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    HFX Wanderers Season Thread 2019

    I know the home opener is a different beast, but the weather was complete **** (3°C and raining) on Saturday and the stadium was completely packed. I, and the folks I was with, were cold and wet but had an amazing experience. As the weather improves and more people are exposed to it, I don't think we'd have any issues expanding a bit - maybe get highs in the 7000-7500 range for weekend games; mid-week games likely a little lower. I have 2 season tickets and will be taking my son to most games unless time or weather doesn't cooperate. Like this past Saturday, if he can't go I'll be taking a buddy. The buddy that came with me isn't really a soccer guy, but had a blast and wants to go to as many games as possible. I think the whole experience is getting people on board. The downtown stadium is key, the club has run everything extremely well, the pricing is spot on, and the Privateers are living up to their end of the bargain by providing an amazing atmosphere. I'm 100% sold on this already and am already making sure the annual budget has season tickets included for next year.
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    Have you joined OneSoccer Yet?

    I'm going to Edmonton for June 1 and back to Hamilton for July 20 (but that doesn't count since I've already been there). I'll probably only get 4 of 7 this year but who knows. The other 3 next year for sure though.
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    to recap: Colyn had a poor game...not sure what's up with him, but did not impress at all and was the first player subbed. Kamron and Jayden were trying to do too much by taking on 2 and 3 players and were not effective other than the goal that Kamron scored. Same for Russ Rowe, a bit invisible. Omeonga looked good again, physical, lots of hustle and skilled but will have to watch the hard tackles against CR or Panama. We dominated the game, not sure possession stats but they have to be way up there. Our defence will need to really tighten up by the next match...they were a bit sloppy with back and square passes with speedy forwards almost picking them off. All in all a good performance team wise as Barbados had 10 behind the ball and we were still able to break them down, so that's impressive. Hoping that our "big four" can get their mojo together for the next game. Olivieri needs to get his tactics right for the next game. We have the talent to get into the WC with this squad so let's see.
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    Match highlights: https://www.concacaf.com/en/under-17s-men/video/cu17-barbados-v-canada-highlights
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    Liam Millar

    Liam played 81 mins in a hard fought tough 1-0 win for Kilmarnock!! He played like a lion and ran and ran and gave the right back fits. Only thing missing was a goal! Shattered again in the end and was subbed off but really happy with his effort and output. Happy he gave his all Killie now I’m 3rd with a possibility of Europa League!! Great for him to really build on his match fitness leading up to the gold cup!!
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    The Importance of Alphonso Davies

    Davies will likely get some "first team minutes" once the real season is over but I'm glad he's comfortable at Bayern II in the meantime.
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    Niagara CPL

    dude you ignored a massive point, which i very clearly stated, which is the difference in terms of the nature of the cities to their surrounding locations. regionally halifax, saskatoon, and st. john's are more dominant to their provinces than london, niagara, and kw are to ontario, as they are either capitals or economic centres for their provinces. also with regards to victoria, you're ignoring that it's part of the vancouver-victoria media market, the 3rd largest in canada. you're arguing that people should not be concerned of the cpl loading up southern ontario for 2026 despite history, the image, and the coverage being to regionalized.
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    The Real Marc

    Niagara CPL

    It's not about TFC's shadow, it's about demand for a professional soccer team in those local communities and the perception of relying on third tier markets in a national league this early. The league should be focusing on other markets within Canada that cement the national (not regional) footprint of the league, before going to regional route.
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    Have you joined OneSoccer Yet?

    One Soccer 1000+ downloads on the Google Play Store. CPL Centre Circle app has 5000+. Currently #40 on the Apple Store - Sports chart for Canada while CPL Centre Circle Mobile App is #10
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    What is embarrassing about an attendance of 3500? For this level of soccer in these communities, attendances like these have to be expected. Embarassment will come into play once we hid mid-week games at the 1500 level.
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    Axel Desjardins

    Back from the dead, sorry about that. Was busy with work and had forgotten my password, so I was just too lazy to log in. Axel Desjardins's season is over. They qualified for the Primavera playoffs, but lost in the first round 2-0 to Ascoli... and I've got game footage! He is the one in blue! Quick recap: Played decent, made a couple of cool saves, but for the first goal, he was probably to blame (although the defence isn't exactly innocent). He also struggled with a corner at some point, but he still seems to be pretty confident and commanding in his box. Second goal wasn't much he could do. All Spezia goalkeepers are approaching the end of their contracts with no resignings in sight. Axel also won't be eligible next year for Primavera, so I can't wait to see what they'll do with him. Hopefully they won't let him rot on the bench and will either send him on loan or give him a chance as starting GK (can't really see that happening really, although it would be nice).
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    Although no official announcement, confirmed on York 9's website
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    TFC 2019 Season

    Delgado struggles with maintaining possession, especially notable against higher calibre opposition, either with poor body position for shielding, heavy first touch, or inaccurate or rushed passes. The best defence is keeping the ball and when you give it away too easily, that's a big red flag regardless of how he does in other areas of his game. However, on Saturday, I thought he had a solid game in all areas. The guy who to me has tailed off after an impressive start has been DeLeon. There isn't much dynamic production happening of late and it's one of the reasons the attack seems limited more to, "What can Pozuelo produce?" and for the time being I wouldn't mind seeing Chapman getting some starts in his place.
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    But what is worse, the play-by-play and colour people are praising this. We are going to lose our talent for huge stretches of the season, rosters will be stretched, the cost of squads will increase with emergency signings--and talent will be in the hospital while the tough guys roam the pitch. This is apparently what Clanachan has convinced everyone of, but the refs have a responsibility to FIFA rules, not CPL inventions. Do we even have a league reffing committee? And who is on the board to revise cards, mete out late justice and field appeals?
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    Unnamed Trialist

    CPL Stadium Thread

    What do you think they painted the thick part purple for?
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    Initial B

    CPL new teams speculation

    I know this isn't going to be a closed league and eventually there will be pro-rel, but if we were to be stuck with 16 teams in single-table balanced perpetuity, I would choose Pacific FC, Mainland BCFC, FC Edmonton, Calvary FC, Saskatchewan FC, Valour FC, London FC, Kitchener-Waterloo FC, Forge FC, York 9 FC, Ottawa Fury, FC Laval, FC Quebec, Moncton FC, HFX Wanderers, St. John's FC. That pretty much covers the nation geographically, population-wise, and rivalry-wise.
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    Have you joined OneSoccer Yet?

    She has actually been in 3 stadiums. Top of the leaderboard!! Although these guys will be in first place by the end of the season: Anybody else going to make it to all 7 by the end of the year?
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    Saskatoon CanPL

    It was a fun evening and a great foundation to build upon for the next games on a cold evening and against a few other events this weekend. Supporters section was on good form and can hopefully recruit and spread for the next games. Thanks to the Bridge City Firm and Pile of Bones for coming up. Couple of SK standouts for me. Chico Farahani looked good and well composed. Nice half time interview where he was asked about them if he had anything to say to the crowd.. Niko Baikas came on the second half and scored a tidy goal and earned himself motm. My MOTM was Ajani Fountaine. A member of the Sask Whitecaps Academy but was arguably the best player on the pitch. Lightning fast, great feet and skill. Intelligent on the ball and didnt stop working the whole game on the wing and tracking back. Very impressed for 18. Fitzroy Christie played a good experienced head at the back and grew with the team in the second half. He was lucky to be on the pitch though after an early nasty crunching tackle that earned him a yellow. Might well have been a straight red if it wasn't a friendly. The Sask team had a rough first half which was probably to be expected. Both feeling out the opponents and themselves. Also a big game for these guys careers with a big crowd. You could see the hesitation to play balls first time and not quite knowing each others positions but also playing a good hungry side in the foothills. They had a much better second half though and were unlucky not to tie up the game. Lots of positives for the coaches and players to take forward. An exciting summer awaits.
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    Radio interview with Pacific FC owner Dean Shillington. Starts at 2:30 http://ckstam.streamon.fm/listen-pl-17030
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    Niagara CPL

    They have a weird situation in that while separate, they are somewhat dependent on Toronto and Hamilton in relation to media which is a big thing. Realistically it might be safer to avoid the 3, or at least 2 of them, until after the CPL reaches 16 teams, if the league reaches that milestone it will likely be able to move more freely with expansion without impacting its image. Also just a sight correction to your comment, Ottawa is also Southern Ontario. If one of those markets enters it's as the 4th or 5th team in the region (assuming there is something to the GTA team rumour) also not bbtb cause he'd say let tfc windsor in
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    Official attendance for the last Valour match, as per CPL schedule was 10,156. There were 2 season ticket holders near me that were absent. And I know of my three season-tickets, they only scanned 2. So paid attendance was 10,156 for May 4.
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    For what it's worth a year later, here are a couple of restaurants to sample in Montpellier for a nice meal: Restaurant L'Angelus, we sat inside but the outside seating would be great, served our kids ice cream even though not on the menu (the French don't often go "off menu"); La Bistrote, we sat outside at this one, first time my kids were ever served an entire shrimp including head, antenae, etc. Not much English spoken at either, menus (cartes) in French only, but we really enjoyed the meals. Both are in pedestrian areas so no vehicle traffic to bother you if seated outside.
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    Niagara CPL

    halifax is a dominant market on the east coast and victoria got the league into the b.c. market. there's a difference between them and the ontario ones we are discussing as are st. john's and saskatoon. no one is pushing an mls rival. we're talking about going after markets that fit with the plan of expanding soccer in canada and avoiding a relience on flooding southern ontario and having 9 of 16 teams being based there, when you've had past leagues that have done it fail and you directly enter competition media wise with mlse with at least 2 of the markets frequently discussed in addition to 2 of the founding clubs.
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    What is embarrassing is not having a league, we now have that. Given their pricing the revenue was probably higher than either Pacific or HFX.
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    The Real Marc

    Niagara CPL

    Let's just see how well York does over the course of the season before expanding in the GTA. I find Toronto, Niagara, Durham and even Peel a stretch.
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    Sub forums for each team?

    Questions is what are people liking about this statement. 1. That it doesn't matter so make it. 2. That it doesn't matter so don't bother making it.
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    2019 CONCACAF U17 Championship

    Habibullah now on 5 assists and two goals!
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    Winnipeg Fury

    Valour FC Season Thread 2019

    Announcement tomorrow............David Edgar ?
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    Vote for the CPL to be in FIFA 20!

    If I were the CPL, I wouldn’t even charge EA for licensing for the first few years; being in FIFA would be a massive boost to the league’s credibility amongst the kids, great advert for the league.
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    The announcer was wrong to my knowledge. Canada play Curacao
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    Vote for the CPL to be in FIFA 20!

    David Clanachan was interviewed on the radio a month or so ago and did mention he spoke with EA and willing to work with them. So someone at EA does know about CPL
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    I disagree entirely! There are specific things that are not considered to be part of the match. The ref is supposed to "add on" time for these things only. Timing things is definitely a science, not an art! A few examples: 1. Goal is scored. Clock stops immediately and resumes when play is restarted. Celebrate for as long as you like. No need for the unsightly grabbing of the ball to rush back to the centre circle if you are still losing. 2. Substitution. Clock stops immediately and resumes when play is restarted. No need for the unsightly slow walk off, no need for the ridiculous band aid solution that says players have to leave the pitch at the closest point, and no need for time wasting substitutions. 3. Player is down "injured". Clock stops immediately and is blown in again by the referee, or when play restarts. No need for those fake injuries when you are trying to run down the clock. 4. Taking too long to put the ball into play. Referee calls timeout and the clock resumes when the ball is put back into play. No need for any more of those silly time wasting yellow cards and everybody can see that time wasting no longer works. What have I missed?
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    Doneil Henry

    Henry knew full well what he was doing. Veteran move.
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    I see that Rob Gale banged on about "Fergie time" (or in this case reverse Fergie time) in his post match comments and he is absolutely right: there should have been more than 3 added minutes. And wasn't there a substitution in added time? If it was a MINIMUM of 3 added minutes BEFORE that substitution, then how was it not MORE than 3 added minutes afterwards? And how on earth was it only 3 minutes in the first place? Six substitutions, two goals, a few stoppages for players to be treated, and the usual measure of time wasting. How in this day and age is it possible for the time to be the ref's little secret; and for everyone to know that it is a very arbitrary little secret? Football needs a VISIBLE CLOCK, which is simply stopped when whatever is happening is not part of the match. DUH!
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    CPL new teams speculation

    No Goderich?
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    Saskatoon CanPL

    ^^^the Chelsea chant in response to that would go down like a lead balloon in modern PC times in Canada, but is one of the legendary one liners in terracing chant terms Looks like the turnout exceeded expectations: https://northerntribune.ca/sk-summer-soccer-series-attendance/ ... Joe Belan: “For the first event, we were initially looking to have it at a different venue and start more modestly, targeting it at an audience of twelve hundred to fifteen hundred. Now, we’ve upgraded the facility. It’s a lot more professional. It’s got a lot more amenities and infrastructure. Now our base case target is to get to twenty two, twenty four hundred.” ... Joe Belan is a former teammate of Nick Bontis at UWO in varsity level soccer the CSA vice-president, so hopefully where there is a will there is still a way on getting them into CSA membership in time, if they decide to go for a 2020 launch.
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    CPL new teams speculation

    No Prince George? j/k
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    But this is a tournament with a lot of games in a short period of time and you know how long it takes a 17 year-old to bounce back after a game. We need to rest them for the final against Mexico. Side note: is there a sarcasm font anywhere?
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    https://www.league1ontario.com/game/show/24751341 Ilyass played 14 minutes for Sigma this weekend. Not sure if that means he wasn't good enough, or that he just needs some time in the "reserves"
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    CPL General

    The man is going above and beyond to promote CPL at Sportsnet while TSN are silent and French media minus CBC French are feeding us ******** excuses for not covering the league We must follow John Molinaro on Twitter, like his CPL tweets, Retweet them and comment + thanking him If his articles and tweets gets low hits, that's bad
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    I guess this channel is going through a learning curve. Hopefully they work out the kinks in the following month.
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    I don't understand this btw, as the Pacific matches thus far were available for replay right away.
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    Shamit Shome

    Shome is now equal in games and over the total number of minutes than he's had in the previous two seasons combined.
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    Saskatoon CanPL

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    2019 Canadian Premier League Attendance

    $65 for the cheapest ticket is absolutely brutal...
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    Club Linesman

    TFC 2019 Season

    As soon as Vanney realizes that he is a major upgrade over Delbado.
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    Tristan Borges

    He's doing great. Honestly, CPL could very well end up saving the careers of many talented young players like him, give them a chance to show what they can do when no one else is willing to.
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    Gold Cup 2019

    A little less difficult perhaps. But we are injuring our own chances by refusing to play any preparation friendlies, or so it seems.
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