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Match Thread: June 5, 2022 - Valour v Edmonton

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Don't know why but I'll give it all another watch today or tomorrow but as of now, yikes, still the same issues with Valour. The disconnect between the attackers and the midfield being the biggest issue.  Not the best passing this match either and not recognizing opportunites in real time just makes for a difficult watch.  Too much of that these last few matches.

Better organized than years past, there are still break down of course, but overall better.  Really lose the plot as we get towards the opposition goal don't we?  Trying to work through the Edmonton middle all match long was a wasted exercise.

Maybe not the worst crowd ever but damned close.  There will be weekends where you lose out to bad weather and there will be weekends you lose out to good weather.  It is what it is.

Chants/songs of the night go to persons not present yesterday.  Stephen Hoyle and singing for "the coach who's not here".  Fun stuff and hey!  Akio scored!


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