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HFX Wanderers - 2023 Season Thread


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18 hours ago, Atlantic said:

I think this will be a major caveat until the league's reputation and competitive level increases. Some younger guys aren't going to be willing to take the risk of signing a professional contract in the CPL and ruling themselves ineligble for USports or NCAA. 

I have read there may be some financial assistance for players attending a post-secondary institution if they sign these development deals, but have no inside knowledge, so I can’t verify it one way or the other. 
I feel something along the lines of what the OHL does would be smart (if it isn’t being done already). For every year you play in the OHL, players have a year of tuition paid for post-secondary pursuits. IMO that could get more higher-end potential young players signing with the CPL development deals

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On 3/12/2023 at 9:50 PM, Footyeh said:

Why not?  What's more valuable to the league/national teams/Canadian talent pool?  Signing the best 16/17 year olds, developing them and getting them 1000+ professional minutes or focusing on older players 21 years old + coming out of the college system?  Which one of those players has a better chance of making it at the highest levels, which one is more valuable to the club's from a financial standpoint?  Yes, you're going to get the few guys in the latter category who do well and move on to the MLS, but the former is where the league is really going to make money on the transfer market and build a reputation and brand in the marketplace.  

Look at Joshua Wynder in the USL Championship, 17 years old and 2700' professional minutes.  Will be sold for $1m-$2m this summer.  Of course that's not going to happen with every player, but at least by 18-19 the players will still be of age to join a top European academy side for a decent fee + strong financial incentives on the back end like future payments based on progress, sell-on fees etc.

just my opinion of course!

Herdman's got the right idea!😉


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