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    I think it's outrageous Colin Miller is holding up Sadi's transfer to prison by demanding a solidarity payment.
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    Not the kind of transfer we were expecting.
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    Tesho Akindele

    The best thing for Tesho is that Dallas needs to rotate their squad because they are playing: -MLS (top of the West and are going to fight to stay there) -US Open Cup -Concacaf Champions League Tesho was subbed in at the 56th minute today. Dallas just won 2-1 vs Real Estelí (in Dallas). Ideal situation: The game I think we all really hope he starts in is the one AT Real Estelí on August 24th. He will therefore have played a game in central american conditions 1 week before our crucial WCQ in San Pedro Sula. If he starts on August 24th it also likely means he won't on Saturday August 27th vs Dallas meaning he would be better rested for September 2nd!
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    Lucas Cavallini

    Vancouver would be the perfect place for a player who doesn't seem to want to commit to Canada. It means he will actually get a chance to play.
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    Lucas Cavallini

    Wouldn't be surprised if Montagliani slipped Robinson an Amway gift card to get Cavallini into the same city as the WCQ.
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    Ballou Tabla

    He is not on a first team contract although maybe he should be given how he played Wednesday and how much the Impact lacks any creative technical midfielders other than Piatti.
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    Complete Homer

    Lucas Cavallini

    Not a VWC fan, but Vancouver is taking a big beating for a team has rescued 3 CMNTers from Unattached FC or bench obscurity this season (unless I'm missing obvious sarcasm, then feel free to put a clip of Homer being an idiot here)
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    Lucas Cavallini

    Van is a perfect fit for him as he will feel absolutely no pressure whatsoever to play for the CMNT from the manager, staff or front office
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    Lucas Cavallini

    Depends what his kid thinks of the place.
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    Montagliani that magnificent bastard! Doing whatever he can behind the scenes of CONCACAF to see us qualify to the hex.
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    Marcus Haber back on trial in the UK

    Can we get this merged?
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    Canadians abroad: August 5-11, 2016

    Scott Arfield is named in the starting 11 for Burnley against Real Sociedad. https://mobile.twitter.com/BurnleyOfficial/status/761609510645559296
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    TFC2 2016 Discussion

    Third string keeper Nathan Ingham has been loaned to TFC II. Good move all around for both clubs, and the player. http://www.fcedmonton.com/news/2016/08/05/goalkeeper-nathan-ingham-joins-toronto-fc-ii-on-loan-from-fc-edmonton?utm_campaign=FC+Edmonton+Website&utm_medium=social&utm_source=twitter&utm_content=1470408081
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    Ranking our Goalkeepers

    If Leutwiler is filing his paperwork that is surely a sign that the plan is to add him to the roster as soon as possible. All of this, though, points to a very troubling lack of high quality talent or even prospects in the goalie pool.
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    Ranking our Goalkeepers

    Let's continue the discussion that has taken over our weekly Canucks Abroad thread: We are 4 weeks away from the most crucial game since the last time we went to Honduras 4 years ago. Milan Borjan: It's not clear how in form he is or how well he has recovered from his wrist injury. Riding the pine at club level. Kenny Stama: Didn't even make the bench today for AIK's Europa League game. Not getting playing time. Not even 2nd choice at club level? Simon Thomas: He broke or fractured his finger. Article is from July 7th. When did the break actually take place? What's the timeline on that? That has to be 6 weeks minumum I'd think. How much was he playing before anyways? http://m.glimt.no/news/id/1cp3clzxi1wp7109g0svgi65t4 We also have Maxime Crépeau, Tomer Chencinski, David Monsalve, Quillian Roberts, Marco Carducci, Tyson Farago, Callum Irving, Lars Hirschfeld(!) ...and the slim hope Jayson Leutwiler will get his paperwork sorted!
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    Complete Homer

    Tesho Akindele

    It's been made pretty clear Castillo wanted out. It's a sale in all but name, MLS wanted some way to keep their asset if instability in Turkey led Castillo's new team from being able to pay the second instalment. Even if that happens, I can't see him back in FCD
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    D'Angelo vs Labbe

    So who is the weakest link in that 18 player squad then? If you say it isn't Labbé, pick from amongst the 17 other players.
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    Good for NASL! Finally they have the same problems as the big North American leagues with players getting arrested for guns and drugs.
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    Innocent until proven guilty. #FreeSadi
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    I didn't realize FC Edmonton needed money THIS badly!
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    I'm only in here to see who's going to accuse Colin Miller of planting drugs on Sadi because he hates Canada so much.
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    Sadi Jalalo signed by Edmonton Remand Centre
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    Lucas Cavallini

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    3rd? If he's available I would put him 1st or 2nd minimum.
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    Callum Irving

    Irving has been getting a run of games and seems to be impressing. http://www.dynamotheory.com/2016/8/4/12335226/how-you-doin-rgvfc-2-3-progress-report
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    Soooo Ricketts has the same number of goals as Altidore this season. Cherry picking stats, but just sayin...
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    Carl Haworth

    Larin, Hamilton, Cavallini, Haber, Jackson, Akendele, Hume ... All more likely to get a call. But good to see Haworth doing well!
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    Whitecaps 2016

    Apparently Robbo saw him play and was tracking him as he thought he could be a great box-2-box mid. In the end he wasn't better than Froese so it was a gamble that didn't work. No Yaya Toure this time. You got to roll the dice sometimes and getting your numbers to come up isn't going to happen often especially with young players. But if / when it does you score big. All still rumours at this point as the club linked to Smith has said otherwise. It gives us a hint at who they are looking to move next.
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    Summer 2016 Transfers

    So far it looks like many of these players have already made moves. In addition to them: Manjrekar James signed with Vasas Budapest of the Hungarian League. Iain Hume went back to India. Maxim Tissot was released by Montreal and signed with Ottawa. Randy Edwini-Bonsu released by VfR Aalen and signed with FC 08 Homburg. Kristopher Twardek files a one time switch to play for Canada. Liam Miller joined Liverpool's academy. Harrison Patton and Marcus Godinho joined Heart's academy. Also Kofi Opare may now be eligible for us. Overall seems like a relatively good summer for our players. Several veterans signed with Canadian MLS while some of our youth went to good academies.
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