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Match Thread: April 23, 2022 - Forge v Edmonton

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Attendance is less than last week. Pretty disappointing. Perfect football weather too. I think the Eddies are playing 5 in the back. I'm a sucker for underdogs so I wish this team the best. Except when they are here!

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It was a decent match considering once again a cool wind blew all around the field, Forge took their chances well against an Eddies team that looked up for it in the 1st half anyway! Campbell looks like he is settling in well and I noticed the overall rhythm and communication was better with Forge this week, work to be done though! It still isn't great weather for a walk up crowd, hopefully things pick up as the weather improves, I brought a couple of friends to their first match and they loved it and will certainly be back!

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I thought the first half was possibly the ugliest half of CPL soccer I’ve witnessed. From the early body check by Singh on Borges to the lazy penalty Edmonton gave up…and forty minutes of scrappy, sloppy play in between. Second half improved, for Forge anyway. Bekker just didn’t seem to want to move the ball forward until the final couple minutes. I was getting frustrated with his play. Campbell finished when given chances close in, which is what he does. When he got the ball outside the eighteen, good things didn’t happen. Nanco made some things happen, just can’t always put a good pass on the end of a good run. Thought Poku had some good plays in the second half, Sissoko looked lost out there again.

I don’t know, I guess Edmonton has looked better in previous games, but they showed absolutely nothing tonight. 

The wind was bloody cold.

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Forge did not look pretty today, especially in the first half. The passing just seems a bit off still. Bekker in particular hasn't had a great run of games to start the season.


Poku has had some growing pains getting aligned with the squad. He looks a bit confused defensively, as if he has to overcompensate for bad decisions with poor challenges. Reminds me a bit of Noble Okello. We need guys like Johnny Grant back asap out wide.


Nanco looked a lot better in his short stint today. His speed is lethal and he looked a lot better on the ball today. Woobens still looks dangerous but just can't finish.


The Pacific boys are really starting to grow into the squad. It was nice to see Campbell providing something other than when he has his back towards the play. Hojabrpour has easily been our best defender, and is very reminiscent of Kyle Bekker's playstyle.


I think the one striker setup fit Forge's playstyle much better, but overall it's looking rusty still.


On the FC Edmonton side, Luke Singh and Tobias Warschewski looked a cut above. However, they were missing a lot of the linkup play to help out Tobi on the offensive end. Feel like Azriel Gonzalez and Shamit Shome were definitely missed in the midfield. I'd like to see what a winger like Ousman Maheshe could do to help their attack.


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