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Match Thread: April 30, 2022 - HFX Wanderers v Edmonton

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Game is at 3pm local time (2pm ET) on One Soccer.

Head-to-head these teams have 3 wins each and 2 draws.

This is Wanderers first home game of the season.

Both teams previous match was v Pacific. Edmonton tied them 0-0 on Wednesday and Wanders lost 2-1 on Sunday.


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It’s funny, the pitch didn’t seem that bad.  Perhaps it was the side closer the bench that was chewed up.  I’ll check the highlights out later.

Glad to see we can score from open play!

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Posted (edited)
8 minutes ago, Big_M said:

fernandez was the best player on the pitch

Despite another major defending gaffe I really think Tabi was the player who stood out the most from a raw talent perspective today ( getting to watch him in person ).  He seems like he had a lot of potential to grow into a great player.

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I agree, Fernandez the better player in that game for sure.  Didn’t mean to take anything away from his performance, he was great, we’d be looking at a draw without him.  Getting to see each player live again for the first time in a while it was Tabi that seemed to keep grabbing my attention with raw talent.  I might be biased haha, I thought he stood out since game one vs York.

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