played half of the matches in the past 2 years. Don't tell me oh he satrted the last 4 game of the year, since blackburn was a confortable midtable team. I don'T see what Leutwiler has done to be ahead of Crépeau. I think he was 2 years ago, but 2 years ago he was a starter in League One and Crépeau was a bac-up in MLS, now, Crépeau is a starter in MLS and he's a backup in the Championship.
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    For me it was less about expecting better results and more about down playing the level of our opponent. I don't know if it was intentional or not, but the general attitude I got from most of the comments was along the lines of "oh it's only Martinique, we should walk all over them". For me that attitude is unrealistic and out of touch. I would be okay if we took that attitude against Guyana or Bermuda, but not Martinique, who are closer to Haiti, T&T, Jamaica and Curacao than USVI, Saint Vincent, Saint Lucia etc. So although we lost to them in the past, I did expect us to beat them by multiple goals, but they were always going to give us trouble, because they are a good team that deserve more credit in my opinion. I view our defensive mistakes in this context: They were going to generate chances in this match and we were going to commit some errors. That is nothing to get overly critical about if we are being realistic. It was the first game, after all. That said, we must be better moving forward, of course, but I have faith we will sharpen up as the margin for error becomes smaller.
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    Gold Cup 2019

    But we are speaking about goalkeeping here. Borjan isn't running 10 miles per game, so not sure why he would need a rest. I would argue that in most tournaments I've followed over the years (WC, Euro or GC), I don't remember seeing a back up keeper playing in a game where his team needed a result unless the starting keeper was injured or suspended. Rotating field players is one thing, rotating your keepers in such tournaments is unseen or very rare in soccer. I would also add that the difference between Milan and Max is an important one in term of quality/experience.
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    I had issues this week with the app on my cell phone running Android. I had to use a Chrome browser on my phone to watch the V Cup games. But by Saturday it was ok. Its not just One Soccer that is buggy. The league home page and the Centre Circle app are slow, buggy and not always updated. They really need to work on this.
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    I think we should play our best lineup and try to beat Mexico. We can beat Cuba with our B team.
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    4 years ago Canada couldn’t string passes together let alone create in the final third. It’s fine that expectations change as long as we acknowledge how far we’ve come
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    I think the ref deserves some credit for doing well last night. Compared to a lot of Concacaf refs he was very solid, wasn’t to whistle happy and didn’t hand out cards like candy on Halloween. Controlled the game well, hope we get him again.
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    Jonathan David

    Oh god, so cringe. Please leave that to the raptors, like it doesn’t even make sense lol.
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    CONCACAF Nations League - Venue Discussions

    Pacific FC kicks off a home the exact same time as Canada v Cuba. 😡 The CSA should make it a rule that Professional games in Canada (MLS and CanPL) cannot be played from 1 hr before to one hour after CMNT games. If this league is supposed to be supporting the CMNT, that should include the supporters.
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    To his credit Hoilett served up a nasty corner to Cornelius in the first half too.
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    Gold Cup 2019

    Had Leutwiler played as a starter in Championship this year, I would put him in front. He hasn't. I think you're just smoking some fancy European grass.
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    That might be true. But you are infatuated with making attendance look bad. If you were being honest and genuine you could have followed up your original post with updated evidence. Instead you chose to just let that post sit there as gospel, because it better fits the narrative you like.
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    Ottawa CPL Club

    You should bring a #FuryToCPL sign to get on their good side.
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    So then why bother posting it here? Add zero to the discussion. Unless you have an agenda.....
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    You go for win to avoid playing against Costa Rica in the quarter finals. Plus, this is a good game to test our players to see how good they're against the best in CONCACAF. CMNT has depth to beat Cuba so that should be "rest" game.
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    Not to harp on this, but why are we comparing our current team to 4 years ago? Did we not see a vastly improved team in GC 2017? We played attacking football and got results against CR and Honduras in the pool games...finishing ahead of our nemesis HON....scoring goals and progressing to the knockouts. Our talent and depth quality is now at a higher level than 2017. Should we not expect better results? I get that, as fans, we have been burned many times in the past, but if JH and the players are raising the bar, why are we not doing the same? Herdman has openly talked about meeting Mexico in the SF....bring it on...and you know what, I love that confidence.
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    Adekugbe was a 74th minute substitute in a 3-0 loss to Rosenborg. They now sit 7th in the table. Don't know whether or not this is his first action since picking up the injury that kept him out of Gold Cup.
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    Jonathan David

    L'Equipe put Jonathan David on their list of top 50 players under 20 https://www.givemesport.com/1482762-lequipe-have-selected-the-50-best-under20-players-in-world-football
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    Weird. I'm never busy at 3:30am.
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    I officially declare two Canada games in one day is not good for your health. I will, however, welcome two on July 7th.
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    The problem I have is that kick off is at 3:30am for me.
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    Gold Cup 2019

    No...I don't think most people on here base their decisions on strictly ranking the leagues like you do. There is no way Leutwiler is ahead of Crepeau at this time...it's not even close and that is based purely on form. And no...no one has to admit anything of the like because if that were the case people would be calling for an all MLS starting lineup or something similarly ridiculous but spin it whatever way you prefer I guess.
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    CPL new teams speculation

    He sure gives a lot of interviews for a guy with a NDA, HAHA!
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    Gold Cup 2019

    I wouldn't say that. I think most Vs are sophisticated enough to be aware of players playing abroad. Lot's of posters here (including myself) wanted Cordova (Chile), James (Denmark) or Straith (Germany), etc, called. Perhaps you are saying this because the Canadian soccer media is virtually non-existent and we get a lot of our news articles from MLS.com, which naturally focuses on MLS players? That being said, I think you are selling MLS a bit short. Is it a top-10 league in the world? No, but neither is League 1 in the UK. Remember MLS players are good enough for the US, which is a pretty good team! MLS goalies are pretty solid too, which is one of the reasons it took Creapeu a while to establish himself.
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    At lest he scored I guess 🤷‍♂️
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    Gold Cup 2019

    Experience at a really low level. I know how you like your European players, but he's been a starter in League One, League Two and in the Swiss second and third divisions. It's okay for experience, but it's not what would scream at me experience when Crépeau is actually playing right now.
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    ^To be honest many believe that England didn’t prioritize winning the group because whoever finished 2nd in that group got the easy side of the bracket. Belgium also rested a number of players. If we lost we’d get a much harder game We can go into the debate of having a poor losing mentality hurting you later in the tournament, but I would lean towards trying your best each game
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    Why defend your actions when you can just insult me instead. Good bye!
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    I quickly scrolled through the post-game posts and I didn't see much about how Hoilett seems to be where momentum went to die. His decision making and passing were poor against less than average opposition. I get that players can play down to their competition, but he didn't show anything in that match that made me feel like he should be in the starting 11, as weird as it makes me feel to type that out..
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    Valour FC Season Thread 2019

    6000 would be great, although they are forecasting rain - which will suck. Two things on my mind: 1) Valour has a habit of shooting themselves in the foot late in games. In the six games they have lost this year, they gave up goals in the last ten minutes of four of them. I think it's probably the mental thing that's holding Valour back the most. 2) I'm interested to see how attendance changes over the summer months - with a lot of games on school nights Valour games have been mostly adults. Over summer I can see a lot more kids coming - it's way cheaper than the Jets, more action than the Goldeyes & a lot more kids are playing soccer over American-style football (which is a problem for the Bombers). I know I'm looking forward to taking my son to a game over the next couple of months.
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    Put the best performance vs Mexico now ! upset the odds and set Mexico in second place of the group . Make them play vs Costa Rica ! Unbalance what was planned for the organizers of the Gold Cup! win the group ! play vs Haiti or Nicaragua. Arrive then at Semi Finals and shut up once and for all those who still do not believe in the potential of the CMNT. That everyone fears you in the next WCQ ! (But I have the feeling that Hermann will play conservatively, waiting for the the battle in QF against Costa Rica)
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    We've already said this a number of times on the main Y9 2019 thread, as well as on Discord and Reddit but... you guys all understand that the official announced attendances are including freebies to corporate SSHs, youth club SSHs, and for the Hamilton game, the away fans, yes? Only those who weren't at the game would actually believe there were 4,200 for the Hamilton game, 1,200 for the VCup games I think it was, and 2,900 on Saturday. Those of us who have been to all/most of the games and are taking an incredibly active interest in our local team know that the actual attendance figures for the games have been about half of the announced figure, give or take. I mean, money is money, and paid attendance is money in the books, but is this really the excuses we want to be making for an expansion club? Honestly? We only talk about this because we care so much about this club doing well, and I'd rather take an active approach to raising awareness of the club overall and the issues surround the club, rather than putting my head in the sand. GTA CPL fans should be worried, rather than hoping for some big miraculous turnaround in the stands out of the thin air. The contributing factors are clear. Overpriced seasons and tickets, running track, overemphasis on companies and youth clubs, not enough advertising anywhere, a construction company owner likely more focused on building a new stadium rather than a sustainable mainstream marketing approach, etc etc. The track going away next year will help a bit, but we all know that expansion clubs see high attendances in the beginning, and then either sustain it or level off, but rarely increasing on top of that. I've sent about 5 emails to the club by now asking for lower ticket prices and more marketing and have got mixed responses. I encourage other GTA CPL fans to do the same if they care enough. See yall Wednesday. By the way, telling people on this forum who are clearly posting genuine comments on this thread because they care about this club to go back to Reddit you troll is some concerning behaviour from some of you. Yeah I know it's just a soccer forum but I think we gotta do better than that.
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    Of course you go for the win with the XI you put out but you don’t throw the kitchen sink at them tactically or lineup wise. The semi final is most important and it would be great to avoid Costa Rica but it’s inevitable that we’ll play mexico again. Just think how confused opposing managers are. We have a talented squad, that is being commended for their togetherness BUT NO ONE knows how we’re gonna lineup tactically. Why show anyone, even Costa Rica? There is no footage of us or Herdman at men’s level - we are one of the more talented teams but a complete mystery and trap.
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    York9 - 2019 Season Thread

    They really need to work on the schedule. York9 plays at home Sat-Wed-Sat-Wed. Way too many games in a short spurt.
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    CPL General

    One thing I will say about the Summer/Fall season, is that all the other teams will have reasons for optimism. Clearly Cavalry and Forge are a cut above the rest, but the gap is still not awful. The goal differential really shows that it has been tight. I think every team has a lot of what ifs so far, which could change the total view of their season. Thinking for PFC (I am sure fans of other teams can do the same), they really only lost won game handily, vs. Forge. Otherwise, a few more inches here and there, a made play or two, etc. this team could have 3-4 wins instead of one. Just to preemptively respond to the "this is how all sports are," I have played and coached many sports at pretty high levels, and I know that the team that deserves something, doesn't always get it, and everyone can look at missed opportunities. However, if I am a PFC player, coach, or fan (YA!) it is easy to see A LOT of missed opportunity this year. 2-1 loss vs Valour, Haber's double post, and a deflected late winner 0-0 FC Edmonton- Extended time up a man. 2-2 York- own goal and dicey penalty 2-1 HFX- Up early, few missed chances 1-0 York- Missed penalty, own goal, and great goal-tending by Ingham. These five games they earned 2 points, when it could easily be 8-9 and it would not have taken much change in tactics or game play. All the other teams can probably say similar things because of how close it is. Even Cavalry needed a FK that should have been stopped, and a 95 minute winner in games 2 and 3 to win.
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    Top 50 in world post Gold Cup 😎
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    I think looking at the stats of our game yesterday versus 2013 is quite telling even with the defensive lapses. 2019 https://matchcenter.mlssoccer.com/matchcenter/2019-06-15-canada-vs-martinique/stats 2013 https://matchcenter.mlssoccer.com/matchcenter/2013-07-07-canada-vs-martinique/stats
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    He made it back playing before Henry did!
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    I think the more people see Davies play the more they will realize unlike a Hoilett and David.. Davies is affective all over the pitch and in the offensive 3rd he's so dangerous running at people because he draws doubles which opens space for other people and Davies will find them. People just invision him as an Mbappe or something but really he doesn't have that killer goal scorers instinct but he is a more well rounded footballer
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    We played a Caribbean team, not a Latin American team 😉
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    Elo counted it and with yesterday’s win Canada is ranked at ......57. Looks like our high water mark in the last 7 years.
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    I give the team's performance as a B+. Not only have Canada lost to Martinique in the past, the past Cdn teams didn't pass the eye test. Martinique has also given other teams trouble in the past - US only beat them 3-2 in the last Gold Cup knockout stage. First touches were good, which isn't something we can say about past teams. Passing accuracy was good to a point you really noticed a couple of bad crosses that JH did. Individual talents were easily on display - again something rarely seen in this century with Canada. I have rarely seen a Cdn senior team this comfortable with the ball and with each other against any type of opposition. There were some defensive individual gaffes. Martinique could have scored on one of them but likewise, Canada missed some chances or good goalkeeping got in the way. Some of it was unexpected like from Piette and MAK. I think Herdman is still in the exploration stage in terms of the backline. There is still time before WC qualifying to iron things out and see which players emerge as worthy starters. Neutrals are also starting to talk in excited tones about Canada when before we were either ignored or ridiculed. It's a great time to be alive as a Voyageur.
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    Look, if she doesn't break the record and if she is looking to retire I say the CSA should invite a minnow for a farewell game, maybe Taiwan, pay their way and treat them to something they don't get at home. Then spend the game feeding Sinclair the ball. Everyone wins and F#@! Abby Wambach.
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    2019 Canadian Premier League Attendance

    I want some free bees.
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    Gold Cup 2019

    Canada’s starting 11 ( my view ) vs Mexico Piette was shaky at times and I think Hutch can do a better job. Also if Hutch is starting to tire easy switch. Hutch and Arfield are solid Midfielders They can handle Mexico. Morgan should be LB- yes he hasn’t played but he’s a natural LB and he did play amazing 2 years ago again Mexican teams with TFC. ZBG vs Godinho - what a tough choice. ZBG should get the nod because of his speed. Also he’s been very good lately with the impact. Godinho at times looked good and at times looked bad. Probably because of rust. I love the idea of David with Cavallini, Canada should just go all out attack on Mexico. With our speed, grit and size, we can cause so many problems for Mexico. If Henry can play - he should be playing ! I I have a feeling he’ll be playing. It’s time to shock the football world !!!
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