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Top CPL Salary vs MLS Homegrown Salary

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2 hours ago, Bison44 said:

Just off the top of my head, MLS HG, 70-100k.  Tippy Top CPL might be in that same range....prob a little lower.  

Didn't Bustos top the league last year at about $70k? 

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Bustos is an outlier in CanPL terms. Normal CanPL salaries appear to be in the $22-40k range making a move to MLS a no brainer in financial terms, so the more pertinent comparison would be with MLS Next Pro and USL as that helped to shape what happened this offseason with players like Farsi, Awuah, Telfer and Doner who were top end talent in CanPL terms.

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Well the question was CPL to MLS homegrown...if Bustous was top at 70, didnt numbers go up a bit this year....

Comparing to Next-pro is even murkier, you never heard many salaries coming out of USL-C, and Next pro has no bottom end, so god knows what the range might be.  You are going to have a mix of guys the MLS club has signed that might be close to that moving up a level, but they'll be filler players and smaller budget teams..ughhh...who knows eh?  

But if the question or comparision is which is better to sign for, well thats obvious...and not so obvious.  Money is better in MLS no question, but with each kid/team situation is different.  Would a teeanger be better to sign in a league that has built in incentives to play them, get the experience, grow as a player and in the long run maybe end up in a better place 5 years down the road??  

When i was in University and older fellow in class told me he was losing money every day.  he had quit a good job to go back to school, and even after school he wouldnt be able to match the money he was making 4 years earlier.  BUT, 5 years after grad he had climbed the ladder in his new job and was making twice the top end of his pre-UNI job. So there can be a method to the madness.  

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