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    Kershon Koffie for the CMNT?

    As canta15 said, it doesn't matter much and take it with a grain of salt.
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    2015 Ottawa Fury FC NASL Season

    On Corner kicks last night on TSN 1200, Paul Dalglish made a few comments, training camp will start Feb 15, did'nt say where, they have lined up some exhibition games but dates not yet set, they have signed a Brazilian forward, not yet ready to announce, hope to sign another forward, his family has not yet moved, still in Austin.
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    El Hombre

    Doneil Henry

    That doesn't matter. The fact of the matter is that West Ham brought someone in during the transfer window so Henry should give up fighting for a spot and move somewhere where he can be a big fish in a little pond and stagnate talent-wise. C'mon, that's obviously how we're going to get to the world cup! When the going gets tough, the tough get dropping divisions in order to get playing time!
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    JDG has to be there and will be there. He's already had months off. Whoever is available and will be on the roster come March needs to be there.
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    Callum Irving

    I suspect he'll give it a go for a year or two if he can find a place to play and see if he can advance. If not, he'll likely hang up the boots. It's not always as simple as paying your dues and working your way up. At some point you have to decide when you want to get on with your life, especially if you have an education and career options. I read an article a while back about a highly ranked American goalkeeper who went to a few trials in the USL and NASL but didn't pursue it as he had just graduated with a degree in aerospace engineering I think, and he decided he wasn't prepared to be penniless for years on the chance he could make it when he could get a job with a six figure salary overnight. And it wasn't because he didn't love the game enough or something like that. It's just the realities of life. Jason
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    Interview on the radio by their gaffer saying that they where looking for a loan for him but he is staying to fight for a place with the first team
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    So nobody's having soup? Taste the soup people!
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    Probably an omission but don't see De Jong being left off the roster.
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    Footballbackwater? You're not a real newspaper!!!
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    He is staying with the first team, http://www.edinburghnews.scotsman.com/sport/football/hearts/dario-zanatta-forces-hearts-boss-neilson-into-loan-rethink-1-4005572
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    Loss of the National Football Stadium

    Except you still cant really compare since they are two teams, same sport, same league, artificial turf. But all the details off the field are nice to see
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    Stefan Cebara interview

    People love to hate on the MLS league structure (single entity), but I think for a Canadian league to work at the level being discussed, there will have to be some similar level of socialism involved. How else are you going to expect teams from tiny markets (Moncton, Victoria, etc) to compete with teams from the medium-sized markets, let alone the three large markets?
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    Stefan Cebara interview

    Supposedly that is what we are looking at re: player budgets at least. Duane Rollins has really been the only source mentioning salary range, and he's cited those numbers - higher pay than average NASL salaries, likely in the 1.5 million overall range. Yep, you would probably need 5000 fans per game to make this work. The two big advantages I see with a Canadian league are: the much better at getting league wide sponsorships than NASL and they also have a much better chance of getting a TV deal. If 4-5 of the 8 clubs are owned by CFL teams, there is a lot of synergies that can work (they control their stadium, special offers to CFL ticket holders, coupling of corporate sponsorships so companies support both leagues, sharing front office staff, connections with TSN). If you work on the basis that NASL Ottawa was able to bring in numbers like that, you would think that the other CFL clubs have the ability to do comparable jobs. That leaves 3-4 non-CFL connected clubs. Those ones could be a bigger challenge getting to 5000 per game. While I would like to see salary numbers like that, I think it's a bit optimistic. Do you really need to pay more than NASL? At the start, it would seem reasonable to have the pay at USL level and build it up. But if you really want to bring home all of those Canadians playing in lower leagues abroad (and also entice Canadians in USL and fringe MLS payers), you would need to pay about $60-75K. If the league gets off the ground, I'm betting the salary budget is maybe a bit over $1 million with the average salary being just under $50K. Every team will have their top end players making $60-80K while most are making $35-50K and some young guys are making $25K to fill out the roster. I think this is the minimum level you can go and have professional quality of play. Who can you get if you're paying an average salary of $30K for example, especially if you are going to mandate a high Canadian quota? Only players who have no other pro options and are desperate to keep playing and not get on with their lives. If the CSA really wants this league to develop players, having guys at this level probably won't help much. Jason
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    Kyle Porter was used as a wingback in Atlanta and is listed as a defender on the Fury website. My decision to omit JDG was based on his age, and the fact that we know what he gives us. Will J needs to be there because he's a vet that hasn't had a lot of time under Floro but other than that I think one focus of this camp should be trying to find out what the younger guys can offer in case one of our starters gets injured and also I believe this could be JDG's last year with the MNT.
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    2015 Ottawa Fury FC NASL Season

    Accrington fans thoughts on Bruna http://www.accringtonweb.com/forum/f93/another-player-going-67911.html
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