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    so my 2 cents...tactics all wrong set up to loose...or tie no intent to win in a must win game...I don't care what kind of players you have(Tabla or messi's son) if u set up the way we did you have no chance...like I said before I am an ex pro player, ex pro coach and UEFA A licence coach but what do I know... Lastly we were robbed tonight and I mean literally. Upon trying to enter the stadium the security frisked us and then told us that we could not take any coins into the stadium and we had to give them all our money or we couldn't come in...it was a real shake down...I am seriously disgusted by what happened... The game itself I won't say anymore about for me we need to fix the tactics before we complain about the players...
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    Juan Guillermo Cordova

    Spoke with a gentlemen representing Cordova. He is keen on representing Canada and would accept a call to camp. They are in early contact with the CSA. Cordova has made over 55 firist team club appearances in Primera B and Copa Chile. At 21, he has creditable experience.
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    Actually, 20 years ago we were closer. If you think of the DeRosario side from 1997 that qualified for Malaysia, we were close to Mexico and US. The gap is much larger now and has been the last few cycles. And the rest of the federation is getting better. We may be inching forward but everyone else is progressing much faster. I personally think that perversely this may be MLS academy related. While that is created much greater depth of players, the stars previously had to go to Europe to get training and developed much better in a tougher environment. Of course, we had defections and we certainly lacked depth but the players that were there were much better. Anyway, its a theory. 10 years after the start of Toronto MLS, I would have thought our youth would be much better than they are.
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    Scott Arfield

    If you are under the age of 18 in Canada your obtaining a citizenship is based on your parents success during their citizenship test. His parents were not successful (more than once), I believe most likely due to language barriers and now have to go through a very tedious process of why there is such a language barrier for someone that has lived and worked here for years. That being said there are special circumstances in which a minor can have his/her file removed from their parents and they can obtain citizenship alone. This is the case of Davies, however, this also has to go through the proper legal and federal government channels. I do know that it is close to being done and he was gutted that it couldn't be complete before the U20's.
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    20 years ago we tied Mexico and beat the US. We were Concacaf U20 champions. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1996_CONCACAF_U-20_Tournament We also beat Mexico in 2001 in this tourney and won our group with Mexico in it to qualify https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2001_CONCACAF_U-20_Tournament And qualified in 2003 by winning our group by beating the US https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2003_CONCACAF_U-20_Tournament And won are group again to qualify in 2005 by beating Mexico again https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2005_CONCACAF_U-20_Tournament so hence, you see the regression at Concacaf level since the MLS academies have come about (remember that Whitecaps have had their academy for the same length of time I believe as TFC)
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    Canadians abroad: February 17-23, 2017

    Dundee's first home win over Rangers in 25 years. Dundee now into the top half of the table after being in a relegation position when Haber arrived.
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    Canadians abroad: February 17-23, 2017

    Aird and Gasparotto both playing for the development side against Kilmarnock. Its 2-0 and Aird has both. Ended 2-1
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    Game is on now
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    Levi Oakey

    Canadian Premier League

    I have a Croatian buddy at work who talks about this era and what he considers to be "casual racism". He specifically believes that the CSA was trying to exclude cultural clubs. He has a lot of underlying hate from that era. Says the CSA didn't want to help the migrant communities at all. One thing I will say is the current group involved with the CPL will not be of that same mindset. In fact, they will be quite the opposite, but we will need to convince people. There is still a lot of animosity from that time.
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    Canadian Premier League

    Sportsnet 590 Radio reacted to TFC signing of Vasquez. They expressed their disappointment at TFC and other MLS Canadian clubs at not giving Canadian players more spots and he just said out loud : "They are not doing it"
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    Wondering who the Manitoba premier will be rooting for in this one.
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    Next gen CMNT - probable players?

    There are a few guys who could be breaking through in MLS outside of Canada as well. Tyler Pasher has shown well for SKC this preseason and assisted fellow Canadian Amer Didic's (USL all league first team 2016) goal against Colorado on Wednesday. You gotta think both of those players are going to get a shot sooner or later if they keep progressing. Brian Wright and Kwame Awuah can hopefully break into the picture as well. Funny that all these guys who couldn't get looks by the Canadian youth system (Akindele and Larin as well) are the guys that are getting looks from the US teams.
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    Adam Straith

    If you take Celtic and Rangers (the strong version not the current one) out of the SPL there is little difference in the playing level between it and the Kazakh league. Scotland currently is ranked 23rd in the UEFA coefficient and Kazakhstan 29th and a lot of Scotland's points are from Celtic. Scotland will probably move up a bit higher once Rangers gets back to the Rangers of old but that still does not raise the level of the other teams. The eastern leagues that we are unfamiliar with are not top leagues by any standard (nor is the SPL) but they are still better than a lot of people think.
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    This is a view also held by US youth team followers as they have also faltered in recent years. MLS academy playing style is drone like, players have brutal first touches, quality coaching isn't widely evident and as you mentioned, players face little hardship.
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    Kwame Awuah

    Signed with NYCFC. Drawing some high praise from Patrick Vieira: “Going back to the MLS Combine we saw something in Kwame that we believed was good enough to compete for a place in our first-team and in preseason he’s just confirmed what we saw there,” said head coach Patrick Vieira. “We’re happy to offer him a contract and we’re happy that he accepted that contract. “He’s a young player who needs to develop some parts in his game but he’s a really exciting footballer who is full of energy and has an unbelievable willingness to learn.” http://sbisoccer.com/2017/02/mls-ticker-tfc-inks-barcelona-product-nycfc-signs-awuah-and-more
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    I have been to hundreds of pro games all over the world including central America and have never had this happen before. This was the third game I attended that week in costa rica and this was the first time it happened. Sorry and btw I was at the game with my wife who wasn't very comfortable with being harassed like that!!! It felt like a scam as the Mexican fans were not required to give up their coins... witnessed directly by myself and a few other parents.... I gave half my coins to a young boy on a bike instead of into their make shift plastic milk bottle collection jar... and that really pissed off the security...just to clarify...and I did feel the response from Maaster was a little harsh and condescending. But maybe i'm just too sensitive
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    dyslexic nam

    Canadian Premier League

    LOL. Hadn't checked in on this thread for a bit since I wanted to give it a break. I come back and we are still driving around this same goddamned traffic circle. For the love of god, someone exit right... For the record BBTB, every Voyageur on this board now knows where you stand on CPL. They know you are skeptical, they know why you are skeptical, and they know what you think needs to happen for it to be viable. I don't understand the need to restate your position ad infinitum in the context of others who clearly want to do a bit of blue-sky thinking about what a Canadian league might look like.
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    Canadian Premier League

    Oh I agree he's a bit over the top for me and I'm optimistic when it comes to the CPL. However a lot has changed in 26 years not only in the country. From the perception of the sport to the general public, to the demographics of Canada. Will the league work when it starts? No one knows for sure. But to outrightly dismiss it at every turn for every such reason based on past failures is really foolish and tiring.
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    I have never had my coins confiscated at a soccer game, but my experience is limited to MLS and international matches. Sounds sketchy.
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    Canadian Premier League

    26 year old stats are kinda neat but absolutely useless otherwise. Think the market we're concerning ourselves with is soooo very different today than it was in the late '80s ('90-'91). Not similar at all. Geezus, that's like before cel phones.
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    Hmm, I haven't had that happen to me? Either way, this sounds incredibly rude and inconsiderate.You do know that you are talking to a Voyageur who made the journey all the way to Costa Rica while you keyboard warrior it up?
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    FC Edmonton 2016-17 Offseason

    Nik Ledgerwood has been named captain of FC Edmonton.
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    I'm parking this on your lawn. Starting the build tomorrow.
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    The Floro Replacement

    Not sure we are that desperate.
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    Scott Arfield

    Arfield is interested in playing in it
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    So a night to sleep on last nights game and some thoughts, if you go to the Concacaf site they have player ratings and game stats for both games very interesting as this will lead into last nights game. Tactics and who started and who came in seemed all wrong this is not a shot at the players as I believe that they all put in the best that they can but who started and the subs and what they where asked to try and do was set up for failure. How he bench Zanatta who had a 92 % pass accuracy and the highest outfield player ranking by concacaf from the first game, who can hold the ball and link the game to started a forward who had a 0 % pass accuracy against Mexico is weird. This is just one example of coaches selection for the Mexico game that is hard to understand. Mexico had very good wingers why did we leave our fullbacks exposed and not help them with a second person to double them, first three goals came from crosses and they had a couple other great cross early in the game, our tactics of sitting low and narrow played into Mexico's strength with their two wingers We play a decent first half against Honduras and look like the better team for the majority of the half, but with the changes, wrong ones and lack of being able to adapt tactically we do not get the result, move on to Mexico set up all wrong player selection incorrect and the result is not good sorry to say but this has to land on the staff.
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    Adam Straith

    Ordabasy played a friendly yesterday against Ahal FK (Turkmenistan). No idea if Straith played or not Looks like he started
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    Also, look at the qualifications per country from this age group. We are still third in number but have not qualified since 2007 (when we hosted). Number of FIFA U-20 World Cup qualifications by country. Nation No. Qualifying years United States 14 1981, 1983, 1987, 1989, 1993, 1997, 1999, 2001, 2003, 2005, 2007, 2009, 2013, 2015 Mexico 14 1977, 1979, 1981, 1983, 1985, 1991, 1993, 1997, 1999, 2003, 2007, 2011, 2013, 2015 Canada 8 1979, 1985, 1987, 1997, 2001, 2003, 2005, 2007 Costa Rica 8 1989, 1995, 1997, 1999, 2001, 2007, 2009, 2011 Honduras 6 1977, 1995, 1999, 2005, 2009, 2015 Panama 5 2003, 2005, 2007, 2011, 2015 Trinidad and Tobago 2 1991, 2009 Jamaica 1 2001 Guatemala 1 2011 El Salvador 1 2013 Cuba 1 2013
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    Canadian Premier League

    OH! I'll play!! Victoria Vancouver (or Vancouver ish) Edmonton Calgary Regina or Saskatoon (actually think one or the other can make it work) Winnipeg (of course!) London Hamilton Toronto (or Toronto ish) Ottawa Quebec City Halifax (actually think CPL could work there too) Balanced schedule. Yes I know that will amplify travel costs but in my ideal CPL travel costs are pooled and covered by the league so the Victoria's and Halifax's of the league pay just as much for their "membership" as the Ontario teams. Need them to have a truly national league (very important) so best to create as level a playing field as possible, that sort of thing. That'll give you 22 matches plus V's Cup. And Lord knows what the Vs Cup will look like if/when a CPL arrives. Could be great fun. I mean bat-****-crazy, high summer, knock out tourney sort of fun. Wouldn't that be grand eh? And a balanced schedule doesn't over play the traditional city-state rivalries we have in Canadian sports. If the casual fan in Hamilton is deciding what fixtures (1? 2?) to take in and the Fort York Bombers only make one visit to THF this season..well said fan may work there life around that just a little. Same idea echoes in Surrey or Edmonchuk or The Peg. Fixed match days. If that means matches are played Wednesday nights to avoid competition then make it Wednesday nights. Or late Sunday fixtures (to try to get the cottage crowd in, and by late I mean 8:30 local time kick off). Whatever. Have a think, figure it out BUT STICK TO IT. Own that day! Playoffs. Season isn't that long, in Canada we like/expect some sort of show to finish the season so yeah, why not? Top four go home and away, highest ranker left standing hosts a one off for all the marbles and there you are. Great fun for those concerned and its all wrapped up before you're battling the CFL playoffs or the NHL gets serious. If any one involved in the CPL wishes to private message me I'll be happy to provide the necessary banking information for depositing the $60K consult fee I'll be requiring. Further expenses determined on an as needed basis. Your partner in crime Cheeta Bench
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    I was willing to give Gale another cycle after the 2015 tournament, but it is clear that his time with this program has come to an end. Despite doing what I thought were some great things for the U-20 group off the pitch (convincing dual nationals to play for Canada and the numerous camps held in Central America before the tournament), on the pitch it's been a complete and utter failure.
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    Canadian Premier League

    They're not going to stop it, but if they were able too, they would 100%. Look back to the Canadian WHA/NHL expansion of the 1977. Defeated by Canadian Teams. In the first round of the '79 voting Montreal and Vancouver voted against the merger to try and protect TV dollars and markets. WHA markets boycotted Molson (who owned Montreal) products to try and get them to change their position, which they did. So if in the 70's yobbos in Toronto and Montreal worked to keep NHL out of Winnipeg, Quebec, and Edmonton, It's not a stretch to say in the 2010's that MLS teams will work to keep ahold of their soccer monopoly in Canada. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/NHL–WHA_merger 1977: the American teams were far less hostile to the idea of a merger than their Canadian counterparts... Montreal and Toronto had only agreed to support Vancouver's addition to the NHL after they were paid indemnities for the inclusion of the Canucks in the Hockey Night in Canada television deal. Although the three Canadian teams could not block a merger on their own, the fact that any deal needed three-quarters support among the NHL owners meant that the Canadian teams only needed two American teams to side with them to block any agreement... Led by Toronto's Harold Ballard, the owners voted down Ziegler's proposal... 1979: 12 of the 17 owners supported the proposal – one short of the required three-fourths majority.[4] The five teams that voted against the merger were the Canadiens, Vancouver Canucks, Boston Bruins, Toronto Maple Leafs, and Los Angeles Kings. The Canadiens were owned by Molson Brewery. When the news got out that the Canadiens had voted against the deal, fans in Edmonton, Winnipeg, and Quebec City organized a boycott of Molson products, believing that Molson was standing in the way of their cities remaining big-league hockey towns.[9] The boycott quickly spread nationwide. It caused a drain on the Canucks' revenue as well, since Pacific Coliseum sold Molson products. The Canadian House of Commons weighed in as well, unanimously passing a motion urging the NHL to reconsider. A second vote was held in Chicago on March 22, 1979, which passed by a 14–3 margin as both Montreal and Vancouver reversed their positions.[4] Both teams' hands were forced by the boycott, and the Canucks were also won over by the promise of a balanced schedule, with each team playing the others twice at home and twice on the road.
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    Canadian Premier League

    Long time reader, first time poster. I say we shouldn't imply that Rollins is right on his "MLS canadian clubs hate CanPL idea" theory. We know that TFC is either condescending or threatened about the project from Manning's comments, but it's highly speculative to claim to know what Joey Saputo or Kerfoot and co. are thinking on the matter. I know Rollins is an idk Toronto based journalist, so I give him "some" credit when it comes to his zone of "competence", but I highly doubt his level of accuracy when it comes to the Impact or Saputo. As a longtime supporter of the Impact, I can tell you that Saputo has supported the overall growth of the sport to a fault for over 20 years. Id very much doubt that he'd be opposed to a team in Québec. The proposition of a team in Montréal "might" be met with some reticence however. But to claim that Saputo thinks Québec's his turf alone and that he would oppose any professional developments in that area is way off the mark.
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    Canadian Premier League

    I completely buy into the fact that Vancouver's ownership sees all of Western Canada as theirs, and only theirs. On another forum, I post a LOT about the business of hockey. I'd like to think I have a pretty good BS alarm when it comes to these things, and it's dead quiet on this one. I assume they see dominating Western Canada as a long term goal in their portfolio. It's a footnote in all of their year end meetings. I can guarantee "Exclusive high level soccer access to these markets:" is a bullet point on their macro selling point presentation. Lets be real, there is not a chance in hell the MLS will come to Winnipeg, Regina, or even both of Edmonton and Calgary. The only opportunity I would get to have an actual home team to root for is through the CanPL, and some yobbos in Vancouver want to take that away? F*** them. I would have this opinion even if they made an effort to attract fans in the market, but they haven't even done that, and that makes me even more sour.
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    Many supporters don't realize that even if Canada is somehow improving, other Concacaf countries are getting better at a much faster rate.
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    Where were our two center backs ?
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    We were missing 4 out of possibly 5 of our starting midfield: Shome, Davis, Tabla and Choiniere. Plus our first four or five keepers. Plus the CB at Chelsea who will likely play for our national team someday even if he is now with the England's U20s.
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    If this happens, I have a couple of bedrooms to spare & a big back yard that we could fill with tents
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    Canada national beach soccer team won their first game 6-4 against Barbados
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    Canada vs. Mexico U20 WCQ Feb 20 2017(R)

    Can we start a list of 1997 players who were not selected for this squad? I can't think of anyone off the top of my head who was a must-have for this team (from the 97 age group).
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    Canadian Premier League

    Thought this was interesting. 1990/91 attendance figures for the old CSL.
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    Ya, can't say my deductive reasoning was poor! I'll update the first post.
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    I thought Brault-Guillard was probably our best player tonight. Isn't saying much.
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    The difference in tactical awareness and even skill level is incredible, and I could have said this same thing like 20 years ago, nothing has changed its so sad to see.
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    U15 ID Camp - 2017

    I am not involved personally, but from what I have read in the past it's a little something like this. SAAC is the league of some soccer academies, the highest profile being Sigma (graduates include Cyle Larin, Kyle Bekker, etc). They aren't officially sanctioned by the Ontario Soccer Association (they are "recognized" but not sanctioned, whatever that means) because the OSA sanctioned clubs voted against letting them in. They claim it is because the cost is too high for kids, but it seems the real reason is that they feel threatened by these academies. That means these clubs are not allowed in the OPDL despite the fact that the coaching standards that the OPDL has adopted was actually created and used by SAAC, and now from what I understand, the cost to play for an OPDL or SAAC club is about the same. Long story short, players from SAAC academies seem to be overlooked for national teams until they play on a college team or a pro team. Basically, the CSA overlooks this significant part of our player pool.
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    I agree, but removing the V changes the whole shape of the crest. Replacing it with FC would change the whole shape and make it look like a bunch of cauliflower.
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    Canadian Premier League

    'Sure I'm all for developing the useless, non-existent Canadian players in their third rate league on teams at least 300km away from the GTA's city limits because, heaven forbid, they might siphon a few fans away from us. As long as they don't interfere with my gravy train I'm all in favour. And hey, lots of them can play on the CanMNT or maybe even reach the lofty heights of MLS one day.' Colour me unimpressed.
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    red card

    2017 CONCACAF U-20 Championship

    Why has concacaf moved to over to the closed system facebook instead of showing it on their website? Plus, facebook video has been buggy for me even when using Chrome or the source feed hasn't worked.
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    VWFC2 2016 Discussion

    As somebody who is regularly at the WFC2 games at UBC, there is no way that number is accurate. My guess for average attendance at UBC would be under 1,000. Also, all MLS season ticket holders get at least 3 tickets to WFC2 matches free. So that attendance number is not paid either.
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