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2nd Friendly announced vs. France, 9 June (see game thread)

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35 minutes ago, narduch said:

Netherlands game is already confirmed for One Soccer. 

Will have to wait on the France game, but TSN sucks ass so I assume One Soccer will have that too

I might be accused of being a shill, but One Soccer is currently $90 + tax until the end of the year.

You would get the Netherlands friendly + CPL + the Voyageurs Cup (which is now 2 legs in the quarter finals on, so more content) + U20 qualifying in July + CCC (Russell-Rowe and Farsi are still in it). Probably other stuff I'm forgetting. 

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2 hours ago, Gian-Luca said:

I don't understand how this is possible...a number of know-nothing idiot American youtube fan pundits previewing the Copa America have been claiming that we are bankrupt and have no friendlies scheduled, surely they couldn't have been talking out of their collective asses all this time, could they?

Are you sure you weren't reading the Voyageurs forum?

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