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    Matis Romero

    Matis Romero Position: CDM Club: CD Leganés Youth (Spain, La Liga) DOB: Feb 17, 2001 Citizenship: Canadian, Spanish Birthplace: Montreal https://www.transfermarkt.co.uk/matis-romero/profil/spieler/604727 * credit to @SpecialK for this find early in the month. Given Matis' pedigree, thought a separate player thread was warranted
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    Matis Romero

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    Maxime Crépeau

    Crépeau named to the USL All-League first team: Congrats Max!
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    Brian Wright

    It looks like he has had his contract renewed based upon an option. https://www.revolutionsoccer.net/post/2018/11/05/revolution-announce-year-end-roster-moves
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    It's simple. Win every game we go through.
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    John Marco

    (Bile) Hood Waheleye

    He played With Tottenham for 6 months , Then he Signed With Getafe C.F u18 in 2017 an 2018 He Signed with C.D Leganes B Look out for him ? ? Some Serious Talent.
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    I'll be heading down as well. Flying out the following Monday afternoon. Anyone else? @markeelliott have you locked down tickets? Doesn't seem like there's a way to buy them online. Guess we just show up at the box office and hope it isn't the hottest ticket in town hah
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    Valour FC - Launch / 2019 Pre-Season

    Are teams cutting off ticket sales 5 months before the league starts, before a single player has been signed, and we havent even seen a jersey. Have i missed something?
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    Valour FC - Launch / 2019 Pre-Season

    I can see an away match on the schedule for me in Winnipeg and Halifax this season, thanks for the update Doug!
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    I’m a Valour member and quite early in the queue at #163. So far I’ve received two emails (but no phone calls) about converting my membership to season tickets, one which gave me a time and place that I needed to appear at to purchase my season tickets (or alternatively I could go at a different date or book a specific time for a phone call) and a second reminding me once the first potential purchase date had passed. So that’s it. Two batch emails sent, both requiring an appearance in person or an appointment for a phone call and 1500 season tickets sold by Valour. May all the CanPL teams have such successful sales with such efficiency.
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    CPL General

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    This is random but I love that Dominica randomly has a white dude with a man-bun on their team.
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    Jayson Leutwiler

    Crepeau or Thomas. I’m with you, with it all on the line i’d want Leutwiler as #2. He’s massive and has more experience and has played at a higher level than the other two.
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    It's really tough to evaluate those minnows. I'm not sure you can read much into those results. What can you read, apart from the fact that the USVI aren't really good at football, into the fact that both the US and Suriname scored 13 goals against the USVI U20's? Scoring a lot of goals against minnows is one thing but how you manage a game agaisnt a strong opponent in a tight game is another thing.
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    Jayson Leutwiler

    I think he's #2 even if he isn't playing (I hope he does). He's a Championship back up, which is better than anything we've got at the moment. Who's number 2 if it's not Leutwiler?
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    Olivieri played pro with the Impact, was a member of our U23 national team, was technical director at Lac St-Louis for 7 years (arguably one of the strongest region in Quebec in term of producing talent), was the women's U20's head coach, WNT assistant and head coach for a PLSQ team. IMHO, this is good enough to coach an U20 NT that has very few camps and friendlies. I don't know every candidates in the country but Olivieri has some decent enough experience to qualify for this job. Not sure we have many candidates for this kind of job. Maybe I'm mistaken but I have the impression that historically, the U20's coach has often been a MNT assistant at the same time.
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    Gold Cup 2019

    Never bothered posting this at the time, but the Costa Rican media believe that the 16th of June games are likely to be hosted at the Estadio National in San José Costa Rica: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Estadio_Nacional_de_Costa_Rica_(2011) http://www.crhoy.com/deportes/la-sele-podria-jugar-un-partido-de-la-copa-oro-en-costa-rica/ http://www.lateja.cr/deportes/sele-jugaria-un-partido-de-copa-oro-en-el-estadio/ZXXCLJRIXREJLPTKN2W4HHR54M/story/ As for the 17th of June games, Diez (Honduran media) believe that game might actually be played in Canada or Mexico! I have also not read anything that hints that they think Honduras itself will be the hosts of the game. http://www.diez.hn/laseleccion/1223090-498/seleccion-de-honduras-conoce-las-ciudades-donde-jugara-la-copa-oro-2019 The VP for Fepafut said the game will NOT be in Panama: http://www.rpctv.com/deportes/futbol/Descartan-Panama-partido-Copa-Oro_0_1180082728.html However, back in June, Jamaica made it clear that they wanted to host a game: http://www.jamaicaobserver.com/sports/jamaica-declares-intention-to-launch-bid-to-host-historic-gold-cup-match_137737 I am going to be optimistic and speculate that if we qualify for the 2019 Gold Cup, that there is a good chance that we may host a game. Has Independence Park had any work done since 1962? Their bid may have failed. CONCACAF only said this back in February: "The Confederation is also exploring a pan-regional footprint for the 2019 Gold Cup, which would feature matches played outside the United States, including the possibility of matches in Central America and the Caribbean." http://www.goldcup.org/en/article/concacaf-announces-gold-cup-expansion-to-16-teams-opening-access-for-more-nations-to-participate-and-host One game in Costa Rica and one game in Canada would fulfill this promise.
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    Valour FC - Launch / 2019 Pre-Season

    Going down, going down, going down... Oh sh!t, there's no relegation!
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    David Norman Jr.

    Here's what I found snooping around the QoS boards... "I hope that young David Norman Jr has another good game. I've been extremely impressed with him and his work rate is exceptional. On Tuesday (especially) he was defending and clearing his lines one minute and then setting up and completing an attack the next. There are elements of Ian McShane in him, particularly with his decisive passes and fine first touch balls, - but I think he is a much harder worker. Queens have missed someone in the engine room for quite a few seasons and if he continues to impress, - I'd be offering him an extension sooner rather than later, - before other clubs see his potential."
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    IMHO, Panama and Canada are exactly at the same level, and I'll show you why: Both Martinique and Dominica won by one goal against St Kitts & Nevis, so they are exactly at the same level. So Martinique = Dominica. This is a fact. Canada won by a 4 goals margin against Dominica. Panama won by a 4 goals margin against Martinique. Then, based on those results, we have to conclude that Panama and Canada are exactly at the same level. Using one game against a mutual opponent as a measuring stick is indeed lame but using many results like I just did, this is science.
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    Matis Romero

    Canucks Abroad was following this kid last season so credit to them as well.
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    two please... convinced the girlfriend to join. bit more of a pull for a long weekend than Braderton hah
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    I'm advocating for less minnows not less games. I think a pre-qualification tournament could still lead to a format where we have a minimum of 4 games. Let's say the final tournament is played with 20 teams (4 groups of 5) instead of 34. I don't mind the 3-0 scores, but the 12-0 we've seen in some groups are a bit of a joke. I would hate to see those scores becoming a factor in a tiebreaker.
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    The CSA does need money... How much do you think it would cost me to get on the Gold Cup group stage roster? I wouldn’t mind being replaced by Cyle Larin halfway through...
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    Keep in mind what we're in right now is qualifying for League of Nations. Once the actual league of nations begins we'll be playing against the likes of USA, Mexico, Honduras, Panama, etc. Those teams are EXACTLY the types of teams we should be playing.
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    Panama beat Martinique 5-1 and move into 1st place on goal differential. Dominica beat St Kitts 3-2. They are plus 8 we are plus 5. We go into Tuesday at a disadvantage as Panama can play for a draw and then hope to continue a 3 goal advantage over is with two games against minnows. This is really a silly qualification format though.
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    Good he isn't completely detached. Still hope. It's just the hope that kills!
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    We were thinking the same for Hamilton !
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    Moreover, who is this guy coaching this U 20 team has he ever coached an actual team before at close to this level or again is he one of these guys who has mainly just been a in house CSA staff coach type of guy who has his levels but has never really coached a club team or even a University or College team before. Why isn’t a guy like Carmine Isacco not coaching a team like this, Isacco who as York U coach has won a number of national championships and also a few League 1 Ontario Championships , instead of these guys who keep coaching these U17 and U20 national teams that have never coached an actual team and basically have been in staff CSA coaches that mainly run programs with no real experience of having to coach in game situations when the pressure is on to win or get a result to qualify.
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    Thank you. We deserve our place in these tournaments because we've been poor for so long. We'll see better opponents, and get better officials, when we earn it, but we have to claw our way up the rankings by winning games and tournaments like these.
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    If differing opinions bother you so much I do wonder why you bother with this board!
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    I have to think the new CPL will really help develop youth in this country, they will be playing in a professional environment with the clubs wholeheartedly invested in their develpment which is something I question at times from the MLS academies! Of course there have been some quality players coming through the MLS systems but the teams seem to prefer to stock their rosters by the NCAA draft, the CPL should be much different and more youth will get proper opportunities!
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    Is Romaine Sawyers the danger man? Romaine Sawyers - Wikipedia https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Romaine_Sawyers Romaine Sawyers - Player Profile 18/19 | Transfermarkt https://www.transfermarkt.co.uk/romaine-sawyers/profil/spieler/113036 I know we all love transfer market... Noticed his value is 4th highest amongst all players in league of nations qualifying. Only Davies, Hoilett and Michael Hector (Jamaica) are higher.
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    Just started following you, looking forward to the updates.
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    I wanted 2 friendlies for evey window we were inactive, but that was like wishing upon a star.
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    With a roster that large, you could probably sell roster cameos as a fund raiser.
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    So @goleafs67 and @markeelliott do either of you have twitter handles?
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    Valour FC - Launch / 2019 Pre-Season

    I remember the TFC announcement well. Ticket sales actually got off to a very slow start before becoming trendy after some number of months and then taking off. The announced ticket prices are very affordable and are not going to deter very many people, IMHO. I think they are very close to the sweet spot for maximizing revenue. Winnipeg attendance was always going to be in the 5,000 to 7,000 range, so setting the capacity at around 10,000 is again just about right. That is how many match going fans we have today. This Canadian league will allow us and other cities, even those without a team right now, to grow that base. I hope we sell out the opener though. And if we do, I hope they do NOT open additional sections to accommodate demand. There is nothing like percieved scarcity to increase demand.
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    Wait, who was the guy at Stevenage then.... ended up in an FA Cup tie, I had to pay $20 to get into a legion that was putting it on TV on Kingsway. * Looking back I can now appreciate how insane people thought I was.
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    Does Cornelius still get a call? He’s started both matches for Canada but isn’t playing in Serbia’s second division. Personally, I think your hands are tied and you need to drop him. Otherwise, you can never use “playing time” as a reason for dropping other players. We have a bunch of centerbacks playing more than him I think he needs to be left off this squad for one of Vitoria, Jakovic, Hainault, Stanese, Meilleur-Giguere, Ouimette, Straith, Kapor etc. Way too many guys playing at similar or better levels to call him right now.
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    CPL Stadium Thread

    It's used by highschool teams, and it's the Eskimos training ground. The football lines are painted on, the soccer lines are permanent.
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    What are you on about? We are currently playing on Nations League because WE ARE minnows... smh
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    Mark-Anthony Kaye

    I hope MAK recovers fully and be able to start preseason with LAFC. Because I have a feeling that Bob Bradley is shopping for another DM. LAFC wasn't just quite the same after MAK got injured in midfield. Which speaks to how important MAK was to LAFC, but not having another proper DM cost LAFC in 2nd half of the season and getting knocked out in the playoffs.
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    There is no question that the 3 Cdn MLS academies (in particular TFC) spend loads of money on their youth. The question is why is the quality of youth players not improving?
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    Well, it's a win against an athletic, physical and fairly well organized side, and a disgracefully biased ref. It's a good learning experience for the kids. They'll face more of this in CONCACAF.
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    Good post. I have posted here, and on the MLS site, about the problems at Yankee Stadium, which are to a great degree about production of the broadcast. The cameras are simply improperly placed, so the angle is flat, and you see too much sidelines. And this exagerrates the narrowness of the pitch, which does not have to be a problem. Yesterday watching Rayo Vallecano-Barça, in a field with the narrowest pitch in La Liga, it did not seem a problem at all, you did not notice the width difference. Because the main camera was placed on a high crane well above the grandstand (it is also a relatively small stadium), and the angle was sharp from above. Compare to the replay of the DC United - Crew playoff match, which I watched this morning (wanted to see ET and penalties). And the camera work was very poor overall. They had proper overall shots, but all details were excessively close. Celebration shots were tight and no images of overall celebration, or dissappointment from fans, benches. So what should be a moment in a match of high tension, extra time goals, where there is nail biting, and nervous benches and coaches, and players recriminating each other, was mostly lost. They did not show wide views of fans either. They focused on two guys wearing Columbus shirts but missed the visiting supporter section, mostly. They did not even show the count after every penalty, which was ridiculous: they only showed it a few times. So you could easily lose count or be confused, if it were not for announcers. Then, in a critical moment when the ball moved because of the wind, and the Crew players were complaining (Mullins penalty), they missed it and did not show a specific replay to justify the guys complaining to the ref. And when the final DC penalty went over the bar, no images of DC players deflated, just Crew celebration. So overall, a mess of a broadcast, badly done if you think of the classic, standard, and fan-preferred ways of presenting an ET period and penalties.
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    Ayo Akinola

    Why is everyone so bent over this guy? I could personally not care any less for or about him.
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    Adam Hemati

    Hmmm, coincidence?? Our board starts talking about him last september, Zambrano reaches out to him last October.... Just goes to show that the work guys on the board and Canucks abroad do, can help the coaches. Even in this age of information guys fall through the cracks.
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